A Comprehensive Guide to IIM Programs in India in 2023

A Comprehensive Guide To IIM Programs In India In 2023

The Indian Institute of Management, popularly known as IIM, provides an array of full-time and certification courses that help individuals kick-start their careers smoothly. Getting a management certificate from IIM can boost your credibility as an employee in the corporate sector. There are various IIM programs that students can consider to get their dream jobs in the world of business. If you are a professional aspirant, you can also take your preferred IIM certification courses from the desired cities. To learn more about IIM Programs, let’s delve into it further:

Popular Courses Offered by IIMs

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) has branches spread across most cities in India. About 72 IIM courses present in India at doctoral, executive, and post-graduate levels are part-time and full-time.  Amongst all programs, the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) is the core course offered across all 20 institutes of IIM. After the Parliament introduced the IIM Bill in 2018, this program was renamed as the MBA degree course. Apart from the MBA, a series of 72 management courses offered by IIM include a PhD, a One-Year Diploma, Certificate Programs, and an Executive MBA.

Trending IIM Courses

Table of Contents

The duration of an IIM course varies according to the domain. Some of the courses are short-term, while others are long-term. Jaro Education provides top-notch IIM programs that allow aspirants to kickstart their careers in the corporate world. 

The long-duration programs offered by Jaro Education are:

Professional Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing for Performance & Growth- IIM Kozhikode

IIM Kozhikode provides a 9-month Professional Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing for Performance and Growth. The programme offers endless opportunities for professionals to increase their growth hacking and digital marketing skills. In this course, individuals will learn about fundamental aspects of growth tactics like social media marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), content marketing pay-per-click advertising and performance marketing. Professionals will get a unique learning experience from the programme with a focus on decision-making and practical and actionable applications. Its diverse pedagogies include live projects, case discussions, simulations, tool workshops and more. 

Advanced Supply Chain Management and Role of Analytics- IIM Kozhikode

To gain a competitive edge in the business world, professionals can pursue the Advanced Supply Chain Management and Role of Analytics from IIM Kozhikode. It is a 10-12 months programme that allows people to optimally manage the supply chain industry with data-driven inputs. The programme is divided into three sections that overlap one another. The first section describes the conventional supply chain processes. The second section is all about the challenges and using different tools and analytics to optimise the process. Finally, the course introduces topics like digital transformations, digital supply chain and supply chain sustainability. From this programme, individuals get insights into logistics management, procurement and operations. 

Professional Certificate Programme in Data Science for Business Decisions – IIM Kozhikode

Since Data Science has become a rapidly growing segment, professionals want to have an in-depth understanding of the domain. For this, IIM Kozhikode’s Professional Certificate Programme in Data Science for Business Decisions is a good choice. This is a 1-year course offering a comprehensive curriculum and an interactive learning approach. In this programme, aspirants will learn about big data technologies, social media analytics, supervised and unsupervised learning and more. 

Professional Certificate Programme in Strategic Management- IIM Kozhikode

The  Professional Certificate Programme in Strategic Management that IIM Kozhikode offers professionals with the opportunity to master strategic imperatives. It is a 9-month programme that empowers aspirants to become all-encompassing leaders of tomorrow. With this course, individuals can develop a strategic mindset, gain insights into diverse strategies and hone advanced business acumen. 

Executive Programme in Marktech and AI Driven Marketing- IIM Indore

The 12-month Executive Programme in Marktech and AI-Driven Marketing from IIM Indore provides learners with a complete understanding of AI and Marktech tools which they can use in the field of marketing. With this course, individuals can gain hands-on knowledge and skills in automation, customer lifecycle and many more.  

Corporate and Public Leadership in a VUCA World- IIM Indore

The course on Corporate Public Leadership by IIM Indore enables individuals to deal with problems that they confront daily in corporate and non-profit sectors. It is an 8-month interactive programme that provides individuals with knowledge on public leadership from numerous social science subjects like international relations, public policy, politics, sociology and more. 

Executive Programme in Applied Data Science using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence- CEP IIT Delhi

 IIT Delhi offers the Executive Programme in Applied Data Science using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence which addresses the pressing demands of artificial intelligence and machine learning in different organisations. This 6-month program enhances business growth and fosters innovation. 

Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Strategic Human Resource Management- IIM Trichy

The Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Strategic Human Resource Management by IIM Trichy is designed to advance the executive education aim of making excellent management education available to all participants. This 12-month interactive curriculum provides a mixed-learning strategy that allows for simple accessibility and campus connection — via an online mode of delivery and campus immersion modules. Moreover, it enables participants to acquire a deeper understanding of the numerous functional components of SHRM through its powerful modules spaced over a year.

Post Graduate Certificate in Senior Management Programme- IIM Tiruchirappalli

With the rising demand for experienced senior management, there remains a shortage of qualified professionals. IIM Tiruchirappalli’s Post Graduate Certificate in Senior Management Programme bridges this gap, providing ambitious leaders with a path to higher levels. The programme is designed for transitional professionals for 12 months. Participants obtain comprehensive insights necessary for thriving in senior jobs by addressing basic business concepts, perspectives, and theories. 

PG Certificate Programme in Cyber Security Management and Data Science- IIM Nagpur

A 12-month PG Certificate Programme in Cyber Security Management and Data Science is offered by IIM Nagpur. This program imparts crucial knowledge on crucial cyber security to professionals which enables systematic risk management through various processes. Besides providing technical skills, the programme also offers team management, leadership, and governance skills to individuals. Professionals can pursue this course for a year. 

Executive Certificate Program in Supply Chain Analytics and Management- IIM MUMBAI (NITIE)

IIM Mumbai (NITIE) provides an Executive Certificate Program in Supply Chain Analytics and Management that is curated for seasoned professionals who have a basic understanding of supply chain. By pursuing this 11-month program, individuals can solve new-age problems with advanced tools. 

PG Certificate Program in Corporate & Strategic Finance- IIM MUMBAI

The PG Certificate Program in Corporate & Strategic Finance designed by IIM Mumbai offers professionals knowledge in new-age financial concepts, strategy and analytics. It is a 10-month program for experienced finance professionals as well as financial leaders. With this program, professionals and leaders will get hands-on experience in financial statements, fintech innovations and more.  

Certification Program in Corporate Finance & Analytics- KPMG India

KPMG India’s Certification Program in Corporate Finance & Analytics is marketed by Jaro Education whose primary goal is to prepare managers to take on greater responsibilities, team sizes, and work volumes. This multidisciplinary curriculum takes a blended approach, with participants learning and applying a set of leadership abilities in a simulated work setting, both intellectually and practically.

Salaries of MBA students across India after IIM


IIM Courses: Competitive Exams and Eligibility Criteria

For Regular Courses (Online and Offline) 

Admission Process For IIM Courses

Students who are interested in taking IIM management courses need to prepare for the respective exam first and qualify for the course. The exams for getting into IIM usually include the Common Aptitude Test or CAT exam. This exam is the entrance test for PGP/MBA. The results from CAT exams are considered by top business schools in India for enrollment in management programs. It is the first stage of the IIM admission process. 

After students have cleared the CAT exam and attained the required score, they will be called for a Group Discussion/Written Test or Personal Interview. For professional and academic validation, candidates should provide at least 2 letters of recommendation. 

Finally, they will get admitted to the IIM based on their aggregate score for every category. Admission to IIM also takes into account various factors like school board, work experience, gender, etc. 

There are various IIM institutes that offer students the flexibility to take CAT exams online. The procedure remains the same in case of admission to an online IIM program. 

On the other hand, to pursue an online course from IIM, no competitive exams are mandatory.  

Eligibility criteria for IIM admission process

The eligibility requirements for IIM and CAT are the same. But, there are some other points that students must remember. 

  • A graduate degree is required, with 50% for EWS, general, and NC-OBC categories and 45% for PwD, ST, and SC categories.
  • Candidates who are in their last year of study are also eligible.
  • Candidates must satisfy the minimal cut-offs in order to compete in the WAT/PI rounds and be considered for interviews.

To get into an online IIM course, the eligibility criteria remain the same. 

For Professional Certification Courses

Eligibility criteria for professional certification courses at various Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) may vary depending on the specific program and institute. A general eligibility criterion that is mostly preferred by all IIMs for professional certification courses is: 

Educational Qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university or institution.
  • Some programs may specify a minimum percentage or CGPA requirement, typically in the range of 50% to 60%.

Work Experience:

  • Many professional certification courses at IIMs prefer candidates with relevant work experience. The required work experience can vary, but it’s commonly between 3 to 15 years.
  • Some programs may waive the work experience requirement for exceptional candidates or those with higher educational qualifications.

Candidate Profiling

It is a crucial aspect of the admission process in many IIM professional certification courses. A candidate’s profile includes their academic, professional, and personal background, and it is evaluated to assess their suitability for the program. 

Benefits of doing online course from IIM


How to choose an IIM Certification Course?

To select the right IIM certification course that would align with your interests and goals, you should consider the following points. 

  • Have a clear goal in mind before you decide on getting a certification program from any IIM. Whether you need a career switch or you want a promotion, determine your objective first. 
  • For the ones who have job commitments, can apply for certification courses online. To hone practical knowledge and skills, one need not quit their existing jobs. 
  • IIM certification courses are equally valid in India and abroad. So, check the curriculum, highlighting features, duration, and faculty before you register for one.

FAQs Related to IIM Courses

1. How is the EPGP different from PGP?

Both EPGP and PGP are full-time residential programs that allow students to get a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. However, PGP is a two-year program, and EPGP is a one-year program. 

2. Will I need work experience to apply for the Accelerated General Management Programme from IIM Ahmedabad?

A work experience of up to 10 years and up to 15 years in the functional domain is considered for the Accelerated General Management Programme. For more details, visit (https://www.jaroeducation.com/

3. Is a letter of recommendation mandatory for IIM?

Yes, to apply for IIM, you must get the letter(s) of recommendation from people who can validate your professional or academic standings. You need to submit the letter of recommendation along with the online application form. Once you submit these, you will receive an email with login credentials where you have to submit the same online. 

4. What is the validity period of the CAT/GRE/GMAT/GATE/UGC-NET-JRF scores?

Test results are valid for two years from the date of the test (CAT) results are valid for one year). It must be valid at the time the application form is submitted. 

5. What is the best certification course for Corporate Finance?

KPMG India provides the Certification Program In Corporate Finance & Analytics, which is top-notch in the business world. It is a 6-month course that will provide virtual instructor training along with an opportunity to work on capstone projects. 

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