What are the advantages of doing a Professional Certificate Programme in Advanced Management from IIM Kozhikode?

What Are The Advantages Of Doing A Professional Certificate Programme In Advanced Management From IIM Kozhikode Blog

IIM Kozhikode has introduced a life-changing Advanced Management programme that offers unique lessons on management through online means. It is a 39-week programme that will require only 4 to 5 hours weekly. If you are a graduate or a diploma holder, you are eligible to apply for the advanced certificate course in business management. The programme will be highly interactive and taken by faculties of vast experience and expertise.

Upgrade your skills while achieving another feather on your cap. This course gives you the opportunity to learn new strategies to upgrade your managerial skills and provide leadership that will take your career to the next level seamlessly. Through this article, know how this programme will be your guide for managing a team, a department, or an organization as a whole.

Advantages of opting for a Professional Certificate Programme in Advanced Management from IIM Kozhikode

Here are the ways in which the Advanced Management course by IIM Kozhikode can benefit and amplify your growth potential.

Attain leadership qualities for different roles

The curriculum is designed by connoisseurs of the field to have well-balanced theoretical concepts that enable you to apply them practically. The IIM Kozhikode courses ensure that your presence in a company leaves a permanent positive mark on its growth profile. The mentorship will enable you to attain professional insights and take you closer to the minute aspects of management.

The brand value of IIM Kozhikode

When you choose to be a part of any advanced management course like that of the Advanced Strategic Management programme IIM Kozhikode, you choose the best in the country. The prestigious institute is recognized as one of the leading management institutes worldwide. It is placed fourth in the 2021 NIRF ranking. The curriculum and pedagogy are considered a teaching benchmark across the globe, thus making your degree shine further than the rest.

Bring a difference with career change

If you want to change your career path, enrolling in one of these IIM Kozhikode courses will prove to be your best decision. Working professionals can learn dynamic leadership and management practices through case studies, assignments, related tools, and many other elements. The courses are pedagogy-based on the use of advanced technology. Besides, the highly interactive sessions enhance your communication capabilities. After completing the course, it will be easy for you to apply the theories in every practical aspect that involves decision-making skills.

Make a professional network

Networking plays an integral role in managing an organization. Whether on an intra-organizational level or an inter-organizational level, you need to reach out to valuable sources to improve your company’s position. Moreover, interacting with a talent pool and attracting them to be a part of your company is also vital. Through advanced management courses in IIM Kozhikode, you can learn the skills of networking and how to use them to enhance your career.

Placement assured

Placement is an excellent feature of the advanced management courses by IIM Kozhikode. In the past three years, the institute has seen a 100% placement rate. Over 50% of the students have secured over 25 LPA packages, and the average keeps increasing every year. So, the courses can instantly provide you with a career upsurge through placement.

The Professional Certificate Programme in Advanced Management by IIM Kozhikode can help you acquire prominent leadership traits. It is an interdisciplinary programme that addresses multiple facets which assist you in understanding the role of developing leadership skills, analytical skills, and cross-cultural issues that can hamper growth. It also highlights social concerns and business demands that cannot be neglected while building a business.

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