What is Domain Authority? Why It’s Important and How It Works

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Domain authority is a crucial metric for brands aiming to improve their website’s visibility and ranking on search engines. It is a score that indicates how highly a particular website would rank on a search engine’s results page (SERP). A higher domain authority score indicates a website’s potential to rank higher. Most importantly, the number and quality of backlinks are two of the many elements considered when calculating the domain authority score. 

To develop a clear understanding of what domain authority is, we will discuss every detail regarding the same and how it plays an important role in SEO.

Domain Authority Scale



Calculation of Domain Authority

Domain Authority determines the popularity of a website. It is a measure determined by a sophisticated algorithm created by Moz. Although the specifics regarding the algorithm are confidential and not available to the public, Moz has provided some information on the elements that affect authority. It’s crucial to remember that authority on domains is only one of the several metrics utilised in the SEO sector and that other tools may be utilised to evaluate domain strength. Here is a list of factors considered in the calculation of domain authority in SEO.

The age of the website

Long-running websites often possess greater domain authority because older websites are more likely to contain content and backlinks. Hence, it becomes easier for the domain to create trust and authority signals.


For several years, backlinks have been regarded as one of the most influential ranking factors by Google and other search engines. It has been observed that search engines perceive a website as more prominent due to the increased number of backlinks contained in the website. 

Technical SEO

Including technical aspects in the website, such as the use of proper meta description and titles, inserting HTML tags, and many more, helps in influencing the ranking list in the search engines. 

Content Quality

Creating excellent, educational, and pertinent content is essential for increasing domain authority. An authoritative website is more likely to connect and engage with visitors. This connection helps add value to the website, eventually raising the domain authority score.

Experience of the Users

Another important factor influencing authority is the user experience while navigating a website. A seamless user experience results in better engagement, fewer bounces, and higher conversion rates. Additionally, these factors can affect a search engine’s algorithms and eventually raise the authority. Hence, maintaining and enhancing the authority requires optimal website performance, including mobile friendliness and page load speed.

Social Signals

The website’s authority is indirectly influenced by social signals such as likes, shares, and comments on social media. High social interaction indicates to search engines that consumers value the content, thereby increasing the authority in the domain. Popular content on social media often attracts high-quality backlinks, further strengthening the website’s authority.

MozTrust and MozRank

MozTrust evaluates a site’s credibility based on how close it is to other reliable websites, whereas MozRank gauges a domain’s popularity among various links. Hence, domain authority is heavily influenced by both of these elements.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

Since domain authority can increase a website’s popularity, it must be used strategically while considering some of the most influential factors. Here is a list of some popular strategies that marketers can implement to increase domain authority in SEO. 

Improving the technical SEO

Enhancing the technical aspects of SEO is one of the most important measures to increase the score of domain authority. Hence, improving the user experience and search engine ranking is important. This strategy ensures that the website runs seamlessly. Furthermore, the website should be secured with HTTPS to increase credibility. 

Analysing the performance of the website

Do not forget to analyse the website’s performance. Slight fluctuations in the website could impact the domain authority score. Utilising various tools available on websites helps in monitoring the website’s performance. 

Creating effective backlinks

Backlinks have an effective impact on the rankings of a website on the result page of the search engines. Hence obtaining backlinks from trustworthy and authoritative websites must be considered as the top priority. For obtaining high-quality backlinks it is crucial to write certain guest posts on reputable blogs.

Improving the user experience on the website

An enhanced user experience on the websites ensures an increase in the score of domain authority. To keep people on the website longer, provide interesting and pertinent content. Also, ensure that the website is responsive, i.e., the website works and looks great across all platforms.

Improving the local SEO

Other than improving the technical aspect of the SEO, it is also important to enhance the local SEO which is recognised as the on-page blogs on the website. Local SEO blogs can be enhanced naturally by including pertinent keywords in the headers, titles, and body of the blog. Additionally, adding internal links can help improve the page authority distribution and help the search engine have a clear understanding of the website’s structure.


Promoting content on social media platforms

Over the recent years, the power of social media platforms has grown immensely. These platforms have the potential to expand the popularity of a product or brand to a larger audience. Using social media channels to promote the product or brand material to get backlinks helps in improving exposure. Additionally, engaging in conversations with the followers and consumers helps create a community surrounding the company. Furthermore, activating the sharing buttons on social media platforms helps engage the content with the consumers. 

Creating high-quality content

To attract more consumers it is important to stay updated with the trends in the market and accordingly create relevant content. This would ensure that the uniqueness of the content is well maintained on the website. Hence it is advisable to create interesting, educational, in-depth, and valuable material for the audience. To reach a wider spectrum of audiences, experimenting with numerous content types, including podcasts, videos, infographics, and blog articles, would help in achieving the desired objective.

How Domain Authority helps you


Importance of Domain Authority for SEO

The domain authority statistic that Moz creates is a simple measure of a website’s likelihood of showing up on the result page of the search engine. Hence, a higher ranking indicates an increased domain authority score. The range of the scores varies from one to a hundred. The quantity and calibre of backlinks connected with the website, the age of the domain, and the overall calibre of the website’s material are all considered when estimating scores.

In the field of SEO and digital marketing, domain authority is considered one of the most significant tools. Here is a list related to the importance of domain authority in SEO. 

Building links for the website

Websites that have a higher authority are frequently considered more desirable for link-building campaigns. A site that is regarded as authoritative may elicit more links from other websites which further enhances overall backlink profiles.

Evaluating the website

For marketers and website owners monitoring fluctuations in the score of domain authority over time may be a useful way to assess how well SEO tactics are working. Hence gains in domain authority score might be a sign that the changes made in the strategy to draw in more visitors were successful.

Ranking on the result page of the search engines

Domain Authority is a helpful measure of a website’s overall strength and ability to rank higher on the result page. It is often not considered a direct ranking criterion utilised by popular search engines like Google. In general, websites with greater scores are more likely to rank higher in search engine results.

Creating high-quality content

Furthermore, websites with a higher domain authority score are frequently seen as more reliable and trustworthy. Increased credibility can draw in more viewers and promote more interaction with the website’s content. It could also help make content more visible on the SERP.

Analysing the competitors

Domain authority offers a rapid means of evaluating the relative strengths of various websites within a sector or market. It assists companies in determining places for development and comprehending how their domain stacks up against their rivals.


A crucial indicator for assessing and enhancing your website’s ability to appear highly on result pages of search engines is domain authority. Certain factors are responsible for increasing the site’s domain authority score, including developing a high-quality backlink profile, improving local and technical SEO, and regularly producing insightful content. An increased score typically translates into more exposure and more traffic. Moreover, authority on domains is considered a relative metric rather than an absolute one. Hence, continually monitoring and improving the elements affecting the authority will help maintain competitiveness in the digital market.

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