What is Strategic Financial Management? Objective and Purpose

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Management runs on several aspects, and all of them should be streamlined to make the planning effective and implementation solid. Based on this, marketing, sales, and production strategies are built. 

All the focus should be on maximizing profit with whatever constructive approach you do. And for this, you may even require an organisation’s long-term course of action.

So, let’s understand what strategic management is and how it helps scale your business.What is Strategic Financial Management?

The process of managing an organisation’s finances to meet production and operational expenses. The strategic financial manager leverages financial tools and techniques to create a strategic plan. Besides, the manager even keeps an eye on the strategy developed to achieve a long-term objective.

Objectives of Strategic Management

Businesses choose strategic financial management because it helps in the decision-making process. With the use of strategic financial management, businesses get an idea about achievable objectives. To achieve that objective, businesses can plan and prepare to overcome any challenges that may arise during obtaining business objectives. Since profit is the main target, businesses would prepare a strong foundation to gain the target.

Elements of Strategic Financial Management

To understand strategic financial management clearly, go through all the elements since it defines what strategic financial management is and where it can contribute.

Financial & Budgeting

Strategic financial management ensures that the company remains with sufficient funding to grab potential opportunities. There would be capital requirements for investment purposes and salary and wage purposes. Besides, you must also invest in the short and long term to boost the company’s production capacity.

Controlling Finance

Financial control should be prioritised in your business to ensure you never run out of money or at least have a backup. It also helps meet objectives and ensures that funds are effectively spent or invested. It also shows that there is no waste of resources. This will derive:

Are you utilising resources efficiently?

Are goals achievable?

Are assets safely guarded?


These are decisions that may impact the organisation’s financial situation. Capital deployment, dividend sharing, and finances are three strong elements of financial decisions. You will have different options for funding, but for investment, you can arrange funds from various sources. You can raise funds through the issue of additional shares, raise loans from banks, or credit from suppliers.

Evaluating Risk

You must also evaluate investment decisions by identifying and analyzing the potential risks. Besides, keep examining capital expenditures and policies created for the workplace. Do not forget to employ risk metrics, like standard deviation and value-at-risk strategies.

Defining procedures

With strategic management, you can easily collect and evaluate data. Based on that, you can even make financial decisions. Moreover, you can even monitor data and analyze variances. Lastly, you can even find out the flaws and fix them.

Benefits of Strategic Management

Strategic financial management brings in financial and non-financial management benefits for businesses. If the management is sturdy and loophole-free, then growth is probably one of the mandatory factors to expect.

With strategic financial management, you can expect:

  • Management that runs on profits
  • Back up about insolvency
  • More focus on liquidity management to balance finances, considering the long-term objective
  • Makes competitive analysis by identifying challenges and overcoming them with solutions
  • Protects the company from losses
  • Makes the decision-making area more efficient
  • Keeps everyone on the same page
  • Keeps work environment collaborative
  • Maintains transparency
  • Adapting innovation and technology

Factors to Consider to Determine Strategic Financial Management

You must consider the following things when achieving a company’s strategic objective.

Key Performance Indicators

If the key performance indicators are pre-set, it becomes easier to monitor the business objectives. KPI may vary; some consider conversion rates, while some prioritize profits. Some even do focus on non-numerical KPIs, whereas some could keep track of short-term progress toward achieving the end objective.

Team Participation

Since achieving business objectives is not possible single-handedly, deciding the roles and responsibilities becomes necessary. Maintaining transparency company-wide would gain your company’s objective quickly.

Meeting Deadlines

You must break the business objective into short and long-term objectives. It will help you achieve your end goal swiftly without any hassles.

Now that you know how important strategic financial management is, and as a manager, what roles do you have to perform? Let’s discuss how to get certified in strategic financial management.

Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Financial Management

IIM Tiruchirappalli is among the best colleges for various management courses. What you can expect from IIM Trichy is an online finance certification while not leaving your current company.

Program highlights:

  • 12-months
  • 171+ hours of interactive learning
  • 3-days campus immersion
  • Direct-to-device


Eligibility criteria:

  • Candidate should have more than 50% in graduation or post-graduation from a recognized university
  • 1 year of working experience


Program fees structure:

  • Application fee: 2000/-
  • Total fees: 2,25,000/-



Get yourself admitted now to India’s one of the most prestigious universities and get certified with a degree that can attract handsome salary packages. You can even employ strategic financial management strategies to scale your business by eliminating all the obstacles.

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