How to Design an AI-Driven Marketing Strategy?


AI-driven marketing is used with the combination of AI tools and technologies to process brand and customer experience data and provide detailed insights into market trends and a business’s company journey. Machine learning (ML), sentiment analysis, natural language processing (NLP) and others are some AI technologies that help marketers with informed decision-making so that the company can stay ahead of the rest and adapt to changes in the dynamic marketplace. AI for marketing is used to drive personalised services, data-driven product enhancements and impact consumer demand. 

To run a business properly, an organisation should come up with a proper AI-driven marketing strategy. Designing a marketing strategy with AI is fast and accurate. But, without professional skills in using AI tools, it becomes a difficult task. AI is a great resource for marketing as it helps in  gathering customer data and providing insights into their behaviour, preference and interests. Using this information, a company can improve its performance and curate services and products that would benefit its consumers. 

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Designing AI-Driven Marketing Strategy: Step-by-Step Guide

Artificial intelligence has transformed the process of market segmentation when combined with predictive analytics. Based on data-driven insights, it enables marketers to select the best target groups for their campaigns precisely. With this AI technique, the process of consumer data processing is rapid. Furthermore, it helps identify additional segments with comparable characteristics. Marketers, as a consequence, can send more personalised offers to customers creating a strong and unique connection that would’ve taken a prolonged time without AI. 

To design a marketing strategy using AI, professionals need to:

  • Define Objectives and Use AI to Achieve Them


A defined set of goals is an essential component of an efficient AI marketing approach. Without well-defined goals, significant resources and effort might be squandered. Once individuals set their goals, AI may be used to maximise their marketing efforts, allowing for targeted and customised campaigns.

Table of Contents

  • Gain Customer Insights


It is imperative to find and understand the target audience of a business. AI helps marketers to understand organisations’ customer behaviour based on which they create effective marketing efforts. Whether it’s analysing emails, social media or websites, AI accurately predicts customer requirements. Professionals, by using AI, one can analyse and extract data that are relevant to their marketing plan and enhance the effectiveness of their efforts. 

  • Improve Content Strategy


Artificial intelligence enables businesses to stay on top of content trends. Technological improvements provide useful insights for content generation strategy in order to optimise company advantages. AI can evaluate huge volumes of data with defined strategies in place. This contributes to content marketing in numerous ways, like offering guidelines for product listings or selecting the best images for social media. Adopting an AI-based marketing approach improves your chances of efficiently reaching your target demographic.

  • Boost the Quality of Customer Service


Designing an AI-driven marketing strategy can help improve customer service for businesses. In every company, customers are the most important part, and with AI technologies like chatbots, companies can provide effective and prompt customer service. AI chatbots can manage an enormous volume of customer enquiries quickly, unlike humans. The ultimate success of every organisation is ensuring customer satisfaction and with AI interactions, these organisations can generate better leads by getting valuable insights into customer preferences. 

AI in Marketing
  • Create the Best Marketing Funnel


AI can forecast the average consumer journey by analysing internet interactions. Using an AI marketing approach enables the identification of critical touchpoints in the consumer decision-making process. This allows firms to efficiently steer prospective consumers along the marketing funnel, eventually turning them into paying customers. Building a well-designed marketing funnel is critical to building an effective marketing plan.

  • Choose Appropriate AI Applications & Tools


AI marketing strategies are now well-recognised by everyone. However, companies often find it difficult to choose the right AI software and application to effectively implement these strategies. Thus, it is critical to pick appropriate software via diligent audits to assure success. Marketers need to identify their organisations concerning areas related to marketing. For instance, conversion tracking, decision-making, performance measurement and more can be driven by utilising various AI tools specific to different operations. This will enable them to create a marketing plan and generate accurate results for the organisation. 

Why is it Important to use AI for Creating a Marketing Strategy?

AI empowers marketing strategies in multiple ways. Below are a few examples of the same. 

  • AI-Driven Marketing Minimises Errors


Unlike artificial intelligence, humans are prone to make mistakes. Thus, AI exists to avoid the possibility of errors made by human interaction. Artificial intelligence has been an excellent tool to assist with human mistakes, especially in one of the most vital aspects: data security. Many firms are concerned about their employees’ lack of knowledge to protect customer information and other critical corporate data due to frequent data security issues. The increased danger of cyber-attacks is something that every e-commerce business  must consider. Fortunately, AI can assist in addressing these problem areas by learning, understanding, adapting, and responding to the cybersecurity requirements of an organisation.

  • Increased Personalisation


With the help of AI, businesses can personalise their services or products that align with both customer needs and their marketing plan. In many ways, companies are using AI to create personalised messages to customers. These can be videos, emails, social media posts, etc.. Many e-commerce firms have made push notifications mobile-friendly. As a result, they are getting recognised by people. Making push notifications mobile-friendly creates a greater sense of personalisation. Product suggestions are another fantastic AI marketing practice that personalises the consumer experience beyond what many marketers thought was feasible.

  • AI is Cost-Effective


Employing a marketing strategy can be a costly affair if done manually. But, when AI is used for the same, the process becomes simpler and cost-saving. Artificial intelligence cuts the time it takes your personnel to do such jobs while bringing down the mistakes to zero. Hence, hiring costs can be greatly reduced in companies by using AI more efficiently. 

  • AI Ensures High ROI


AI assists marketers in comprehensively understanding their customers and improving their customer experiences. AI-powered marketing allows marketers to construct a predictive customer analysis and design more focused and individually customised customer journeys, which helps in maximising the ROI on each customer encounter. Marketers may acquire higher consumer insights and know how to categorise them and push them to the next step to provide the greatest experience on their journey using AI. They can maximise ROI without spending funds on ineffective attempts by thoroughly analysing consumer information and knowing what they truly want. 

  • Automation


Artificial intelligence can improve the intelligence of marketing automation. It can collaboratively work with marketing automation to help translate data into choices, meaningful interactions, and great company consequences. The speed with which marketing activities are completed and implemented is a crucial factor that AI marketing may provide to your company. AI may assist marketers in scaling the number of campaigns they develop, determining the next best actions for consumers, and selecting the campaign that best suits their needs. AI can also develop and optimise content in a variety of email formats that is both pleasant and relevant to the recipients. Furthermore, it is employed in social media automation, similar to email marketing, to boost customer interaction and optimise content.

Wrapping up

AI-driven marketing strategies play a mighty role in making a business successful. Before AI, marketers did everything manually (from processing brand and customer data to getting insights into customer behaviour, preferences and more). After the introduction of AI and associated tools, marketers are free from the data-driven job and can focus on creating brand awareness. Professionals can use different AI tools to identify a company’s concerning areas and employ different strategies to improve them. With AI, companies can now boost their sales, thereby increasing ROI as well as offering great customer experience, which is the ultimate goal. 

AI has opened up various career prospects in the field of marketing. It requires professional skills to use AI tools to gain customer insights. As a result, various institutes offer AI-driven marketing programs. IIM Indore is one such institute that has designed the Executive Programme In Marktech And AI Driven Marketing. If the realm of AI marketing interests you, this is a suitable program. By providing an immersive learning experience, this 12-month course will provide hands-on knowledge and skills in using AI tools, automation, customer lifecycle, acquisition, and more. 

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