24 Best Content Writing Tools 2024: Master Content Creation!


If you’re a seasoned writer or content creator, knowing the tools today for content creation is nothing short of a blessing. These content writing tools give you fresh ideas and keep you updated on SEO strategies and new content to improve your material and extend its reach. From writing to SEO optimization, this all-inclusive guide presents the 24 best content writing tools that will help you create and manage content in 2024. So, let’s go through each online tool for content writing and its benefits.

Best Content Writing Tools You Can Use in 2024

1) Grammarly


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One of the most popular tools in the content writing domain is Grammarly. Find spelling mistakes, grammar, and speech ambiguity instances using this AI application which tells you how to better it and make it professionally correct. Whether it is an email or an essay, with Grammarly, you can effectively express yourself. 

2) Google Document

This is one of the most renowned content writing tools. Google Documents can be referred to as a real-time collaboration platform that has many tools for working together on documents. These are accessible to different gadgets. Also, they can be managed in the drive for easy file management. Google Docs has the capability to autosave, so you can still access and make changes to your files even if you’re not connected to the internet.

Furthermore, there are various templates available in Google Docs. You can comment on specific sentences through its commenting feature.

Types of Content Writing Tools

3) Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a popular software among writers because it helps them express themselves better by making their writing more concise and clear. Unlike common content writing tools, which only look for errors, Hemingway Editor ensures readability by identifying complex sentences and suggesting simpler substitutes where necessary. The use of colors highlights areas that need to be improved, such as overusing adverbs or adopting passive voice constructions. This application enables bloggers, journalists, or students to write shorter yet interesting articles that will attract more readership.

4) SEMrush

SEMrush is a website spell-checker and an all-inclusive SEO toolkit that helps businesses succeed online. SEMrush provides a range of features to improve your search engine ranking and attract more organic traffic. These features include keyword research, competitor analysis, website audits, content optimization, etc. Whether you are a marketing specialist or a website owner, SEMrush supplies you with data and insights necessary for making informed decisions and achieving your online marketing goals. No wonder it is considered one of the most powerful AI tools for content writing.

5) Jasper AI

Jasper AI (previously Jarvis) is one of the leading AI tools for content writing. It supports creators and businesses by producing different types of content, such as blog posts, social media captions, long-form content, and marketing copy – you name it! This AI tool rephrases existing materials, overcomes writer’s block, and crafts on-brand marketing materials so users can concentrate on ideas and strategy instead.

6) AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic is a free tool that allows you to see what topics are currently trending on social media. You can search based on your keyword or topic to generate search queries. Find out what people are searching for related to your content strategy based on current trends. You can also narrow down searches by language and location to help improve rankings.

7) Evernote

Another popular AI tool for content writing is Evernote. Evernote acts as a digital shelf. That can be used to collect ideas, make notes, keep web clips, plan and organize to-do lists all in words, audio, video and most interestingly handwritten notes. Evernote has seamless syncing capabilities. It simplifies information search by enabling you to easily search and access all the stored information from any device.

8) Copyscape

Web-based plagiarism checker Copyscape compares your content to billions of web pages, assisting authors and content creators in verifying that they are not plagiarizing their works from other sources. Simply copy-paste your text or enter a URL, and Copyscape will indicate any identical phrases or sentences online. This popular content-writing tool prevents accidental, unauthorized use that can erode the originality of writers.

9) Canva

Anyone can use Canva to design graphics. Many templates, images, and design elements can be found in this easy-to-use web-based tool. You can create great visuals for your social media post, presentation, or poster without any knowledge of design by using Canva. Just drag, drop, edit, and share your work!

10) ProwritingAid

Pro Writing Aid is not your ordinary grammar tool. Instead, it is like having someone help you improve your style and clarity or eliminate stuff that can be said another way. It looks at the structure of your sentences and highlights issues like copying while also checking whether you use passive voice, among other things. It will help you ensure that what comes out of your hands looks great by providing insights into all these aspects.

11) Frase

If you want a tool that optimizes your content for search engines, Frase is the one for you. Analyzing top-ranking content identifies the key themes and helps you create pieces that are Google-friendly. Frase ensures your content has crucial information, which increases your website’s visibility. 

12) Writesonic

This AI-powered content creator is the right tool for handling writer’s block like no one else. By generating various content formats, using descriptions of various products, posting on social media, or outlining blogs, Writesonic is one of the best AI tools for content writing.

13) Anyword

Anyword is considered one of the most powerful content writing tools in SEO. It’s known to create high-performing marketing content by analyzing competitor content and predicting the outcome of your content on audiences. You can use Anyword for data-driven insights on optimizing your website copy, ads, and landing pages for clicks.

14) Surfer

Surfer is a companion for SEO while browsing sites. It aids in developing content that is directed towards search engines. It analyzes top-ranked pages, recommends keywords, content structure, and length, and how to make your writing rank high in search engines.

15) Wordcounter

WordCounter is an instant and uncomplicated online tool. Simply paste your text, and it does not take long before it informs you about the number of words and characters. Persons engaged in writing activities who have to consider certain limitations, such as the below word count for a tweet or a certain assignment, might find this feature very useful.

16) Ahrefs

Ahrefs explores the SEO field in detail. It has many tools, such as keyword research tools, competitor analysis tools, and backlink checkers. These enable you to understand your online environment, improve your website, and obtain a head-start on search engine rankings.

17) Plagiarism checker

One of the popular tools in the content writing domain is the Plagiarism checker. This tool is expert in detecting any unattributed matches from the massive online database. All you have to do is paste your content. The report highlighting potential plagiarism will be ready in minutes. 

18) Wordtune

Wordtune helps writers find relevant words and sentences when they are out of options. This AI tool helps you to express yourself more effectively by rewriting your sentences, as it offers clear and concise alternatives while sticking to the original meaning. 

19) Ubersuggest

While searching for content writing tools, you cannot miss Ubersuggest. This free SEO toolkit helps you discover keyword ideas while analyzing your competition. All you have to do is put a seed keyword, and this free tool will search data volumes and provide insight into your competitors’ content. By using this free tool, you can optimize your website’s content for successful searches. 

20) Rytr

Rytr serves as an AI writing assistant for you. It helps generate a variety of content to help bypass the writer’s stagnation; it could be captivating blog intros or even product descriptions to sell, and that’s what Rytr does for you. This means that through Rytr, you can create more in a very efficient manner and then concentrate on making things better in terms of placements or whatever suits you well.

21) Headline Analyzer

Headline Analyzer is a unique AI tool for content writing. This tool analyses your headlines for length, clarity, and audience impact. It suggests improvements that ensure the reader’s attention and increase click-through rates. If you struggle with catchy headlines, this is certainly your go-to tool.

22) Simplified

In the popular tools in the content writing domain, Simplified acts like a Swiss army knife. The tasks that are streamlined by this powerful AI platform include design, copywriting, video creation, social media management, etc. Empowered by this tool, marketing teams create high-quality content. 

23) Narrato

Narrato is definitely one of the content writing tools that are known as a productivity powerhouse. Narrato seamlessly connects with a network of human writers who are famous for creating high-quality content. It allows you to compare your content and the acceptance of the audience. This unique site also offers you various writing services with its premium pack. 

24) Notion

One of the versatile AI tools for content writing is Notion. It lets you do various tasks, including creating to-do lists, databases, wikis, and Kanban Boards. If you want a tool that organizes your notes, projects, and ideas, then Notion is ideal for you. Its plus point is it is accessible from any device. Notion’s flexibility boosts your productivity and streamlines your workflow.

The Future Scope for Content Creation

Despite the emergence of AI bots, content writers are finding new areas to explore. As acknowledged, AI can’t replace human-written content, so there is no need to worry about it. Still, other stems are benefiting from the rise in the need for fresh trends, which has seen an increase in opportunities for writers from different fields, which means even more growth will happen over time.


There are a lot of tools, but these are the best 24 available. If you are a freelancer writer, content marketer, or business owner, then make sure you use the right AI tools for content writing. Remember to consider the fact that when choosing tools to use for different tasks, each must serve particular projects within the framework of their financial plan. Free tools can do just the basics, while their paid counterparts usually have more sophisticated options.

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