Digital Forensics Tools and Techniques in 2023

Digital Forensics Tools and Techniques in 2024

Digital devices are crucial in investigations, replacing traditional weapons as evidence. Extracting data from these devices securely and legally is challenging. Thus, new digital forensics tools are a necessity for investigators. 

In the past, live analysis was used, but it became inefficient with complex devices. Now, specialised hardware and software allow for careful extraction and observation of data without modification. In 2024, these tools have emerged as indispensable assets, enabling investigators to securely and efficiently extract valuable evidence from digital devices. 

In this context, the Executive Programme in Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security for Organizations [EPAI&CSO] offered by IIM Indore emerges as a valuable opportunity for cybersecurity professionals to gain expertise in the ever-evolving field of digital forensics. This programme equips participants with the necessary expertise to navigate the complexities of digital forensics, empowering them to contribute effectively in cybersecurity and investigative roles.

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Understanding the Digital Forensics Tools

Digital forensics involves identifying, acquiring, and analysing electronic evidence, playing a crucial role in modern criminal investigations. It is used in court proceedings and helps in scrutinising cyberattacks and responding to incidents. Gathering electronic evidence from various sources like computers, mobile devices, and more is a key aspect of digital forensics.

The Broad Impact of Digital Forensics

Digital forensics extends beyond computers and has a significant societal impact. In today’s connected world, digital evidence plays a crucial role in solving crimes and legal matters in both the digital and physical worlds.

Connected devices generate vast amounts of data, logging user actions and autonomous activities. This includes various devices like cars, mobile phones, routers, and even traffic lights.

Digital forensics is essential in:

  • Investigating data theft and network breaches
  • Understanding online fraud and identity theft
  • Gathering evidence for violent crimes
  • Identifying and prosecuting white-collar crimes.

    Within organisations, digital forensics aids in cybersecurity and physical security incidents. It enables incident response, threat detection, root cause analysis, and threat eradication and provides evidence for legal teams and authorities.

    Digital Forensics Tools

    Digital forensics tools are software applications or hardware devices specifically designed to aid in the investigation and analysis of digital evidence. These tools assist digital forensic examiners in tasks such as data acquisition, data recovery, data analysis, and reporting. Common digital forensics tools include:


    EnCase is a popular commercial digital forensics tool that offers comprehensive capabilities for data acquisition, analysis, and reporting. It offers a comprehensive software package, from triage to final reports, streamlining the investigative process. 

    The recipient of SC Magazine’s “Best Computer Forensic Solution” award for ten years in a row is a renowned software used in forensic cybersecurity investigations. Since 1998, EnCase has been instrumental in recovering evidence and analyzing files on hard drives and mobile phones, assisting professionals in criminal investigation cases.

    Forensic Toolkit Imager (FTK)

    FTK Imager, a free tool, ensures the integrity of digital evidence by analysing drive images without modifying their original state. It supports all operating systems, recovers deleted files, parses XFS files, and generates file hashes for data integrity checks. Therefore, it is a crucial tool for forensic investigations.


    Autopsy is a modular and user-friendly digital forensics platform used by investigators to assess computer and phone data. It offers timeline analysis, hash filtering, keyword search, web artifact extraction, file recovery, and rapid identification of indicators of compromise. Background jobs run in parallel, providing quick results for targeted keywords. Autopsy also allows for creating a centralized repository and is an open-source solution. It is currently available for Windows only.

    X-Ways Forensics

    It is a highly efficient work environment designed for computer forensic examiners. It is renowned for its speed and low resource consumption. Built on the WinHex hex and disk editor, X-Ways Forensics provides a range of advanced features, including disk and data capture software, cloning, imaging, and various other tools. It offers a comprehensive solution for digital forensic investigations.

    Cellebrite UFED

    Founded in Israel in 1999, Cellebrite specializes in mobile device forensics for law enforcement and enterprises. Their expertise lies in collecting, reviewing, analyzing, and managing data from mobile devices. The Digital Intelligence Investigative Platform offered by Cellebrite facilitates the unification of the investigative life cycle and the preservation of digital evidence.


    It is a popular open-source memory forensics tool used for analyzing volatile memory dumps to extract valuable information.

    Their open-source framework enables incident response and malware detection through volatile memory forensics, preserving crucial evidence during system shutdowns. Written in Python and compatible with various machines, it analyzes cached sectors, crash dumps, DLLs, network connections, process lists, and registry files. The tool is freely available, with its code hosted on GitHub.


    Wireshark is the world’s most-used network protocol analysis tool, trusted by governments, corporations, and academic institutions worldwide. It provides microscopic-level visibility into network activity by capturing and analyzing network traffic. With a user-friendly interface available on multiple operating systems, Wireshark aids in detecting and investigating malicious activity. It supports various data sources and allows exporting of output in multiple formats. 


    Founded in 2004 in Portland, Oregon, Exterro specializes in workflow-driven software and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions. With a focus on assisting in-house legal teams, streamlining compliance processes, and managing risks, Exterro offers a range of products covering e-discovery, privacy, risk management, and digital forensics. Notably, their forensics-focused tools include capabilities for remote endpoint collection, scalable data processing, automated processes, and Mac and mobile data inquiries.

    List of Most Powerful Digital Forensic Tools


    Digital Forensic Techniques

    Digital forensics employs various techniques and tools to examine compromised devices. These techniques aid in uncovering hidden information, analyzing digital activity, detecting anomalies, and recovering deleted files. Here are some common techniques utilized in digital forensics. 

    Reverse Steganography

    This involves uncovering hidden data within files by analysing data hashing, which reveals changes in the underlying data structure.

    Stochastic Forensics

    It helps in investigating digital activity without digital artefacts, which is particularly useful for detecting insider threats and data breaches.

    Cross-drive Analysis

    Professionals use this technique for correlating information across multiple drives to establish baselines and identify suspicious events.

    Live Analysis

    Live analysis helps in examining volatile data stored in RAM or cache while the device is running, typically conducted in a forensic lab to preserve evidence.

    Deleted File Recovery

    Recovering partially deleted files by searching for fragments spread across the system and memory.

    These techniques play a crucial role in digital forensic investigations, providing insights into hidden information and reconstructing digital activities.

    Bottom Line

    Digital forensics tools and techniques play a crucial role in modern investigations, allowing experts to analyse electronic evidence and uncover vital information. As technology continues to evolve, these tools become increasingly essential in solving crimes, detecting cyber threats, and preserving evidence for legal proceedings.

    To stay ahead in the dynamic field and imbibe core insights into digital forensics tools, professionals can pursue the Executive Programme in Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security for Organizations [EPAI&CSO]. Register now through Jaro Education.  

    Every aspect of this programme is designed to meet the specific needs of organisations. It offers a holistic curriculum through interactive online learning and capstone projects to enhance knowledge and skills in cybersecurity.

    By completing this programme, participants not only gain the prestigious alumni status of IIM Indore but also receive a certificate of completion. The programme combines a three-day on-campus module with interactive online learning, culminating in a capstone project. If you are looking to excel in the field of digital forensics and cybersecurity, enroll in its 1st intake, offered by IIM Indore to enhance your professional capabilities and stay ahead in this rapidly evolving field.

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