Entrepreneurship Then and Now!

If we are to speak of 'Entrepreneurship - Then and Now', we start with the question, how often have you heard or come across the word "entrepreneur" recently? Almost every other person irrelevant of their field is carrying the title of “entrepreneur”. Why? As Wikipedia defines, an entrepreneur is a person who starts, organises and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

From a time to when leading a business centered on arranging the capital money, to now, where "entrepreneurship" is said to be a state of mind; business leadership has changed leaps and bound. Here are 3 major factors through which entrepreneurship has evolved over the years.


Gone are the days when businesses leaders evolved from the families. Today, establishing or leading a business doesn’t mean having ample of financial background or being the jack of that particular product or industry. While having the knowledge in these areas is still mandatory, there are business leaders coming from various walks of life. The leading positions in the management industry now have women, engineers, doctors, and even artists holding them. With young entrepreneurs who have the instincts for business leadership have been taking up courses like part time MBA causing the rise of a new wave called “Youngpreneurs”. To run and lead an organisation now is easy and that brings a diverse group of people to that position all thanks to the management studies made available through courses like part-time MBA.

Advancement of Technology:

Technology doesn’t spare the business world from the massive change that it brings. Studies say that 70% of the business decisions need to be data driven in today’s date. With ecommerce, automation, and other such innovative phenomenon, every organisation has more and more technical professionals on their radar. For e.g. Satya Nadella, the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, Sundar Pichai, the Chief Executive Officer of Google etc, are business executives while being an engineer too. With the help of part-time MBA courses, many innovators are themselves establishing and running their business with the ease of technology.


Globalisation along with technology has brought the world closer than ever. Entrepreneurship is no longer limited to or bound by the local scenario. In fact, thesedays several companies are going global-first. Many MBA part-time courses have curriculum based on the global business environment in today’s date. This is due to the fact that every organisation is looking to reach its zenith which is being a globally recognised brand. Unlike the old days, today, a business leader can take his company or product to several countries right from his location. India estimates over 59% of improvement in the global economic growth in the coming years making its CEOs the most confident about revenue growth in the coming years as compared to other countries.

While the business world is evolving, entrepreneurs are evolving at a rapid speed and leaving a mark at every innovative step of theirs. If you want to be a part of this dynamic and ever growing world, pave your way to becoming a successful business leader with one of our part-time MBA courses.

It was over a decade ago that the first online course was made available. Since then there have been many misconceptions floating around about online education. Comparisons have been made between traditional styles of learning and online methods. But the concept of learning at home is not new and has existed long before online education in the form of “correspondence courses”.  Today, traditional universities, such as Stanford and Harvard, have promoted accredited, online Ph.D. degree and professional degree programs like the part time MBA. With these top institutes backing online education, the concern about it seems to be dissolving.

So, here are a few myths and misconceptions about online education that are still prevalent and we intend to bust them in today’s article.

Myth #1: You’re on your own

Somehow people think that you won’t receive any support when pursuing online education. This myth doesn’t add up because the online method seeks to connect the tutor and student like never before. You become a part of the online learning community where you can talk to other students, trade notes and ask for help when you need it. Just because you don’t meet in a classroom doesn’t mean that professors aren’t there to help. If you need advice you send an email, talk to them over the phone or video call them –there are all sorts of ways to connect.

Myth #2: It isn’t engaging

This myth is a popular one and associates online education as a hands-off approach to learning. It can be scary to think that feedback isn’t available but this is not true. You’re still in a class with students and you can communicate throughout the week instead of waiting until lectures begin. In fact, there are more discussions in an online classroom than traditional ones. Don’t believe us? Many Institutes all over India have adopted a hybrid learning model. They combine online lectures with various offline events and gatherings to engage students. The ‘Online Education India 2021’ research states that Hybrid channels have “improved engagement levels” via their part time courses like MBA, PGDM, and technology courses.

Myth #3: Not every subject can be taught online

This is a popular misconception, too. It may have held some truth a decade ago, but technology has advanced since then and almost any subject can be taught online. The University of Washington has a course on Public Speaking, a skill that requires applied learning. But this is taught online through video lessons, allotted reading material and quizzes. It was one of their more popular courses and is freely available for anyone to pursue. Even something as renowned as an MBA course or performing arts like dance can be pursued part time.

Myth #4: I need to have expert knowledge of computers

There’s no reason to be a master at computers to learn online. All you need is basic computer knowledge since most actions are completed with a simple mouse click. The majority of courses have online induction packages that get your pc, laptop or other devices ready for learning. These guide you through the steps needed to set up the software. Not only that, but you receive full technical support from the support team throughout your online learning journey.

Myth #5: Online courses don’t help with getting a job

‘Online education in India 2021’ very simply states that professionals will need to stay relevant in the job market to increase their employability. Furthermore, online education will evolve the concept of continuous learning and soon become the mainstream option in relevant education.

Lastly, the course that will likely increase employability in tier 2 cities is the previously mentioned part time MBA courses, as stated in the research paper. Jaro Education provides a range of these kinds of courses as well as technology programmes to professionals and students alike. Visit the website to find out more.

Jaro Associations

Jaro Education forms new alliances with industry leaders; introduces fresh courses

In an effort to provide its students with latest curriculum and academic options, Jaro Education has formed alliance with several apex enterprises to curate fresh, advanced courses. These fresh courses will be available soon to existing as well as new students enrolled with Jaro Education.

The company’s latest collaborations include industry leaders like SAS, IBM and National Stock Exchange (NSE). If sources are to be believed, Jaro Education now aims at helping the nation to improve GER (Gross Enrolment Ratio) through promoting and educating working professionals. The upcoming courses will help such professionals to enhance their skills, which in turn will provide the employers with skill-based manpower, further resulting in better employability.

Students enrolled with Jaro Education have praised the company’s move. “By bringing in big names like IBM and NSE for the introduction of courses, they (Jaro Education) have opened a whole new world for students like me. I really appreciate Dr (Sanjay) Salunkhe for his work. The courses will surely attract more students to Jaro Education,” said Charu, a Hybrid PGDM student enrolled with the educational solutions provider.

While Jaro Education also plans to start a Data Science & Analytics program powered by SAS, Jaro Education has some other new courses too in the pipeline, most noteworthy among them being another program in Data Science & Analytics in collaboration with IBM, and an Executive MBA in Financial Markets in association with NSE.

However, this is not the first time that Jaro Education has formed a strategic alliance with industry leaders. The company has previously been associated with some of the choicest names in the education sector. These include Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, Welingkar Institute of Management (WeSchool), Alliance University, and Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies (GNIMS).

That’s not it. Jaro Education is known for its foreign liaisons, too, which include prestigious institutions like American Management and Technology College (AMTC), and American Business Management and Technology College (ABMTC).

Jaro Education

Jaro Education Sales & Support Felicitation Ceremony : Encouraging young talent

Managers and Leaders
Achievers with Sanjay Sir
Leaders of Quater
Support Managers
Senior Managers

Known for appreciating and encouraging hard work among its employees, Jaro Education Mumbai recently organized its Sales & Support Felicitation Ceremony for the 2nd quarter of the financial year 2018-19.

The event was held on October 8 at Acres Club, Mumbai. Several employees from the company were present at the event, along with Jaro Education Founder and CEO Dr Sanjay Salunkhe. The theme line for the event was, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

Awards were presented by Dr Sanjay Salunkhe to the members of Jaro Education’s Sales and Support Team, who had exhibited superlative performance during the quarter. According to the Jaro Education founder, the felicitation ceremony was aimed at identifying talent within the company, apart from motivating the employees to pour in their best at all times.

“One doesn’t need an occasion to perform better. Dedication towards the work and determination to excel should remain constant if we want to achieve more. Our Sales & Support Felicitation Ceremony is a desirable push to make our employees realize their true potential, so that they bring out the best in themselves,” said Dr Sanjay Salunkhe.

The event, which commenced at 5 pm, was concluded with a cordial dinner.

Jaro Education Founder

Jaro Education CEO bags the prestigious ‘Most Trusted CEOs 2018’ Award

Dr Sanjay Salunkhe, CEO of Jaro Education, received ‘India’s Most Trusted CEOs 2017-18’ Award from the World Consulting & Research Corporation (WCRC). One of the leading niche media in print and online format available across Asia, WCRC’s India chapterhouse enjoys the most superlative viewership across all business media in the country.

Dr Sanjay Salunkhe Jaro Education Founder

Held on August 27, 2018 at The Sahara Star Hotel, Mumbai, the event witnessed the presence of notable personalities from the media and entertainment sector in India. These included Rani Mukerji, Rishi Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Subhash Ghai, Ekta Kapoor, Nakuul Mehta, Jennifer Winget, Rakesh Omprakash Mehra, Kishore Lulla, Pirojsha Adi Godrej, and Sudesh Lehri, among others.

Apart from the Jaro Education CEO, WCRC ‘India’s Most Trusted CEOs’ listing identified and honored the top executive officers of India who have steered their organizations to great heights, based on the company’s performance in 2017-2018 periods along with individual performance, ethics, and values are recognized at the award ceremony.

The CEOs honored at the event along with Dr Sanjay Salunkhe included Mohit Malhotra, CEO Godrej Properties; Dr Anoop Kumar Mittal, Chairman & MD of NBCC; Bhaskar Bhat, MD & CEO of Titan; Ashish Bhasin, CEO of Dentsu Aegis; Chandru Kalro, MD & CEO of TTK Prestige; Rajeev Krishnan, CEO of SPAR Hypermarket; Vipul Mathur, CEO  of Welspun; Amit Gainda, CEO of Avanse Financial Services; Dr Hari Prasad, President of Apollo Hospital; Ashish Mehrotra, CEO of Max Bupa; Tapan Singhel, MD & CEO of Bajaj Alliance; Rishika Lulla, CEO of EROS; Nisha Narayanan, COO of RED FM.

After receiving the award, Jaro Education CEO Dr Sanjay Salunkhe said, “It feels great to be recognized by WCRC. It is a matter of great pride for all of us at Jaro Education to receive this prestigious award as I see it as a team effort. We have been working hard to stand out as an unconventional education facilitation firm, and tokens of appreciation like this keep us motivated.”


Jaro Education – Higher Education Aggregator Extraordinaire

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Jaro Education sees you at the top of the ladder, and we as a Higher Education Aggregator will facilitate just that.

It has been 8 years and over a thousand employees that’s propelled Jaro Education to the perch of a leading Higher Education aggregator in India. At Jaro Education, our reputation spells ease, and it is precisely this that leaves students and professionals that choose Jaro Education satisfied with their choice of a Higher Education aggregator. Moreover, Jaro Education is also known to provide students with innovative MBA programs that cover diverse topics through the various National and International universities Jaro Education is partnered with.

Jaro Education is built not only as a Higher Education aggregator, but as a service provider as well. Jaro Education, in this sense, works for the aspirant right up to the acknowledgement of their Degree / Diploma / Certificate. Let’s look at the three-fold path that Jaro Education takes as a Higher Education aggregator to further aspirations.

We Approach
Jaro Education kicks off by informing you about the various available programs that would complement your career choices. A knowledgeable professional from Jaro Education facilitates this step, leaving the decision up to you after informing you of your choices.

You Enroll
Once you have made up your mind, Jaro Education brings the admission papers to your doorstep. Jaro Education also oversees the entire process post-enrollment, lest you have challenges or qualms.

We Guide
Jaro Education does not believe in its job being just that of a Higher Education aggregator. We take it two steps further, counseling and guiding you through your course.


What Hassles Does Jaro Education Eliminate?

Finding the Right Program
Jaro Education starts by erasing doubts and queries. We use our eight years of experience as Higher Education aggregators to your advantage to do so.

Finding a Reputable College
Jaro Education helps you dodge the “fake college” bullet, offering you courses only from the choicest of colleges. Our reputation as a Higher Education aggregator depends on this, and our partnership is just as selective to complement this effort.

Saying Bye to All the Boring Paperwork
We at Jaro Education understand the lethargy associated with filling lengthy forms. To make it easier for you, the Jaro Education executive does most of your paperwork for you, leaving you mostly just to leave your signature.

You see, Jaro Education eliminates all these hassles for you such that all you need to achieve a Professional Degree is the will to give it your 100% and finish the course.


Testimonials by Some of Our Clients

“The program curriculum offered by Jaro Education is very beneficial for any working professional”

– Mr. Murlidhar M.S., Siemens Ltd.


“Jaro Education takes care of every individual student and provides the best studying material to prepare us”

– Mr. Sandeep Dhapule, FIAT Automobiles


The perks of choosing Jaro Education as your Higher Education Aggregator are: “Flexible Online exam, good courseware, excellent faculty,” according to Mr. Nabarun Nirendranath Biswas, who now works at Hewlett Packard.

At Jaro Education, we believe in baby steps. With each that we assist you in taking, we’ll make sure that you are at ease in doing so.

How to build a career in the Education Sector

Welcome to the world of education. The most dynamic and satisfying field for an eternal learner. If you're seeking a career in this sector, let us tell you a bit about the opportunities awaiting you.  India has 1.4 Million Schools which may turn into your future workplace.  227 Million Students whom you can potentially teach and empower. With the advent of the internet, E-learning modules are turning into huge markets with India as the second largest market trailing the US.  Flexible distance learning education is growing at 34% each year.

On a personal level, It is truly compassionate of you to return the gift of education to those in need. Acquiring knowledge is an unending process as we open ourselves to new ideas, views, perspectives, and opinions on a daily basis. The best way to do the same is by keeping our minds and ears open.

Sector Decoded

Either you can teach or aid in the learning of students by supportive careers in Operations, Public Relations, Counseling to name a few.

With the aim of pursuing Education as a career, we list down ways on how you can build your career in the same

Relevant Knowledge in varied subjects

Share examples, case studies and personal experiences if relevant in explaining the subject matter to your students. Try and add humor to your content, that's when you've won your student's attention. Give them projects or assignments which shall make them fully understand the topic

Passion for educating young minds

You need to have the drive to educate open minds. They're all for learning and you need to identify when to bombard them with the maximum information they can process.

Recruiting Students and Teachers for an organization

The key is hiring the right talent to represent your organization, the teachers, who will build the school's image and be the drivers of knowledge. Similarly, good students who show honesty, ability in character.

Lecturer / Tutor / Presenter in Class

You're the main lead. Shine through your sessions and teach students compassion while imparting regular lessons.

Operations and Administration

Behind the scenes is your domain. Yet you're one of the most important teams in the execution of daily activities. You run the university and ensure smooth function across teams.

Public Relations

You shout out from the rooftops about how popular the school is. You're responsible for making it a brand.

Content / Study Material Writer

You're one of the most important contributors as you decide the course material, contents, and design the syllabus. Your knowledge will be carried in exam papers and decide the fate of the student.

Examiner / Invigilator

The examiner has to mark the exam sheets of each student. Your evaluation of the answers and ability to rate the content will decide the student's performance


Your key responsibility is to direct students towards the right career path, customized to match their respective talents.

Charity / NGO Teachers

If you're full of love for the society, please do work at an NGO at some point of your career. To give without any expectations is the greatest way to live.

We thank you for investing your time in this article. The efforts will result in fulfilling days.You're molding minds directly or indirectly and helping mankind to stay informed, equipped and gifted.

Jaro Education takes the CSR Route to encourage Education

“Compulsory spending on Corporate Social Responsibility is a blessing and not a burden on companies”, said Sudha Murty, chairperson of the Infosys Foundation, in an interview with Hindustan Times. Jaro Education believes the same and has always spent on various CSR activities since its initial days.

Jaro has been promoting and spreading awareness about education. The CSR activity for the year 2017 was also done along the similar lines. A donation was given to Palawi, which an organization in Pandharpur, Maharashtra for HIV/AIDS affected orphan children. Palawi aims to not only provide these kids with food and shelter, but also education so that they can lead an independent life. We understand that education is the only way to empower these young minds.

Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe, the CEO Jaro Education believes that promoting education is the best form of philanthropy, which will bring about a gradual change in the country. He opines that when the society gives you something good, you need to give it back to people in a bigger and better way.



Calm over the horizon

Many years ago, I worked for my parents who own a video production company. Because it is a family business, you inevitably end up wearing many hats and being the czar of many different jobs. I mainly managed projects and worked as a video editor. On production, there were times that I was called on to work as an audio tech and was made to wear headphones on long production days. In those days, having a really good set of headphones that picked up every nuance of sound was essential to making sure the client got what they needed.

First impressions.

Naturally, my first impression of these headphones is based off of the look of them. They have a classic over-the-ear style that is highlighted by a blue LED light that indicates the power for the noise canceling. The padding on the ear pieces seems adequate for extended usage periods.

They are wired headphones, but the 3.5mm stereo mini-plug cable is detachable. Something else I noticed right of the bat was the very nice carrying case that comes with them. It has a hard plastic exterior with a soft cloth interior that helps to protect the surface of the headphones from scratches. I never truly appreciated cases for headphones until I started carrying them from place-to-place. Now I can’t imagine not having a case.

A perfect fit.

Once I gave the headphones a thorough once-over exam, I tried them on. As I mentioned, they have a classic over-the-ear style and just looking at them, the padding on the ear pieces seem adequate and the peak of the headband seemed to be a bit lacking, but you don’t really know comfort unless you try on the product. So, I slipped the headphones on and found them to be exquisitely comfortable.


Now that I had the headphones on my head, I was finally ready to plug and play some music. I plugged the provided cable into the jack on the headphones and then the one on my iPhone 6. Then I called up Pandora. I tend to have a very eclectic music purview and have many stations set up for different moods. From John Williams to Fallout Boy, the sound quality of these headphones was remarkable. There is an amazing depth of sound and incredible highs and lows that make listening to music a truly breathtaking experience.

It’s safe to say that because of my unique professional experiences, I’ve tested out a lot of headphones.

In order to test how voices sounded, and the overall art of sound mixing, I pulled up Netflix on my iPad Air 2 and watched a few minutes of a movie to hear all the nuances of the film. None of them were lost. In fact, I ended up hearing sounds that I hadn’t heard before. Echoes…birds chirping…wind blowing through trees…breathing of the characters…it was very impressive what the headphones ended up bringing out for me.

I would highly recommend these to any sound mixing specialist.