4 traits of Datta Bhagwan that’ll make you fall in love with him

The humblest man on the 11th floor of the Chembur corporate office is Datta Dhisale. They call him the saint, popularly known as Datta Bhagwaan. Below listed are his four character traits that’ll prove he’s the coolest.

1. Water is to you, what Bhaang is to Datta Bhagwaan

You probably have experienced what’s like being on the seventh heaven after you’ve had a few pegs. Well, Datta Bhagwaan is himself one never-ending nourishing peg. Gawk at him for two minutes, and all your troubles disappear. A stress buster, he is. Even Shiv Bhagwaan had bhang. Maybe Datta has some solid inspiration.

2. Cooler than M.S Dhoni

Humans with exceptional hearing skills can hear sounds up to -15 db. Datta Bhagwaan speaks well, however, as low as  -50 db. His words don’t hit you hard, neither can you hear him properly, but his words do touch your heart. And at the end of the day, it’s the work that counts. His work speaks for himself. With his cushy dressing sense, he looks the coolest of all.

3. An exceptional web designer

When in the midst of a discussion, it is narrowed down that it might take a little more than half a day to fix the problem. While the discussion is on, Datta Bhagwaan would have started, solved, and fixed the bug, in about half an hour. That’s what happens when you know your job well. You gain respect.

4. 16 late marks in a month

If not Guinness Book of World Records, he should be chosen for the Limca book of Records. Despite of him being late more than half of the days in a month, he has always completed his work. And he’s still employed. That’s Swag!

‘A sweetheart’ is what the Marketing Manager, Ms Tanupriya, calls him. He’s a treat to work with. “It is fun to trouble him,” the team says, adding, “He is like a stuff toy. Trouble him and he won’t trouble you back.”

Datta Dhisale, from the Marketing team, corporate office Chembur, is at your service.

We love you!

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