Autism and the Cause-A-thon: The Reason to Be There!

With fear in my soul

That I can’t behold

I would run for my life

If there was a reason to live

With happiness close to my feet

And a spring in the air

Gives me reason to believe

Here I come for a reason

Only to run, only to run

If this helps and makes someone happy

I would be there

With the spring in the air

And happiness in my heart

For me to say at the end

I won, I won

Whether it was me or not.

I would win, nevertheless

Come 3rd April, 2016, we need to run 1 km starting from Bandra Taj Land’s End. How does running help someone else? It would only help the one who runs. One’s health would improve and he would look lean and strong. Running for a cause would be only a spirit, a sensation that you show & feel for someone who needs it.

If you have a celebration and people do not come out in numbers, it would show on the face of the person who needs to celebrate. However, anybody else would need everything but celebration. Celebrate with a heart and you shall understand what happiness for others would feel like.

Autism creates a bridge where the autistic individual stays disconnected and away right on the other side of the bridge. Communication takes a beating and relationships are a face they wouldn’t stare at or even ponder on for a second. For them to believe that we are there for them, we need to show it in a way they can assess, understand and swallow the fact that they need to believe.

Cause-A-thon is the way out for such a winning feeling to enter the hearts of the kids who have been autistic, but would love to encounter such realistic endeavors from other individuals.

Khushi Pediatric Therapy Centre has hence organized an “AUTISM CAUSE-A-THON” to show them how special they are by way of celebrating and jaro education is taking a part to have some fun, enjoy and be there for the children.

At 6:00 am on 3rd April, 2016 we need to wait near Bandra Taj Land’s End till we get  a go ahead to run for a cause you would like to run all your life. 1 Km would be enough for a Sunday. 🙂

jaro education
jaro education

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