Krutika: 5 adorable & frightening habits she contains

HR is one of the toughest departments to work in because you are expected to deal with all kinds of human beings, even the one which are not like you. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Krutika for you dealing with all sorts of creatures on a daily basis, and creating history with her witty comments and remarks.

Krutika, from the HR department, corporate office, has been working with Jaro Education for over three years. And ever since, she’s cherished and loved every moment, in here.

1. A hopeless romantic– SURPRISE SURPISE!

Hers is a story similar to ‘2 States’ (better than 2 States, if not). It so happens that a lot of people lead themselves away from love waving the flag of practicality. Those are the people who regret. Krutika’s definitely not one of them. She had the courage to follow her heart, for months, for years, and it all ended up like a Disney Movie (like Snow White, not The Lion King). She and her now-hubby got married recently and they live happily ever after.

Note: Please learn from her and follow your heart (if you want your life to be like a movie).

2. She will probably reschedule your interview/meet like a million times.

If you have a genuine reason (“want to watch a T20 World Cup match,” is NOT a reason), Krutika will reschedule your interview/meet and plan it according to your convenience. She will do this, time and again, keeping in mind the urgency as well as your problem. In her own small way, she seems to pull it off quite elegantly.

Note: Do not ask her for rescheduling your interview for some silly reason like the above mentioned one, or the world-famous ‘stomach-upset’ excuse, chances are you won’t be hired.

3. Do not mess with her!

The last thing in the world you want is to mess with a HR personnel. Nobody wishes to slow down any documentation process. As her colleagues call her ‘A Brand’, she’s one lady who literally defines the word ‘clear-cut’. Be it anyone around her, she wouldn’t mend her thoughts or her words. She’d talk her heart out and ironically that’s always in the favor of the organization. With this kind of an attitude, she’s merely gained nothing but respect from her seniors, bosses and ex-bosses.

Note: Please do not beat around the bush when with her, there’s a high possibility of being stabbed (literally).

4. She’s a GURU, a MENTOR, they say.

Vivian, her dear colleague and friend, calls her a ‘mentor’. Now, that’s seriously some recognition. We surely have heard about friends calling friends with all sorts of devised cute names. However, a GURU or a MENTOR is not something you would hear very often. This goes to show how much she’s respected by her fellow colleagues like she’s loved.

5. Subtlety & sarcasm are her strong suits.

Krutika’s vocabulary = 50% sweet talks, 20% subtlety and 30% sarcasm, a dry sense of humor as Nafisa, her good pal defines it. How important is it to answer somebody who’s been bothering you for quite a while, but delicately and with fine intricacy? Well, she does it like a pro. Yes, she’s straightforward and it may sound like a contradictory statement, but then, that’s Krutika for you people.

 A personalized message from Anand Krishnan, Head of HR, for Krutika.

Firstly, how sweet is it when your boss takes out time to pen down a small quote especially for you. It shows how considerate and thoughtful he is and how valued you are.

Krutika’s boss, Anand Krishnan, the head of HR, has an inspiring message for her dear employee, “Get up and run,” he says, adding, “Take up more challenges, you can surely achieve it all, just need a little push.”

With a work environment much like this and such motivating lines, who wouldn’t perform?

With loads and loads of love from every single employee of this organization, we all wish her luck with her future endeavors.



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