What is an executive MBA and why should you consider upskilling with Jaro Education

What-is-an-executive-MBA-and-why-should-you-consider-upskilling-with-Jaro-Education Blog

Working professionals often feel the need to uplift their skills to climb the corporate ladder. The professionals need to upskill themselves to become eligible for managerial and leadership roles in the future. Hence, they often opt for programme like Executive MBAs to develop their skills and grow in their careers. A skill-polishing course like an Executive MBA or EMBA can assist these working professionals best.

What is an Executive MBA?

An Executive MBA is an advanced business degree assembled with nuanced business knowledge and practices, curated for professionals with a minimum experience of 1 year. Along with traditional classroom Executive MBA courses, online Executive MBA programmes are also available. Individuals can also opt for industry-specific Executive MBA courses to pursue a career in a field of their choice


An MBA course prepares students to enter employment or entrepreneurship, whereas an EMBA assists professionals in becoming better at what they do. The basic curriculum for an EMBA degree is therefore comparable to that of a standard MBA programme. Still, the difference lies in the nature of the classroom and the level of discussion. Instead of providing a basic understanding of subjects like accounting, management, hospitality and so on, lecturers discuss the advanced knowledge with the EMBA pupils.


Since the EMBA programmes are advanced business and leadership courses, applicants with at least a year’s worth of job experience can apply.
Note that the primary aim of an EMBA is not to lay the foundation for a career in management, leadership or entrepreneurship but to enable a professional to achieve leadership and managerial posts.

Course Schedule and Duration

The aimed audience of EMBA is mostly professionals with full-time jobs. The scheduling must be done to best accommodate and not conflict with business hours. On that account, classes are usually scheduled for weekends. EMBA programmes can have different formats with weekly and monthly classes. The duration of an EMBA programme at Jaro Education is 17 months.

Course Fee

Based on the duration of the course, specialisation and selected institution, the total cost of an Executive MBA programme can differ. Nonetheless, the average cost can range between INR 4 lakhs to INR 15 lakhs. After completion of the course, you can expect a salary ranging from INR 9 lakh to INR 15 lakhs.

Why get an EMBA from Jaro Education?

Jaro Education is a pioneer in the field of executive education and is a most trusted online higher education company It aims to transport entrepreneurs and working professionals to the c-suite level from the entry-level. With more than 20 leading academic partners and more than 28 learning centres, Jaro Education is well-empowered to provide the best executive education currently in the nation. At Jaro Education, well-recognised, affordable and top-class online programmes are always assured.

Jaro Education currently has three Executive MBA programmes. Below are brief introductions of all the EMBA programmes.

Online EMBA in Management – GNIMS

Featuring a blend of lectures, seminars, workshops, group discussions and brainstorming sessions, this EMBA course paves the way for leadership skill development.

Course highlights

  • Mentoring from industry leaders and experts
  • Industry-driven curriculum that consists of all functional business areas
  • Leadership, applied learning and personal development-focused approach


Online EMBA in Financial Markets – GNIMS and NSE Academy

This online Executive MBA programme extensively centres around trading, regulatory bodies, capital markets, and national and international financial markets. This programme prepares individuals for leadership and decision-making roles in financial institutions and corporate finance.

Course highlights

  • 60 hours long online practical trading course with NAL software
  • Mentoring from experts in the Finance Industry
  • 12 certificates along with a joint certificate given by GNIMS and NSE Academy
  • Exposure to live market trading (NSE Academy)
  • A combination of management education (GNIMS)


EMBA in Management – Dayananda Sagar University

The Executive MBA programme at Dayananda Sagar University promotes sustainable career development in management. It aids working individuals to stay updated and upskill timely for better career development.

Course highlights

  • A total of 11 specialisations offered
  • Self-paced and flexible learning
  • Relevant and cumulative curriculum
  • Capstone Project


An Executive MBA can be the exact career boost. However, with the specialised concept and accommodating nature of an EMBA course, individuals can upskill and apply the newly-learned skills at their current jobs at the same time. Professionals aiming towards entrepreneurship and planning to build their own businesses can also benefit from an Executive MBA programme

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