The Role of Digital Marketing & Customer Experience in Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is the need of the hour for almost every kind of business, regardless of the industry it belongs to. From adopting digital technologies to streamlining all processes, digital transformation as a whole is the answer to many complexities businesses worldwide face. When it comes to properly executing digital transformation, two vital aspects play a major role- digital marketing and customer experience. They shape digital transformation by being the core of strategy development. 

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Influence of Digital Marketing on Digital Transformation

The present world requires every venture to embrace digital transformation, and digital marketing makes the transformation procedure smoother and faster. It involves using various digital channels to promote services or products. It helps build brand awareness and makes customer engagement better. 

Let’s explore how digital marketing impacts digital transformation. 

Reaching a Wider Audience

With digital marketing, you can easily earn a large customer base. The process allows businesses to utilise different digital channels like social media, search engines, and mobile apps and reach audiences across the globe in no time. This broach reach increases brand visibility and awareness which can directly influence the generation of sales and revenue. With increased reach, digital marketing can also target specific audiences. Businesses can make such specific reach possible by using unique tactics like search engine optimisation and social media advertising.

Improved Customer Experience

Enriching customer experience is the only way to have a strong customer base and retain them for long. Digital marketing does exactly that. With the development of digital channels, clients expect a smooth and customised experience across every touchpoint. With digital marketing, businesses can curate and deliver customised content and convey messages to customers, ultimately leading to increased engagement and loyalty. With digital marketing, you can also get valuable insights into the preference of consumers and their behaviour on multiple digital platforms. This allows businesses to optimise their campaign strategies and enhance customer experience with time.

Measuring Performance

Businesses can now measure and analyse their performance with digital marketing backing their operations. It empowers businesses by feeding them with real-time data on their campaign performance. This helps companies to make data-driven decisions and improve associated strategies accordingly. The gathered data can be a source for companies to comprehend what is working for their business and what is not. Thus, helping them to quickly pivot and adapt to various changes in their market.

How Customer Experience Impacts Digital Transformation?

The customer experience (CX) is pivotal for digital transformation, as businesses need to create customised and smooth experiences for each of their customers across every field. This helps them to stay ahead and have a competitive spirit on. According to a Salesforce report, 80% of customers agree that the experiences provided by a company are as important as the service or the product itself. 

Below are the crucial aspects which show how digital transformation is influenced by customer experience. 

Driving Loyalty and Retention

When customer experience is positive, it drives loyalty, and with loyalty comes retention. In the current world, customers expect everything to be spot-on with a personalised touch in every domain the business works on. From browsing products online to interacting with a representative of the customer, everything drives customer experience. When customer experience is exceptionally good, businesses can keep themselves up the ladder in front of their competitors. This enables them to have long-term relationships with clients who can even become brand advocates. They can share their positive experience with their inmates helping you reach further customers.

Influencing Business Outcome

Customer experience plays a vital role in improving business outcomes. As per reports by Forrester, companies that emphasise CX outperform the rest that does not. It is evident by the stats showing CX leaders are growing revenues at a rate twice the revenues generated by CX laggards. This is because delivering exceptional customer experiences can lead to increased customer retention. With that, it has higher customer lifetime value and, ultimately, increased revenue and profitability.

Driving Innovation

Customer experience has multiple roles in bettering the position of businesses. Driving innovation and agility in digital transformation is one of them. By focusing on CX, companies can enhance their understanding of customer needs and preferences. This enables them to promptly adapt to changes in the market. Hence, enabling companies to innovate and curate new services and products that meet the evolving clients’ needs, driving growth and success.

Final Words

Digital marketing and customer experience go hand in hand when it comes to driving digital transformation. It aims at enhancing business efficiency, delivering seamless customer experience and reducing associated expenses. By prioritising digital marketing and customer experience, companies can create a competitive advantage. It does so by driving customer loyalty and business outcomes and innovating to meet the evolving needs of customers.

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