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Principles of data science, when applied to real-life problems, makes problem-solving much more accurate. Today, data science is used in almost every walk of life like healthcare, education, air transport navigation, gaming, advertising etc. Thus, data scientists are a highly desired job profile. The work of a data scientist is to analyse data and provide conclusive predictions on the basis of their analysis. To become a data scientist, one needs to have a Data Science Certification from a recognized institution.

Let’s talk about some real-life applications of Data Sciences:

  • Healthcare – Data science has numerous uses in the healthcare field. From being used in Medical Image Analysis to menstruation predicting apps, data science has created waves in healthcare. Using data like dates, moods, pain and flow tracking, menstrual tracking apps are able to predict your ovulation date, your period dates, your mood symptoms etc., all thanks to data science. This is just one example, other than this data science helps majorly in drug testing and development, treatment research and development for cancer, etc.
  • Advertising – Before the principles of data science started to be used in advertising, a lot of money and other resources were wasted in advertising to the wrong audience. There was no way of categorising the masses into interested and non-interested parties. For instance, Ads for school bags were shown to middle-aged bachelors. This problem was solved by data science through the development of targeted advertising. Now, ads can be shown to those who have the maximum probability of being interested in the product.
  • Search Engines – One of the most important contributions of data science has been the search engines. Without data science, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. would not have existed. A search engine answers your questions within a fraction of a second using principles of data science. Internet searching has become one of the most basic things in life. This tells us about the significance of data science in real life.



  • Air transport navigation – Uses of data science in airline navigation are as follows:
    • To predict delays in flight schedules
    • In route planning. For instance, whether to take a direct route or to have a layover.
    • To decide the capacity of the aeroplanes required for the desired transport route.
    • To predict and plan refuel stoppages.



Data Science has multiple applications in real life. In fact, it has become so important in our day-to-day living that it is impossible to exist in a modern society without applying the principles of data sciences. In a world where internet search is a basic need and healthcare research and development depends heavily on data science, it is safe to say that a profession in this field is highly coveted.


What qualifications do you need for Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Programme?

The basic qualifications required for Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Programme are as follows:

  •  Minimum 50% marks from a recognized national or international university  
  •  Minimum 2 years of work experience.


What should I study for Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Course?

To be prepared for this course, basic knowledge of mathematics, computer programming, computer applications and statistics is recommended. It is ideal to have atleast an average-level knowledge of the mentioned subjects.

How to enroll in a Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Course?

To enroll in a Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Course, you can apply to any institution that offers a certificate course in the same.

 What is eligibility for Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Course?

The course is meant for working individuals and mid-level managers who want to improve their analytical thinking. The eligibility criteria are a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized national or international university and a minimum of 2 years of work experience.

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