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Writing a resume for freshers is a challenging task. With a myriad of options to choose from, creating a specific and appealing objective can be tricky. Members of recruiting teams mostly analyse a candidate based on their career objective as it serves as the first impression on a new candidate’s resume Thus, it is necessary that the ‘objective’ section in a resume highlights the candidate’s personality as well as future goals. This blog will take you through the know-how of writing a career objective in your resume, along with various samples.

What is a Career Objective?

When freshers write a resume, they also write about their professional objectives. But what is a career objective? A career objective describes the professional objectives of fresh graduates. It is a quick summary of not more than two or three sentences that makes the recruiter understand  whether a candidate is suitable to take up a desired role in their organisation or not.

Thus, writing a career objective for a resume should reflect the enthusiasm and career goals of a candidate to work in a particular organisation.

Importance of Career Objective Section in a Resume

In today’s competitive environment, finding a desired career can be a difficult task. Thus,  a career objective can be quite helpful in making a resume engaging and well-written in order to capture the recruiter’s attention. Let’s look at the top reasons why one should include a career goal on their resume:

  • Writing concise career objectives help freshers highlight their interest in a certain job profile and how their skills and experience connect with the job description. 


  • A well-written career objective enables recruiters to pay attention without reviewing the entire document. It can save them a lot of time as recruiters go through hundreds of resumes daily. Also, it would make that candidate stand out from the rest. 


  • Including specific keywords about job profiles in a resume can help candidates stand out since many software or online services analyse resumes for keywords connected to jobs, talents, and descriptions.

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How to Write a Career Objective?

Writing a career objective in the resume does not require any definite rules. However, for freshers, this can be an intimidating task. To know how to write career objectives, the following points should be kept in mind. 

  • Focus on the Best Qualities

The career objective should highlight the freshers’ skills that they are confident in. For instance, if a person is applying for the role of a content writer, it could be their ability to generate outstanding material or convert leads into customers through convincing language. It is important that freshers define their core skills. This would assist recruiters to understand their strengths and areas of expertise. 

  • Mention Awards & Accomplishments

During a job interview, besides mentioning the degree and work experience( if any), stating some of your best accomplishments can increase your chance of getting your desirable job, as it would show that you have a curiosity to learn new things  and want to explore your profession as much as possible. 

  • Indicate Your Job Expectations

Identifying and understanding the roles and responsibilities of a job role is important while writing career objectives for a resume. Freshers should write about their expectations and what they intend to acquire from working in that industry before applying for the job, which in turn, would help them to work more efficiently and successfully. 

  • Ensure that Clarity is Maintained

Recruiters get a first impression of candidates from their resumes. So, it is important to write straightforward career objectives in about two to three sentences in a clear and concise manner. 

  • Show that You Can Add Value to the Company

What values can a fresher bring to the company? This is always a scary question for candidates just starting their careers as professionals. However, one should be aware of the contributions that they can make. Of course, as a fresher, you will have a lot to learn, but your skills will also help the company to develop. Attention to detail, for instance, can assist freshers in resolving issues with customer management services.

What to Write in the Career Objective Section?

What to write as a career objective in a resume puts many freshers in a dilemma. So, it is advisable to stick to some of the common resume objectives. However, you must ensure that  the objectives are clear and concise so that recruiters understand your skills and aspirations about the job in a go. Some of them are as follows:

  • “To get a demanding position in this company in order to strengthen my skills and contribute to the organisation’s growth.”
  • “To work in a company that gives me several opportunities to improve my skills and expertise while also contributing to the organisation’s growth.”
  • “In a dynamically stable organisation, to investigate new areas of activity.”
  • “I’m looking for possibilities to join a firm that can help me improve my abilities, broaden my knowledge, and realise my full potential. I am open to investigating a wide range of options that may assist me in developing a perspective.”
  • “I am excited to work for my ideal (company name), which will allow me to strengthen my (skills), learn and grow alongside the organisation.”
  • “I’m looking for ways to use my abilities and expertise to help the company expand. I’m looking forward to employment that will allow me to explore different parts of my industry and realise my full potential.”
  • Looking for a job in an organisation that will present me with a range of possibilities to broaden my skills and knowledge while working to achieve the organisation’s goals.” 
  • “A committed person seeking a challenging position where I can demonstrate my abilities and contribute to the organisation’s progress.”
  • “A newcomer looking to gain new talents and refine my leadership abilities by working with a team that allows me to grow and work hard.”
  • “Searching for an entry-level position where I can expand my abilities, knowledge and experience while also contributing to the company’s success.” 
  • “I’d like to improve my technical and interpersonal skills by taking on new challenges and broadening my knowledge.” 
  • “Looking for a position in a vibrant organisation where I may further my career and develop a solid skill set.” 
  • “A highly driven and enthusiastic individual who can manage time efficiently and work under pressure in all circumstances. Looking for fresh chances in a fast-paced business to gain hands-on experience in this industry.”
  • “I want to work for a company that will allow me to showcase my abilities and assist the company in any way possible.” I want my efforts to assist in raising the company’s standards and ambitions.”
  • “I wish to apply my knowledge and talents to obtain practical experience and gain an understanding of the company’s inner workings. I’d like to learn on the job and improve as a person.”
  • “Seeking a chance to put my learned talents and expertise to use in order to assist the company and my future colleagues to flourish. I want my efforts to have a significant impact on the organisation and contribute to its eventual success.”
  • “Willing to work in a company that gives me a chance to boost my knowledge and skills so that I can contribute to the organisation’s growth.”
  • “Eager to work with (organisation name), which offers me an opportunity to boost my expertise that aligns with the organisation’s goals. 
  • “Marketing intern, graduating senior, and student leader seeking chances in advertising or marketing field on television or print media. Adaptable, active, funny, resilient and creative.”
  • “A graduate student with excellent problem-solving, analytical and communication abilities looking for a professional sales career.”

For the individuals who don’t have work experience can add these things to their career objectives. 

  • The person’s field of study
  • Relevant skills and achievements (if any) that are related to the job
  • Reasons to apply for the company/ position. 

The last point stresses most aspirants. Make sure to write a short and catchy resume so that the recruiter can pay attention right to it! An example of zero work experience career objectives is:

“A recent graduate (mention the field of study) looking forward to applying for the ___ position in ____ company. Hardworking and exceptionally organised, I possess great writing and multitasking skills. I’ve gained hands-on management skills by leading various academic projects where I organised tasks for diverse teams and made sure everyone stayed in the loop with the latest information.”


Steps to Follow While Writing a Career Objective

After graduation, aspiring professionals either enroll in professional courses or try to get a job in a relevant industry. The first step to applying for a job is presenting a well-written career objective in a resume. It seems a daunting task at first, but it’s not that difficult. To know how to write career objective in resume, here’s what you can do:

  • Discuss a great set of abilities.
  • Remember to include the name of the company and the title of the position. 
  • Include a really powerful characteristic.
  • Add what value you can bring to the company.

Samples of Career Objective for Business Resume

To write a business resume, freshers can include career objectives like:

  • “I’m looking for a position at an organisation where I may offer ideas and be coached to a successful career.”
  • “Seeking a position at a multinational corporation where I can develop my talents and help the company grow.”

Samples of Career Objective for Technical Resume

The technical resume objectives must contain the individual’s goals, knowledge, skills, expectations and what value they would bring to the organisation in brief. Some of the examples are as follows:

  • Seeking a position as a Field Technician with a company that values hard work and devotion.
  • Seeking a technical job role with (Company Name) so that I may apply my knowledge and skills in installation and configuration operations on computers and networks while also delivering exceptional customer care assistance.
  • “I am eager to join ABC Company’s team of professionals as a (job role) so that I may apply my skills in fixing complicated network problems while delivering excellent customer service.
  • “Aspiring for the technical position at XYZ Company so that I may put my excellent analytical talents to use in diagnosing and promptly resolving system faults.”

Thus, writing a well-defined career objective is the key to finding better job openings as it portrays a blend of passion and knowledge while aligning with the specific role and company’s mission. By putting forward their skills and having a clear direction, candidates can make a positive first impression. 


  • What are the career objectives of a resume?

The objective in a resume reveals your professional expectations from the organisation. Candidates should keep it brief and to the point to elevate their chances of getting noticed by the recruiters. 

  • What should be the career objective of a fresher?

A career objective for a resume for freshers can include what skills they have acquired during their graduation level, mention the courses or programmes for which they have received certification and how they can bring value to the company. 

  • What to include in your career objective as a college student?

As a college student, you can write “I’m seeking a position as an administrative assistant to help the organisation improve budget management and internal communication”. 

  • What attributes a college student with experience can add to their career objectives?

As a college student, if you have experience, you can add your internships, skills and achievements (if any) to the career objective. Write a brief and direct objective that provides recruiters with a quick overview of yourself when they read it. 

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