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Anjana Chhedha – A Blessing in Disguise

 “Forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, just harness your power to your passion” ~ Oprah Winfrey

Through hardships people evolve into inspiring stories. When women face these hardships, they come forward in life with applause, loud and clear in the background.

Anjana Chhedha is such a woman who has evolved from the bitter truths of life taking in the sweet memories through the journey, only to find a corner to get inspired by both the facets of life – good and bad. The corner could have been anywhere in the world, how ever Jaro Education has been very fortunate to have her as a brick, strong enough to remain as firm as a foundation.

She joined in 2009 as a Management Trainee with a history unspoken to many. She came to Jaro Education with no goals or plans. She just had a story, an inspiration that took her forward in life.

Born in Mumbai in a middle class family, she was a woman who was motivated to go on in life because of her mother, who in innumerable ways showed how to face challenges in life. Silent inspiration came by through her mother’s silent confrontation of problems, and she became what she truly is. She transformed slowly into a quote of life arousing the fact that you need to go on, come what may.

At Jaro Education, Ranjita Raman was her senior leader mentoring her through her professional life & guiding her with various opportunities while encouraging her in her career. With two strong reflections in life, she turned a façade of a tough woman taking the mantle ahead in life. At Jaro Education, a balance of family life and professional life came with an added bonus of marriage later. With more responsibilities, the woman in her took on her mother’s persona taking up challenges and winning alongside.

At home her 3 year old son keeps her busy with his notorious ways. At this age he has a mind similar to Anjana’s who also has a silent way of understanding and supporting the professional life she has. The man her son would become would be because of the hard work she puts here at Jaro and at home while being backed by a supporting husband.

Anjana has not stopped believing in inspiring others as she has planned a life where she would help the society through social activities after her retirement.

With creative instincts such as fine painting maneuvering in her mind now, painting a thought process for a better life ahead, Anjana Chhedha slowly weaves a fine thread unbreakable through the dilemma of life. A woman of tomorrow stays in the present because of her challenging past experiences.

While the end is not anywhere near, a happy state has become a way of life for her with success pouring in her professional life and ensuring the others take a cue from her story.

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