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“I don’t go by the rule book.

I lead from the heart not the head”

-Princess Diana

While she chronicles her story, Farah Khan infuses the concept of leadership into her life at every stage; she has been at the forefront taking charge of the people following her.

She States:

“Leadership is making others better in your presence, and making sure impact lasts in your absence.” This is what she has been able to learn in this organization “Jaro Education. My journey with Jaro education has been instrumental learning journey .

While Reminiscing Through Her Memory Lane :

“In my early days in school I always had the fire in me to lead from the front. I was the school vice captain, then the captain after which my journey of leadership began early from my school days. Thanks to my parent’s support! My parents who always made me believe in myself, and instilled thoughts in me to believe that no matter how difficult the situation is, always be positive, have faith in yourself, and the Almighty. They got me admitted to the best convent school in Jhansi. “Saint Francis Convent” where the true discovery of my hidden talents began.

Be it Dramatics or Debate, Sports or Speeches, Captaincy or Curriculum, Poetry or Presentations. I always wanted to be my best with all my heart. The only thing that led me to victory was that whatever I did I ensured I put my heart into it. Then I went on to complete my higher education in Microbiology and Post Graduation in International Business Management. It was during my college days that I completely fell in love with Management studies, which made me to secure top position in all the 4 semesters in IB and represented my college at many International forums and competitions with IIM’s.”

“The exposure that I got during my college days, where I was the class representative, and then placement coordinator gave me an opportunity to work with jaro education in the third semester itself.”

I still remember the day when I saw a persona full of passion and determination, someone as hard as a rock walk into our campus, and I was informed I was the first to be interviewed by him. His name was as charismatic as was his personality Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe’.

My interview lasted for an hour, and the entire discussion was about “what leadership meant to me”, and it is from that very moment till date it’s been a growing journey into leadership in my organization “jaro education”.

One thing I have learnt here is that “it is not that you make mistakes, what important is that you get up & learn from them only to bounce back with a never to give-up attitude”

Farah’s Inspirations!!

“Inspiration is a rocket fuel that makes ordinary days extraordinary”, I have had inspiration all around me always, and there is no lack of inspiration here as well.

Her Inspiration @ Professional front:

Mrs. Ranjita Raman, Director at Jaro education has been an inspiration to me always. She is a strong driving force in my career & a true example of the fact that “Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others “

Her Inspiration @ Personal front:

At personal front  after my parents it’s my elder sister “ Mona khan”  who have been guiding force and inspirational person . A topper throughout from school days to college and a First Muslim girl in the entire family to be placed as a senior business analyst at TCS through Christ University Bangalore, travelling was always her passion and she fulfilled her dream by travelling the world through her determined efforts which led her to success after success through her strong dedication and honesty towards her work, rather than a sister she is like an elder brother to me. She is the one I look up to, she is not only my mentor but my bestest friend and my source of inspiration all my life.

Farah believes in “Living with a balance”

In life I have learnt it is important to maintain a balance in life not only professionally but personally as well. Many say sales is pressurizing, you can’t find time for yourself. Even I use to think like that, but gradually I learnt, that it is you who can decide and balance your life rather than cribbing. I was always a person who hated to work out and my biggest weakness was that I was too lazy to go for workout but today is the day where I have learnt to balance and have overcome my biggest weakness .There is not a single day where I miss my gymming. I have the strong belief that it is only you who can do it no one else ., It takes a whole lot of determination and will power but once you’ve got it you would feel so proud of yourself.  Giving time to your work is important but it is equally important to give time to yourself is what I have learnt and imbibed in my living with a balance.


Coming on the my viewpoint for women as leader and women of tomorrow , I believe women are strongest as leaders even better than men , the reason is because they not only connect professionally to work but also emotionally and tend  to bring out the best results. Women not only put their heads to work but also put heart out to the work. They have these supernatural powers to endure the most difficult situations where even men fail sometimes. I believe women leaders at every sphere should be encouraged , girls education should be given the top most priority in our country and you will see growth prosperity and development all around. Women are leaders everywhere you look – from the CEO who runs a Fortune 500 company to the housewife who raises her children and heads her household. Our country was built by strong women and we will continue to break down walls and defy stereotypes. Women were and will always prove to be the best leaders.

As its rightly said “ When you educate a man , You educate a man  but when you educate a woman , You educate a generation !!

To Quote Farah: “EDUCATING LIFE”

“Education, I believe, is the mechanic to move mountains, to build bridges, to change the world. Education is a path to the future. I believe education is indeed freedom. My only dream and aspiration after retirement from work is to give back to the society what I have earned and learned. I want to spread education to the underprivileged children who are bereft of the same. I want every child to be educated, and want to build a dream for them, as a pen is more powerful than any weapon.

I only dream that my country becomes one such country in the world where only education prevails.

“That’s my ultimate goal in life!!”

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