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On my way to work today , while listening to 93.5 FM, RJ Malishka interacted with her listeners to add in their take,  by highlighting an employee’s views on their boss without disclosing personal  information.

Here is a take on the different kinds of bosses with their unique personalities.

We live in a work environment where we are recognized in accordance to the team manager we work with. The experience from the first boss to the last one gives you a contradictory outlook of your work life. From the good one creating an easy life for you for just being there, you also have difficult line managers who make you persevere like a machine. A boss could be a facet of your life you cannot ignore, nevertheless can be a reason to believe in the changing perceptions about your abilities, the work life, the corporate world at all.

  1. The New Aspiring Boss

With a new bubbling team handed over for the first time to the aspiring new boss, the team manager is assessed with the motivation switch, if is kept on, simply articulates his career.

  1. The Exploding Bomb

We never know when the bomb would explode, and while we know that it will, the exploding type of boss can make for an alarm clock going off; when you know the time you will be bombarded at. We are all suicide bombers in the exploding boss’s team.

  1. The Prudent & Careful Boss

One step at a time, scanning each item at a time, and still faster with a lightning speed, the careful boss knows what information is accurate, and what factual errors entail.

  1. The Outstanding & Loved Boss

We all have our favorite bosses who make our career graph look positive, by helping and guiding us through the initial years or the culminating years of our work life.

  1. The Dormant Low-Profile Boss

A task is handed over; the team member is guided with the guidelines on an email, and the boss lies in the cabin for hours without any interaction makes for a boring dormant team who act like replicas of the boss.

  1. The Active A Type Personality

Climbing the stairs if the lift is 10 seconds late even if it is the 5ft floor you need to ascend , making others seem like slow tortoises, and getting minute by minute details of every task, makes a thinking employee a fast moving machine replicating health issues, an A type personality boss could give with a salary every month.

  1. The Firing Squad

New to the environment in your new job, the boss seems to be happy for a while, but if is a firing squad can change the outlook of the employee. Along with a new spree for a job search initiated again, interviews assessed, and a new job again makes for monetary loss, the boss wouldn’t encompass even if given directions.

  1. The Retaining & Understanding Boss

An employee wants stability in his career. While a boss trains an employee, he knows well that losing an employee could make for a loss of 5x the salary of that employee. To train again would be another task in itself, with time being a constraint. Understanding the needs of the employee makes the boss the smart leader, any member of his staff would follow blindly.

These are just a few types we come across. You can also help us in getting some more unusual combinations you have noticed in your boss.


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