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When you start your day with a feeling that clearly states you are not interested in heading out to your work place, and the reason seems unknown is definitely not health related. If you ponder further to understand the reason of absenteeism, the studies all over the world have come out with remarkable statistics showing that productive employees need more than just a good job. What defines a good job is more significant in perceiving an employee’s future performance vs. his goals.

A good job should engage an employee into the company’s fold. It also means 18% more productivity & 59% of creative ideas that come alongside with a right to be heard.67% of the employees want their team managers to communicate and lead. By guiding through leadership, and allowing communication both ways, team managers make for easy comprehension and implementation of these creative ideas. 50% + of organizations all over the world with high employee engagement retain 80% + of their customers. This statistic adds to another statistic that shows 70% don’t quit their jobs; they quit their bosses. Simple facts that provide evidence of a two way route to working productively in a company. While the team manager motivation plan should consider happiness as a factor in highlighting team performance, peer motivation is 20% higher in causing productivity than team manager‘s motivational tactics.

An employee, if is on boarded with proper training is likely to achieve its first milestone with a 77% higher rate,  as compared to the ones who have not received a formal training. Satisfaction for a team manager is + 20% if training is provided, notwithstanding the fact that shows 67% of full time employees with access to free food at work are extremely or very happy at their current job. Free food in itself is a productivity criterion in a company of a different kind, if given to its employees comes with an ROI.

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