Charity begins at home, and we do it on the day of love: Jaro education visit an old age home

“These children have made us so happy! Valentine’s Day was never something we celebrated, but this one is extremely special.” — This is how the adorable, yet frail senior citizens at Assisi Bhavan, old age home responded after two hours of hearty celebration with the employees of Jaro Education. Twenty Five employees made it a point to spare two hours from this “day of love” and spend it with the lonely and feeble senior citizens at the old age home by playing games and singing with them. Dancing was something they were enthusiastic about, and they proved to be much better at it than the youth! Most of the elderly at the old age home had lost their respective partners. They shared their fond memories about the love of their lives with the Jaro employees. Of course, “Valentine’s Day” is of English origin and hence, wasn’t celebrated by the senior citizens ever. They believed everyday to be Valentine’s Day because, 24 hours aren’t enough to express the amount of love one has for their partner. They explained to us that “romantic love” isn’t the only kind, but love for family and friends, is important too.

Many of their former professions matched with the Jaro employees, so they ended up advising them regarding their jobs too. The youth realized how modernized their approach was towards work and life, compared to the senior citizens at the old age home. In the end, the employees presented the elderly with gifts. “We are proud of Jaro for being so thoughtful and sympathetic. Our blessings will always be with them”, said Chandrakant Damle, who lived at Malad with his sons before they left to study and settle abroad. The delight and joy was clearly visible on their faces which gave great contentment to the youth. This initiative was one of the most precious ones, which brought immense joy and pleasure to the employees of Jaro. No section of society deserves to be neglected, and this is well understood by Jaro and its employees. They don’t just preach, but they practice as they preach.


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