68th Republic Day Celebrations at Jaro


The Republic day of India, celebrated on 26th January every year, is one of our proudest moments as an Indian. After over 190 years of struggle against the British raj, we attained our independence on August 15, 1947. However, it wasn’t until January 26, 1950, that we tasted the true spirit of Independence, when we adopted the largest written constitution in the world. Our constitution declares India as a sovereign, democratic, and republic state. It gives us the power to govern ourselves by choosing our own government. So celebrating Republic day is not just our duty, but our birthright!

We at Jaro education left no stones unturned to celebrate the 68th Republic day of India. With patriotic fervor in our heart, we stood in attention as Our National Anthem was being played. This was a really emotional moment for us all as we stood, honored and humbled, at the remembrance of all our freedom fighters who sacrificed everything for us.

This was followed by a very inspiring talk by Mr. Pradip Bhadgaonkar, the COO of Jaro Education. He talked about how Jaro rose from a small company to the giant it is now, purely on the basis of hard work and dedication shown by all. He shared how Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe, the CEO of Jaro Education, molded our company into the success it has now become. He also addressed the new trainees for they truly are the heart and soul of Jaro. But most importantly, he talked about how despite the different people from diverse cultural backgrounds from various branches all over the country, we stay united and strong as one Jaro.

Next on the menu was a singing session, which included songs like Lukka Chuppi, Yeh jo Desh hai mera, and Mera mulk. Each of these songs had beautiful messages behind them, but the one in common with all was that despite what we do or where we go in life, we are and will always be Indians in our heart. A special mention here to a trainee (sales), Anjali Tiwari (Goregaon branch), who gave us an impromptu performance of the song Ae mere watan ke logon. It was not just beautiful, but spot on to the occasion and to what everyone was feeling at that time. This shows how dynamic, talented, and intuitive all our newbies are.

And finally, the highlight of the evening was, of course, the sweets. All of us chomped on the delicious Malai Chom Chom to our hearts content. This is symbolic to the fact that we too are enjoying the sweet nectars of freedom that our freedom fighters had fought so hard for. We must always keep this in mind and work together to make not just our friends and family, but also our country proud!


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