Career Prospects after an Online MBA Program

Career Prospects after an Online MBA Program Blog

After the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of online MBA courses has seen a steep rise. As a result, famous B-schools are offering online courses that are not only helping students to fulfil their dreams of completing an MBA but also enabling them to have flourishing careers.

Online MBA programs are being recognized across the globe. It provides a chance to thousands of MBA aspirants who cannot afford an offline course for various underlying reasons. These programs unlock the complexities of offline courses and expand opportunities for leading on an organizational ladder. One of the most promising courses is curated by Manipal University online MBA in collaboration with Jaro Education which focuses on achieving the necessary managerial and leadership skills. It is a UGC-entitled university and stands at the topmost position among the online MBA institutions in India.

Benefits of Online MBA Courses

Online MBA has a massive market as it provides the scope to revamp one’s stagnated career. There are many more benefits of this program which are highlighted below:

Completely Online

All the aspects included in the curriculum are offered online. You do not have to indulge in any offline classes or seminars. The virtual classes are provided by the same faculty as those in traditional classes. So no wasting time on a commute; all you need is a stable internet connection that provides high-speed connectivity.

Affordable courses

Online MBA courses in India are not only easily accessible but affordable as well. If you choose a traditional MBA course, the tuition fee is exorbitant for most of the Indian population. Online MBA has opened the door to new career options for those who cannot afford offline traditional MBA programs.

Suitable for working professionals

It provides an excellent opportunity for working professionals who want to go further ahead in their lives by seeking an online MBA. With flexible hours of classes, it also has the perk of accessing the class recording according to a student’s ease.

Offers a curriculum similar to an offline MBA course

Being affordable and online does not mean you get less from an online MBA course. The curriculum and the syllabus offered in this course are similar to the offline course.

Career Prospect Post an Online MBA Program

You will have equal career opportunities when you opt for an online MBA course as a traditional MBA course. Many MNCs are on board to welcome online MBA graduates looking at the broad program the students go through. The following are some career prospects when choosing an online MBA program.

Marketing Manager

Heading a department is a complex affair. But when you learn from capable hands, you can effortlessly handle the most complex things in the world. Through an online MBA course, you can learn marketing strategies and how to handle teams at once.

Finance Manager

Going for an MBA in finance online eases your way to becoming a finance manager. This role has great potential and can lead you to a greater future. From finance decision-making to planning and analysing finances, a financial manager must have leadership qualities automatically inculcated through an online MBA program.

Chief Financial Officer

A chief financial officer has a vital role in amplifying an organization’s finances. It is a high-profile opening where the professional is responsible for maintaining a company’s financial and fiscal health.

Operations Manager

An operation manager’s prime job is to keep all the operations on track. All essential tasks to empower the operations are planned by these professionals. They collaborate with all the associated departments and supervise their subordinates with responsibilities and critical roles.

These are some of the career options that MBA graduates commonly choose. Many other job profiles like Chief Financial Officer, Financial Advisor, and Supply Chain Chain Manager are also wide open for people opting for an online MBA course.

Manipal University Online MBA Program

Manipal University, in association with Jaro Education, offers a 24-month MBA program that helps you develop the leadership skills required for high-profile managerial jobs.
Below are the features of the online MBA program offered by Manipal University.

Nationally and Globally Recognized Degree

If you are in a dilemma about whether this degree will fetch you sound job opportunities, then you can be assured as online MBA courses are recognized worldwide. So, landing a suitable job won’t be a problem.

Synchronicity of Classes

Some universities and institutes provide synchronous classes, while others provide asynchronous classes. In a synchronous learning pattern, there is a fixed time for live online classes. On the other hand, asynchronous classes can be attended at your own pace. Both have their pros and cons, as synchronous doesn’t provide the flexibility that asynchronous structure does. Keeping the perks of both in mind, the curriculum of MBA was curated at Manipal University. Hence, you can access live and recorded classes when choosing Manipal University online MBA.

Quality Mentorship

When you opt for Manipal University, you can rest assured that you are in experienced hands. The faculty of the institute have good expertise in the industry. They provide their first-hand experience to develop the right mindset among the students.

First-hand Interaction with an Alumnus

An alumnus can show you the mirror of the happenings in an institute. Through this program, you can have a one to one with someone from the University’s alumni network to learn about the online MBA prospectus in their college. You can learn about the faculty, the infrastructure, the facilities, and campusing drives of the college in detail from them.

Placement Assistance

Without sound campus placement, having an MBA may stagnate your progress. It is an undeniably definite feature of the best colleges to offer enough on-campus job possibilities. It spares the students from looking out for job prospects manually, enabling them to launch early in the industry. At Manipal University, transparency is well-maintained, and assistance is provided to each course seeker with the possible campusing drives happening in the university. The faculty also trains students to develop an entrepreneurial attitude to make it on their own.

Enrolling in an online MBA program will yield a fruitful future with opportunities close to traditional MBA courses. From flexibility to easy access to classes, these courses have many advantages. Manipal University is one such institute that looks for scopes to help students with wide career scopes. Online MBA course by the University is proving to be life-changing for many. If you have a bachelor’s degree from a reputed university, you can seamlessly apply for Manipal University’s online MBA.

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