Why should you pursue a Doctor of Business Administration Program?


The Doctor of Business Administration program infuses a new lease to professionals to progress in their professional careers. The candidates pursuing DBA programs can look at careers suited for executive-level management. The DBA degree differs from Ph.D. in Business management. Both are equally important in their fields.

Importance of Doctor of Business Administration program

The DBA degree is an advanced degree in business and administration. Nowadays, many professionals are looking for an opportunity to pursue a Doctor of Business Administration from reputed universities. Let us understand the importance of this degree.

  • Better career opportunities

After a certain time, career growth comes to a halt, but pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration degree opens up numerous opportunities for professionals. It provides professionals with more challenging opportunities in the professional world. The degree opens up opportunities in different sectors like corporate, education, government, healthcare, etc. The degree equips you with the knowledge to understand and solve problems in various sectors. 

  • Introduction to the latest skills and techniques

A Doctor of Business Administration degree will equip the candidate with the latest skills and techniques that would help in giving profitable business suggestions to their organisations. Nowadays, companies are hiring candidates with a DBA degree over an MBA degree.

  • Flexibility in learning

One does not have to quit his job to pursue the degree. There are many universities like the Swiss School of Management that provide Online DBA degrees to professionals. The candidates have the flexibility to learn from their homes while attaining their professions. With the provision of weekend classes and learning from recorded classes, the demand for online degrees has increased.

  • Provide a unique stand from others

For becoming a successful business manager, pursuing MBA is the best option. Still, with a DBA, you go the extra mile for the leadership role that most companies are looking for in a candidate. The DBA degree is structured to equip the candidates with advanced research skills that are essential for making strategic and business decisions.

  • Develop leadership skills

Earning a DBA degree provides the right amount of leadership skills that companies are looking for in candidates. The program is structured in a manner where the candidates are exposed to solving several business problems through their business skills. With regular interactions with industry experts and experienced faculties, the candidates are well-versed in many types of business complications and are ready to work on them on a professional level.

  • Understanding the latest trends in the market

The corporate world is changing by the minute. With the introduction of AI, big data, data analytics, professionals need to keep themselves updated on it. By pursuing the Doctor of Business Administration from a recognized university, the professionals are equipped with the latest trends and how to use them to solve complex business issues and bring profits to the company.

The two-year practice-oriented Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree from the Swiss School of Management provides the candidates with the highest research skills to solve complex business problems, the best academic experience aligned with the process of higher education in Europe, and getting to learn from the industry experts. The degree program provides online learning, distance learning, hybrid mode of learning, and work-based learning. 

The Online DBA degree provides extensive research-based assignments subjects structured according to the current market trends and equips the candidates with the thought process of fundamental research to solve business problems for companies.

Doctor of Busiiness Administration Program


The Doctor of Business Administration from the Swiss School of Management provides the candidate with the required boost in their professional career that can help them land up in executive profiles and solve complex business problems for companies. The program provides leadership skills, better career scope, technical skills and expertise, and a professional edge over others in the company.


  • Why is DBA better than the Ph.D.?

The Ph.D. degree is more research-oriented, whereas the DBA degree is business-oriented. A Ph.D. takes you towards the academic line, whereas the DBA program takes you towards the corporate world.

  • Do you need an MBA to pursue a DBA degree?

The candidates need not complete an MBA to pursue a Doctor of Business Administration. But the candidate pursuing the DBA degree should complete a Master’s degree or a degree equivalent to postgraduate. The candidates should have submitted a research project, dissertation, or thesis at the university level.

  • What is the time duration to pursue a DBA degree?

The Doctor of Business Administration degree from the Swiss College of Management is a two-year practice-oriented study course where the candidates can attain classes through online medium, distance learning, blended learning, and work-based study.


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