Why Do Data Scientists Adore Python?


Why Do Data Scientists Adore Python?


The key to a successful business is how it manages its data. The shift in the way the world works due to the COVID-19 pandemic has made proper data management even more critical. There is now a massive surge in the demand for specialists who can manage and secure this ever-increasing data. Companies are increasingly looking for competent data analysts and data scientists. The competitive, unbeaten salaries they provide have made this path a lucrative career option.

A data scientist is a link between a business and its customers. A significant amount of data can be the strength of an organization, but only if the right data is available and accessible when required. An accomplished data scientist can identify and collect data from the manifold data sources available, and translate it into meaningful results that influence businesses positively. Therefore, they have a significant impact on the success and productivity of any company. However, do all data scientists get hired by the best in the industry and land solid paychecks? 

The answer is “no.” Major companies always look to hire data scientists who only have the most advanced skills.

If you want to become a data scientist or advance your career as one, you can enroll in an advanced data science course and up your game. 

Eight reasons why data scientists love Python

As a data scientist in the making, you will need to master a programming language. It could be challenging to select one from the variety of programming languages used in advanced data science. Python happens to be the most popular, and most data scientists are inclined toward it. 

However, why exactly is Python so popular, and how will it help you in your journey towards becoming a successful data scientist? 

Data scientists adore Python as it is generally faster than most other programming languages. It is also more efficient as far as data handling is concerned. The simplicity of Python can lead to enhanced productivity, and businesses always appreciate this end result.

Since Python is an open-source language, it is widely used by a large programming community. In the event of complex programming problems, troubleshooting and gathering support from the community will be easily available.

Python is a versatile and universal language. It finds applications in web development, product development, data mining, and many such tasks. Business giants, including Google, Amazon, and Netflix, use Python.

Learning Python makes learning and understanding other programming languages more accessible and opens up other enriching career avenues for you as well. It makes it easier to work and communicate effectively in a multi-disciplinary group.

Python is a flexible language, and the rules followed are more straightforward than in other languages. It is so intuitive that it can handle a slight level of error too. 

Python is one of the most readable programming languages. Its sentence structure is very similar to the English language. Therefore, many non-programmers love and use it for their daily tasks. 

However, you must not misinterpret the ease of learning Python. It is still a significant component of advanced data science. In fact, Python has solved certain problems that no other programming language could ever solve. It is also used in the most complex applications and websites all over the world today.

Considered to be the best programming language for beginners, you can learn Python without any prior programming experience. An advanced data science certificate program can easily and quickly authenticate and validate your learning if you wish to explore Python.

To put it simply, Python is easy to use and loaded with features that make it incredibly versatile.


Data science is a promising and ever-evolving field. With developed skill sets which also include business acumen, statistical skills, and analytical skills, you are sure to land a fulfilling job. Now that you know Python’s effectiveness and why data scientists prefer it over other programming languages, you must select the appropriate advanced data science course to learn or sharpen your Python skills

There are many advanced data science certification programs available, such as the Rotman School of Management courses. While choosing a program, you need to keep certain essential factors in mind, such as finding out whether the syllabus offers only fundamental learning or advanced skills, the quality of instruction, and the emphasis on the language you wish to learn. 

The Advanced Data Science Certificate Program – Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto) aims to provide learners with the requisite knowledge, practical know-how, and advanced skills to thrive as a data scientist. The objective of this course designed by Rotman School of Management is to benefit graduates and working professionals from both technical and non-technical fields, especially engineers aspiring to be data scientists. Enroll in the Advanced Data Science Certificate Program – Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto) today to advance your career as a data scientist!

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