Data Science and Analytics for Business

Why Data Science and Analytics is Important for Business, and Why Do We Need It?

Importance of Data Science

Data Science is a highly prominent emerging discipline and career domain. According to LinkedIn research, Data Science is the fastest-growing new employment category. Professionals with training in Data Science received a remarkable 37% hiring increase over the last three years. Data science is reshaping practically every business and gaining traction daily. A Data Science certification course can provide the required skills and training to excel in data analytics.

Data Science is significant in business for a variety of reasons. 

  • Data Science helps businesses monitor, manage, and collect performance measures to improve decision-making across the organization. 
  • Companies may use trend analysis to make critical decisions to improve consumer engagement, corporate performance, and boost revenue. 
  • Data Science models make use of current data and may simulate a variety of operations. As a result, businesses may look for candidates with a professional certificate who have studied the best courses for data analytics
  • Data Science assists firms in identifying and refining target audiences by integrating existing data with additional data points to provide meaningful insights. 

To this end, a Data Science certificate online can offer the required learning for professionals to upskill themselves without disrupting their schedule.

How Can a Data Scientist and Analyst Help a Company?

The following are some of the methods a data scientist might help a company.

  • Providing management and officials with the tools they need to make better decisions
  • Directing activities according to trends, which in turn contribute to the establishment of goals
  • Putting the team on the spot to embrace best practices and refocus on issues of importance
  • Recognizing opportunities
  • Making decisions based on verifiable, data-driven proofs
  • Testing of decisions
  • Target audience assessment and optimization
  • Recruiting the best people for the company

Need for Data Science and Analytics Training

Data is increasingly more crucial in an era of digital society. It is a valuable tool that gives insight into business stability and development opportunities during a problematic period of doubt. Buyer habits, new product creation, manufacturing, the corporate environment, macroeconomic policies, and administrative affairs are all changing. Data Science provides an extra boost to effectively meet organizational goals in a highly dynamic environment like this.

There is a strong need for skilled specialists with a data analysis certificate to handle and interpret data. Data Scientists source, organize, coordinate, analyze, integrate, and interpret complicated information collected from massive amounts of multi-source data. The need for data scientists in the market is an excellent opportunity to further your career by enrolling in the one-of-its-kind Data Science and Analytics for Business Certificate Program offered by Shiv Nadar University. 

Shiv Nadar University pledges to surpass your expectations by providing a comprehensive and practical educational program with detailed hands-on data science and analytics implementation. It is a student-centered, multidisciplinary, and research-focused university that offers a variety of academic courses at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels.

The Data Science and Analytics for Business Certificate Program curriculum combines live sessions with hands-on simulation experience. It consists of 190+ hours of instructor-led teaching from top-tier academics and an equivalent number of parallel readings. Furthermore, the program uses training, self-study, team projects, and quizzes to help students succeed.

Requirements for the Data Science and Analytics for Business Program

  • An applicant with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent or currently enrolled in any approved undergraduate degree program
  • At least 50% marks or comparable CGPA from any of the accredited Institutions
  • Mathematics as a subject in the 10+2 board exams

Further, while job experience is not required, entry-level workers interested in a career in data science are encouraged to apply.  The application attributes, educational qualifications, and individual interviews will be used to make the decision.

What Are the Program Highlights?

  • A recognized certificate of program completion from Shiv Nadar University
  • Online education, including more than 190 hours of live lectures and training
  • Placement support with parallel learning
  • Coaching and teachings from professional experts on a one-on-one basis
  • Top professors with industry experience
  • Interactive learning with peer support groups
  • Feedback and mentoring to help you improve your skills
  • Chance to network with professional leaders of the industry


Data Science is the present and future of business growth. Data scientists have the most powerful tools and insights to grow and sustain a successful business. Global companies are actively hiring data scientists to make a profit for their business and achieve unprecedented success. It is best to get a data science certificate online and upskill to make the most of the current scenario. 

The Data Science and Analytics for Business Certificate Program offered by Shiv Nadar University is an online interactive course for professionals. The program focuses on practical training and expertise building in Data Analytics and Data Science. Sign up for the program and launch your career as a data scientist with the best tools and training!

Data Science and Analytics for Business

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