Why Choose an Online Course for Corporate Finance?

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A corporate finance course enables you to understand the financial problems related to investors, cooperations, and the communication between investors and companies in the capital markets. Corporate finance courses help you to understand the financial terms and logic.

Importance of Corporate Finance in Corporate World

Corporate finance is an essential component of professional services. It brings a large amount of money to the firm and provides service plans to companies’ purchasers that encourage loyalty. In addition, corporate finance involves analysis and tools that are used to distribute and prioritise financial resources.

Finance and analytics are becoming very important in the corporate world due to the following reasons: 

  1. Corporate finance analytics can maximise the value of your firm.
  2. Corporate finance helps stakeholders to manage the operations of organisations very well.
  3. With good knowledge about finance and analytics, you can manage the cash flow in your firm.


Explore KPMG in India – Certification Program in Corporate Finance & Analytics

You will be able to understand and learn how to estimate ROI (Return on Investment) for a project, how to estimate the value of assets, and how to value bonds and stocks.

KPMG Corporate Finance India designs multiple courses to introduce you to the tech fundamentals and fields of corporate finance such as time and value of money, capital budgeting, computing Net Present Value (NPV), and the cost of capital.

Earning a corporate finance certificate course will guide you to the professional degree of finance that offers investment opportunities and understanding the concept of free cash flow, return of equity, and measuring risk. 

Corporate Finance Analyst   

Data analytics in corporate finance is in high demand as they define the strategic direction of a company. A corporate finance analyst analyses complicated financial transactions and identifies growth opportunities.

A corporate finance analyst works with the CFO and other officials. The Corporate Finance Analyst Course will benefit your career as a corporate-financier; you will find yourself making decisions at your firm.

Understand how to analyse performance for your field

A corporate finance analyst course will give you the tools that will help you in gauging how well your firm is performing. It will help you discover the answer to questions like:

  • What measures should you use to estimate your firm’s performance?
  • Is your firm performing well?
  • Who should your firm be compared against?


Make better business decisions

Through a Corporate Course in Data Analytics, you will gain practical and fair knowledge of quantitative and statistical analysis and fact-based analysis that will help you make better decisions for your firm.

Job opportunities

By getting a KPMG in India – Certification Program in Corporate Finance and Analysis, you will open your doors to many career opportunities. For example, you can get a job as an AVP, CA, Finance Head, Director, Analyst, Senior Manager, Senior Analyst, Deputy Manager, Senior Accountant, Deputy Manager, Relationship Manager, Credit Analyst, Chief Manager, Team Leader, etc.

Learn about analytical tools

You will understand the basic concepts of logistic regression, data management, segmentation, Microsoft Excel tools, and forecasting with SAS and R.

Personal development

By enrolling in a corporate finance course, you will be increasing your skills, leading to your personal development and growth.


Enroll in online courses for corporate finance and explore the opportunities of corporate finance in the corporate world. Corporate finance courses teach you the fundamentals of the corporate world and give a boost to your career.

The KPMG in India – Corporate Finance and Analysis program will teach you the concepts of Corporate Finance in detail and with ease. In addition, with the help of Corporate Analytics Courses, you will have hands-on experience with new tools and technology relevant to finance and analytics.

So, don’t sit back and apply for the KPMG in India- Certification Program in Corporate Finance & Analytics today!

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