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What is the Value of Joining an Executive Program in Business Management?

Executive Program in Business Management Jaro

Online business management courses are a boon for working professionals who have little time to spare for regular MBA courses. Executive MBA graduates often get a 16.8% pay rise compared to others. Even the pandemic has altered our perspective of higher education, making online Business Management Courses a safer option to take your career ahead. Read on to know the advantages of joining the Executive Program in Business Management in IMT Ghaziabad.

Value of Joining an Executive Program in Business Management – IMT Ghaziabad

  • Enhancing management competency

The Executive Program in Business Management at IMT Ghaziabad offers an industry-oriented curriculum. This helps in aligning learning and experience for better performance at work. Be it managerial or off-work skills, the course helps navigate various crossroads for a better professional journey.

  • Better alignment to company goals

Experiential learning and pedagogy-based simulations during the Executive Program in Business Management make the candidates work efficiently for their organizations. They use their skills to develop more promising strategies for resolving the issues to get better outcomes. Thus, the firm’s return on investment increases.

  • Strengthening the network

Candidates from various backgrounds pursue the Business Management Course, which increases the chances of networking with the finest professional minds. Apart from this, interacting with the alumni helps build a good network with the managers of different firms. One can discuss the business issues with them and exchange ideas and solutions and even connect with them for future reference.

  • Exposure to an immersive environment

Candidates must participate actively in on and off-campus assignments and activities in the Business Management Course, which creates an immersive experience. Materials are made available online for ease of access whenever needed. Direct to Device Learning enhances the convenience of learning. Faculties adopt case study-based learning for a better understanding of the concepts.

  • Increased chances of promotion

When done from a renowned institute, an Executive Business Management Course enhances the chances of a promotion or a hike in pay. Employers and the other firms in the market value the degree and provide various perks that include being placed in the top rung of leadership.

  • Learning critical management skills

These are essential for survival in the competitive market and prove oneself a valuable asset to an organization. The management skills learned during the program enhance their strategic thinking, presentation, reporting, and project management. Thus, the individual takes informed managerial decisions that are ethical and economical besides being profitable.

EPBM - IMT Ghaziabad Jaro


An Executive Program in Business Management can help working professionals use their experience, and the new skills learned in the course and get promoted to a senior managerial position. There are various B-Schools offering Business Management courses in India, but you must join a reputed institute like IMT Ghaziabad to get better exposure through experienced faculties and interactive curriculum. Apart from this, it opens up multiple opportunities for those planning to switch careers or become entrepreneurs to pursue their interests and set up their own businesses. 

Planning to level up your career but have no time for a regular MBA course. 

Enroll in the 11-month Executive Program in Business Management in IMT Ghaziabad today to avail all the benefits.


  • What does an Executive Program in Business Management include?

The Executive Program in Business Management at IMT Ghaziabad include the following specializations:

  1. Business Communication for Managers
  2. Leadership & Managing Change
  3. Financial Accounting
  4. Marketing Management
  5. Managerial Economics
  6. Business Innovations & Emerging technology
  7. Corporate Finance
  8. Value Chain Management
  9. Quantitative Techniques in Business Decision
  10. Strategic Management
  11. Cross-functional Simulation


  • What is Executive Program in Business Management eligibility?

Any candidate who has completed 10+2+3 years of graduation or diploma and has 2 years of work experience can apply for the executive business management program.

  • What is the Executive Program in Business Management fees?

At IMT Ghaziabad, the executive program in business management fees is INR 101000 + GST.

  • What is the use of the Executive Program in Business Management?

An Executive Program in Business Management helps a candidate advance in one’s career by learning skills to thrive in the competitive market. It enhances one’s leadership skills, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills to handle the firm’s issues efficiently.

EPBM - IMT Ghaziabad

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