What is the importance of an Executive MBA?


What is the importance of an Executive MBA?

Shiv Nadar University-Executive MBA has become very popular over the past few years. Many students have started studying for the executive MBA online due to the COVID-19 restrictions. The Executive MBA programs are typically blended in nature and are completed within 2 year of time. The Executive MBA is for working professionals who can work while studying to bring out their experience in the classroom. 

MBA Executive vs. MBA: What’s the Difference?

There’s been a rise of Executive MBA Online programs among professionals instead of going for a traditional MBA. Here is the difference young professionals need to know between the two.

Basic Regular MBA Executive MBA
Work Load Full-day rigorous schedule  Weekday Evenings & Weekend Classes
Curriculum Core Classes + Specialization Relevant & future-proof curriculum
Lifestyle Intensive student experience Inculcate a Global Mindset
Focus of study More concentrated on areas of business like Marketing and Finance. Covers all facets of the industry with a strategic perspective. 
Student Profile Freshers with 0-1 yr of experience  Working professionals with more than 2 years of experience

Benefits of Executive MBA:

There are various benefits of an executive MBA, and Shiv Nadar University provides the top executive MBA programs in the country. The benefits of executive MBA (EMBA) are as follows: 

Becoming a leader

One of the benefits of studying an executive MBA course is to become a leader. It provides participants with effective leadership competencies like decision-making, business acumen, and strategic thinking. It allows students to learn about the business decisions, management, and complexity of the organizations. It also helps candidates to get a job faster compared to the people who don’t have an EMBA degree. 

Transitioning to a generalist

An Executive MBA is a generalist management degree. The students will learn new skills and knowledge to determine and analyze the concepts of Accounting, Marketing, HR, and Strategy. It further helps students to become a generalist from a specialist.

Work while studying

The Executive MBA course is usually taught on the weekends or evenings. This allows candidates to work while studying the course. It enables students to focus on their studies while working at the same time. Executive MBA online has also increased the flexibility of the students. Students can study from anywhere, at any time, irrespective of the time zone and location. It also helps participants to explore job opportunities. 

Career acceleration

The EMBA students are generally more ambitious. It adds up to the career acceleration of the students. The students who opt for Executive MBA courses are more likely to progress in their careers compared to those who don’t. The best part is that professionals don’t have to wait to work until their studies are over. They can grow their career simultaneously with their studies. 

Soft skills

The EMBA courses also focus on improving the soft skills of the students. Soft skills are also of utmost importance, like hard skills. The soft skills include good communication, confidence, observing, listening carefully, empathetic behavior, etc. Soft skills help them in both their career and life. Every organization looks for soft skills in a candidate before hiring them for the job.

Applying the learnings

Studying an Executive MBA course allows candidates to apply what they learn immediately in the class. The assessments given to the students are more practical in nature that allows them to understand the real-life scenarios of the subject. It further also helps to determine the shortcomings of the project that they can implement in the next assessment immediately.

Learning from the best

Executive MBA courses are taught by the best teachers, faculties, and practitioners with decades of work experience. Therefore, it brings the real-world experience, challenges, and failures of the businesses and their management. The concepts are taught based on frameworks, theories, and research. It automatically shows in the thinking process, and behavior of the students as all the studies are implemented simultaneously in the classroom. 

Building a professional network

The EMBA also helps students to build a professional network while studying. The professional networks help make connections with the big companies in the real world. If they are looking to start their own business, a professional network helps them in a good start. It also helps them make meaningful connections with the students and Alumni. 

Turbo-charging a Resume

An Executive MBA turbo-charges your resume. Having an Executive MBA on the resume makes a lot of difference in the selection process. The chance of getting a job increases if a candidate has an executive MBA on the CV as compared to the candidate who has not done an Executive MBA. In the selection process, EMBA shows that a person can tackle the difficulties and challenges of a job and has relevant knowledge in decision-making and strategic thinking of the business. So, it gives an added advantage to the candidates.  

An Executive MBA enables you to kickstart your business journey while working and studying at the same time. It helps experienced professionals to prepare for real-life challenges and improve their leadership skills.  This also helps candidates with new job opportunities. If you are seeking a growth opportunity, then enroll for Shiv Nadar University-EMBA right now.


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