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What Can You Do With A FinTech Certification?

FinTech - IIM Nagpur

FinTech beautifully combines finance and technology. Technology is making financial services more efficient. There are several FinTech courses from recognised universities like IIM Nagpur that would equip candidates with the latest trend in the financial market and technological advancements that would help them provide financially viable solutions to their companies. The Fintech market has taken the financial world by storm, and for a professional to excel in the financial world, they should equip themselves with FinTech certification.

Role of FinTech certification in the professional world

FinTech takes you to a world where you can learn about cryptocurrency, blockchain, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data. With the corporate world going through a dynamic change, the professionals equipped with FinTech certification is a boon for the company. 

Here’s a look at the importance of FinTech courses in India.

  • Give a boost to your professional career – For an experienced professional looking for a boost in their career, pursuing FinTech certification from recognised universities like IIM Nagpur can help them. It propels your career in the right direction. With the knowledge of Fintech, you can be an asset to the company by providing them with the right financial advice. 
  • Understanding the role of technology in Finance – If a professional takes Fintech certification, they would be introduced to the technological role in finance through various subjects like blockchain, cryptocurrency, machine learning, Artificial intelligence, payment status, Neobanking, and several other subjects. This would equip the professional to analyse the situation and provide suggestions to the company.
  • Staying in touch with the latest trends – With technology merging with finance, Fintech has been at the forefront of every company. So, for an experienced professional, understanding the nuances related to Fintech is essential and staying updated on the latest Fintech trends. By undergoing Fintech online courses from reputed universities, you can understand Fintech and help your company stay ahead in the Fintech battle.
  • Have a competitive edge over others –  With a Fintech certification, you can easily have a competitive edge over others. A few people are equipped with Fintech to handle the technological disruptions in the financial world.  With the knowledge of cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data, you can easily provide valuable suggestions to the company and earn profits.
  • Providing more profits to the company – With the right understanding of Fintech, the professional can provide the right suggestion to the company that would provide more profits to the company. By understanding the changing market trends, a professional equipped with Fintech courses can easily analyse the situation and provide valuable suggestions to the company.



The one-year PG Certificate Programme in Financial Technologies (FinTech) from IIM Nagpur provides exposure to real-time business problems, interactions with industry experts, mentorship from IIM experts, gain knowledge on Fintech world like cryptocurrency, blockchain, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Big data and others. The FinTech programme gives the professional with the basic knowledge of FinTech, and understanding about several payment systems like Neobanking, LendingTech, InsureTech, Roboadvisory and wealth management.


With the dynamic change in the financial world, understanding FinTech is highly essential. The professionals equipped with Fintech courses in India are in demand as they can analyse and provide valuable suggestions to the company. The PG Certificate Programme in Financial Technologies (FinTech) from IIM Nagpur has been working towards providing the students with the right exposure to FinTech through their experienced faculties and structured syllabus.


  • How do I get a job in Fintech?

For a professional to be selected for a job in the Fintech sector, they need to undertake professional Fintech courses from reputed universities like IIM Nagpur. Once the candidate has cleared the course, they can apply for various FinTech profiles all over.

  • Is Fintech a good sector to be in?

Looking at the dynamic change in the financial world, FinTech plays a crucial role in shaping the future. There is a huge demand for professionals with Fintech certification who can evaluate complex situations and provide valuable suggestions to the company. Always pursue Fintech courses from recognised universities. 

  • How much do jobs in  Fintech pay?

The FinTech professional is paid well as it involves working on complex situations. If the professional has done Fintech certification from a reputed university, the demand for the professional is high, and the salary bracket also increases. Every company has their criteria and salary bracket. They hire professionals as per their requirements. 

  • What subjects are required for Fintech?

The subjects that provide a holistic approach to the students undergoing PG certificate programme in Financial Technologies from IIM Nagpur are Blockchain & cryptocurrency, payment status, Artificial intelligence & Machine learning in Finance, the strategy of competitive advantage, Neobanking, Wealth management, InsureTech, FinTech regulations, implementation strategies for FinTech providers, and Integrative project.

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