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Ways an Online Management Program can Help Students and Professionals Advance Their Career


Everyone wants to get ahead in their professional careers by acquiring new skill sets. It is not always possible to take time off from your job and go back to college. Online management programs have been introduced to fill this gap. A hybrid PGDM program considers the ease of distance education while providing the benefits of full-time learning using online learning models.

The Hybrid Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Welingkar Institute of Management (WeSchool) helps the professionals select from a wide range of courses that suit their professional requirements. This article discusses the main advantages of the Hybrid PGDM program.

Advantages of a Hybrid PGDM Program

An online management program can help an individual boost their professional careers. There are many advantages of an online management course.

  1. Getting equipped with a new skill set to grow in the organization
  2. Building a better resume for a better career opportunity
  3. Increasing your network
  4. Better time management, as the professional does not have to take time off from the job to pursue the course
  5. Getting to learn and be certified from the reputed Welingkar PGDM hybrid course

Hybrid PGDM Program – Welingkar Institute of Management (WeSchool)

There are many online management courses from various universities. The candidate can select them as per their requirements. Pursuing the Welingkar PGDM hybrid course can provide a boost in the candidates’ professional careers.

The Welingkar- PGDM hybrid course for professionals has been developed by WeSchool. The specialized program helps working professionals become thought-oriented leaders who can bring innovative ideas to the table. It provides the experience of traditional classroom learning with the ease of online training to impart high-quality education to the students.

WeSchool Hybrid PGDM has been designed to accommodate working professionals with its flexible timings, along with weekend workshops and events. It provides the latest curriculum with maximum market exposure, easily accessible online study materials, personal contact programs, a 24 x 7 online library, and online and offline training with industry experts.

The Hybrid Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Welingkar Institute of Management (WeSchool) provides 18 different specializations. The candidates can choose from any course as per their requirements. 

The Hybrid Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Welingkar Institute of Management (WeSchool) covers all the aspects of industrial exposure to the candidates. 

  1. The first semester covers the management principles and the area of execution.
  2. The second semester covers strategic management and new-age management topics.
  3. The third semester covers the industry-specific business fundamentals and applied management concepts.
  4. The fourth semester covers the fundamentals regarding the technology-enabled industries and offers a holistic approach toward them.

The course has been updated according to the latest industrial trends, so the students get the maximum exposure. The institute also organizes various events and workshops where the students can interact with various industry experts. 

Further, the Hybrid Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Welingkar Institute of Management (WeSchool) is an interactive program, one of the grading criteria. Students have to give presentations and work on individual or group projects, which help them understand the modules in more detail.

The WeSchool Hybrid PGDM course is conducted in two batches. One starts in January, and the other in July. Moreover, the two-year program can be extended to four years to allow proper time to balance your professional and academic commitments.

The total fees for the Hybrid PGDM program without a personal contact program (PCP) is INR 81,000, and with PCP, it is INR 84,600, if paid in advance. Moreover, the fees can also be paid annually. To be eligible, the candidates must have completed their graduation from a recognized national or international university. 


Online management courses have seen an upward trend with the growing competition in the corporate world. Many experienced professionals are looking to boost their resumes to help them grow in their professional journey. With so many options under the Hybrid Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Welingkar Institute of Management (WeSchool), the candidates can choose the job-specific specializations and effectively expedite their professional career. Grab the opportunity to pursue this course before it’s gone!