Various Job Roles After Strategic Management Course

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Various Job Roles After Strategic Management Course


A firm’s performance is determined by the strategic actions taken by the manager. Strategic management involves continuous evaluation and control of the business in the corresponding niche. Goals are set, and strategies are formulated to stay ahead of the competitors in the market. These strategies are regularly evaluated to determine efficiency, and changes are introduced as per the requirements. This makes it crucial for managers to pursue strategic management online courses that have numerous outstanding career opportunities. Let’s see the importance of completing the course from premier B-schools such as IIM Ahmedabad.

Strategic Management Certificate Course from IIM Ahmedabad

Long-term developments are taken into account in strategic management to deal with uncertain events in the future. Here are the details about the strategic management short course from IIMA.

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Curriculum: The strategic management and leadership course in the covers the following major modules.


  1. Strategy Analysis and Business Strategy Formulation
  2. Corporate Strategy (Growth Strategies)
  3. Strategy Execution


Reasons to Opt for IIM-A to Pursue Online Course on Strategic Management

Various international agencies have consistently ranked this college among the premier management schools in India. In 2019, IIM-A ranked first in the list of the most desirable B-schools in the country. Here are the special features of the strategic management course in IIM Ahmedabad.

  • Specifically made for working professionals

The intensive short-duration course is designed for senior functional managers and leaders. It provides an integrated view of all the functional areas of management to assist in the decision-making process for success in the competitive market.

  • Industry driven curriculum

The curriculum helps the candidates to analyze the current industry trends before formulating strategies for better results.

  • Interactive teaching approach by experienced faculty

The faculty members use case studies and self-learning topics in the online course on strategic management. The lectures are delivered through the direct-to-device (D2D) mode.

  • Certificate of participation

By the end of the program, the candidates are well versed in the complete strategic management process. They are competent enough to perform better and excel in their field. A participation certificate is awarded at the end of the strategic management courses from IIM.

Job Roles After Leadership and Strategic Management Courses

Strategic management courses in a reputed institute make a candidate fit for the following roles.

  • Business analyst
  • Project analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Consumer insight analyst 
  • Compliance officer 
  • Research investigator
  • Product strategist
  • Project management coordinator
  • Process coordinator
  • Strategic initiatives associate 
  • Marketing consultant



Pursuing strategic management courses from IIM Ahmedabad or similar premier institutes gives a significant boost to your career. It helps working professionals strike the perfect balance between technical knowledge and management tactics. 

Jaro Education helps you get admission to the strategic management online course at IIMA easily so that you can enhance your skills and stand out among your competitors in a short duration. Learn more about the course by signing up on the Jaro Education website today and complete all the admission-related formalities in a hassle-free manner. You can learn all the modules from the comfort and safety of your home. This will help you secure better job roles in the corporate world.

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