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Understanding Financial Markets and Their Career Opportunities

Executive MBA In Financial Market Jaro


Financial markets are associated with a marketplace that provides details about the purchase and sales of assets, such as stocks, foreign exchange, derivatives, and bonds. It is often called the “capital market”. In other words, financial markets are a place where businessmen and companies go to raise money for their business growth. 

Many professionals are opting for an MBA in Financial Markets in India. According to an MBA Council survey, there’s more than a 31.6% increase in the enrollment of Executive MBA programs in India, including over 31.2% of female candidates. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many professionals have started taking online courses in financial markets to enhance their skills and career advancements. 

Executive MBA in Financial Markets is usually for working professionals who can work while studying to bring out their experience in the classroom. The duration of the course is 18 month. It allows professionals to study to enhance their skill-set for career opportunities. The Executive MBA in Financial Markets is an AICTE approved certification course designed to provide knowledge of capital markets and their financial services to professionals. 

Financial markets and the career opportunities

An Executive MBA in financial markets can help professionals get senior roles in the finance sector. The average salary of an MBA finance graduate is INR 9 lakhs in India, as per a study. It allows you to explore various job roles, such as investment banker, financial analyst, project manager, business analyst, and finance manager, after completing the course.

Let us discuss some of the career opportunities and advantages of an Executive MBA in Financial Markets:

  • Financial advisor 

One of the most common roles after completing the Executive MBA in Financial Markets is the financial advisor. The Executive MBA in financial markets course will help professionals to understand investment strategies, financial modelling, and strategic thinking for their clients. 

  • Business analyst 

The Business analysts analyze the financial data using various software and tools and plan it accordingly. The course of Executive MBA in Financial Markets will help business analysts understand the financial aspects of a company and business management. 

The Executive MBA in Financial Markets also will enhance the decision-making of the professionals. In a reputed company, the starting salary can vary from INR 4 lakhs to INR 8 lakhs, depending on the work experience. 

  • Operations Manager 

The role of an operations manager is associated with the production management of goods and services. An operation manager oversees the working of a company financially and strategizes the financial reports and models to determine the business operations.

An Executive MBA in Financial Markets will enhance the concepts like strategize operations, financial reports, product design, and help to streamline the processes of a company. 

  • Chief Financial Officer

One of the top positions in the finance sector is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The role of a CFO is to analyze the financial data, financial models, strategize the financial strengths and understand the weak points of the data.

The Executive MBA in Financial Markets course will help professionals understand these concepts in detail. The starting salary of a Chief Financial Officer is INR 10.24 lakh p.a. 

  • Bank Manager 

Executive MBA In Financial Market

An Executive MBA in Finance also comes in handy while applying for the position of a bank manager, one of the top positions in the finance sector. This position is responsible for overseeing and developing the operational logistics to enhance smooth functioning in an organization or bank.

With the Executive MBA in Financial Markets course, professionals can learn to analyse the reports, make strategies for improvement and strategically monitor the daily performance. 

The Executive MBA program in Financial Markets offered by NSE Academy and GNIMS is a weekend program for professionals that allows them to study while working. You can enrol yourself in the program and work at the same time. The program offers detailed knowledge to the professionals related to concepts like capital market, trading, domestic financial markets, global financial markets, and regulatory bodies. This course will help professionals with the leadership roles, strategic thinking, and decision-making process in financial institutions, banks, and corporate finance. 

Professionals are required to have a minimum of 50% marks in their undergraduate or postgraduate course from an accredited UGC-approved university. They also required to have work experience to be eligible for the course. An undergraduate or graduate degree in finance is an added advantage.

Enrol for the Executive MBA in Financial Markets here, and help the graph of your career rise exponentially!


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