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The security threats have started increasing since the beginning of the pandemic, because of which the importance of cybersecurity Management has spiked. Organisations are looking for certified professionals in the field, and as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there would be a 33% spike in such jobs by 2030. Data Science and Cybersecurity, when combined, help in creating a data-driven protocol for securing the crucial information in an organisation. Read on to know more about the Cyber Security Management and Data Science programme by IIM Nagpur.

Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security Management & Data Science (CDS):

Candidates newly starting their career in the cybersecurity field can enrol in the Cybersecurity Certifications for beginners for a good start. But this Post Graduate Certification Programme in Cyber Security Management & Data Science offered by IIM Nagpur has a duration of 12 months and hence perfect for working professionals who lack time for full-time courses but still want to level up their skills. 

The course imparts practical skills needed for performing the risk management for the firms to defend their systems. The rise in chances of a lot of threats and potential vulnerabilities makes it important for the resources to be knowledgeable enough to create an impregnable security infrastructure.

Course Fees

The Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Cyber Security Management & Data Science (CDS) has a course fee of INR 2,03,500 + GST. Candidates joining the course have the advantage of learning safely from their homes by accessing the study materials at any time.

What will you learn?

Experienced faculty members teaching in the programme help the candidates learn, step by step, ways of performing a risk assessment efficiently. They understand the way of mapping a firm’s business needs to the implemented security controls. Elements of risk assessment and the data required for performing a thorough risk assessment are taught so that candidates understand the in-depth risk management models to implement a deeper risk management programme for better outcomes in a firm.

As an outcome of the course, candidates should be able to perform a complete risk assessment, inventory the critical information assets in an organisation, assign the information assets with a data owner and custodian, prioritise risk remediation efforts, and assignment of classification values to the critical information assets.

Regarding the data science part of the programme, the learning outcome includes a managerial understanding of tools and techniques that data science and machine learning use. Skills are imparted to candidates that assist in making real-time decisions, driven by available data. Even the statistical concepts are learned for making strategic business decisions for the implementation of machine learning algorithms. In this, candidates also gain a thorough knowledge of data structure and data analysis.

Reasons for pursuing Cyber Security Management and Data Science Programme at IIM Nagpur

Certification for Cyber Security

These 12 Months of Blended Learning programme offers the following benefits:

  1. Combination of lecture and case-based discussions with hands-on training. Relevant business cases are used to teach different cybersecurity management techniques and machine learning.
  2. A chance to work on real-time business problems and their solutions. Learning using different tools such as Tableau, R, Python, Microsoft Excel, and others are used for this. 
  3. The faculties even provide mentioning sessions when needed. The faculties even provide mentioning sessions when needed. By the end of the programme, candidates learn from the industry experts and receive a PG Certificate and Alumni status from IIM Nagpur.



Those interested in cybersecurity need to strengthen their profile by joining the Online Cybersecurity courses. Pursuing this from reputed institute colleges  like IIM Nagpur makes it more advantageous by opening up better placement opportunities. Even those who already have a Cyber Security degree can pursue these courses for gaining the skills on demand in the market and get hired by renowned firms. 

Are you planning to get certification for cybersecurity and learn from experienced faculty? Join IIM Nagpur- PG Certificate Programme in Cyber Security Management and Data Science today!


  • What is Cybersecurity? How does it impact businesses?

Using the technologies for protecting the systems, networks, devices, and programmes from cyberattacks are termed cybersecurity. It aims at preventing unauthorised exploitation of networks, systems, and technologies. A firm with complete cybersecurity grows in its business without fearing malicious attacks from intruders.

  • What is the scope of Cyber Security Management?

On completing a course in Cyber Security Management, one can become a Cyber Forensic Investigator, Ethical Hacker, Penetration Tester, Risk analyst, Cyber Security Analyst, Network and Security Specialist, IT Security and Consultant, and much more.

  • How can Data Science help Cyber Security Management?

Using Data Science professionals can address data-driven impenetrable protocol for protecting the security information for the organisation. Cyber analysts develop algorithms to achieve the goal through the analysis of the history of cyberattacks to detect the frequently targeted data chunks.


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