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The banking and finance industry has been one of the most sought-after and ever-growing fields in the country. The pandemic, especially, has brought about a massive transformation in banking and financial services. Hence, professionals seeking to wade through the industry and make an impact may require additional training and advanced domain knowledge to truly make a difference. To help with it, professionals should consider pursuing a Postgraduate Certificate course from a recognised university to acquire desired knowledge.

While many certificate courses are available in the market, it is of utmost importance to select a course that equips individuals with experiential knowledge. The IIM Trichy – PG Certificate Programme in Banking & Finance can help professionals broaden their horizons by providing them with key insights into the finance world. This 1-year interdisciplinary programme aims to challenge and build rigour in budding finance professionals. For those who are still unsure about the best program for them, the following points might help them make the right decision. 

Seven reasons why you should pursue a Banking & Finance course from IIM Trichy:

  • Industry-Centric Course Design

The Banking and Finance course at IIM Trichy is designed keeping the industry in mind. The institute has designed a PG certificate curriculum that consists of practical projects, workshops and real-world case studies. This practical approach helps students gather insights on new-age products by banking institutions and develop industry-specific skills that will help catapult their careers. 

  • Provides Holistic Knowledge 

The PG Certificate in Banking & Finance offered at IIM Trichy is a one-year interdisciplinary programme. This course will help a person gain fundamental as well as advanced knowledge of the functioning of banks and NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies). It will also provide a holistic understanding of the broad regulations that govern the financial institutions and develop the ability to formulate and implement several key strategies in the field of finance.

  • Honing skills

The PG Certificate course in Banking and Finance focuses more on the application of technical concepts as opposed to only garnering theoretical knowledge. The students are trained extensively on developing their organisational, analytical, decision-making, financial and managerial skills to be able to wade through the banking and finance industry successfully.

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  • Experienced faculty

Another advantage of enrolling in a PG Certificate Programme in Banking & Finance IIM Trichy is their multi-faceted and highly experienced teaching faculty. The eminent faculty are highly qualified, along with having commendable experience in the industry. Through their myriad experiences and high-quality teaching, the students are bound to obtain real-world exposure from their professors.

  • Field specialisation

A PG Certificate in Banking & Finance, a super-specialized course, also serves as a gateway to top finance companies. The specific domain knowledge gained by the students also broadens their scope of employability and provides an edge over individuals with generalised knowledge of finance or management. 

  • Diverse batches

Since certificate courses help students build their skills, many individuals from different fields apply for these programs. You may find students opting for them after completing a degree in liberal arts or science or a brief stint in the corporate world. Students get to interact and build networks with people from multiple fields and backgrounds, increasing their opportunities to learn and grow.

  • Better placements

Given the practical exposure and skill enhancement, a professional banking & finance course offers, students may be able to acquire high-paying and sustainable jobs in the finance sector. Many companies that recruit from IIM Trichy want candidates with sound technical knowledge and real-world problem-solving skills. Such recruiters and companies are generally inclined towards hiring students who have completed an additional PG Certificate Programme in Banking & Finance, which helps demonstrate their domain knowledge. 


A Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Banking & Finance should be your choice if you want to gain practical knowledge and have an edge in the competitive world of banking and finance. The course provides an in-depth understanding of all banking and finance-related concepts as well as an opportunity to implement them in real-life scenarios. An ideal PG certificate programme includes classes that are dynamic, learner-centred, and current with industry standards.

While your professional capabilities are what truly matters for getting a job, a postgraduate certificate from a recognised university like IIM Trichy may increase your prospects.

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