Top MBA Career Paths and Job Opportunities in 2023

Top MBA Career Paths and Job Opportunities in 2023 blog

A Master’s in Business Administration is one of the career paths worth investing in and pursuing. According to a recent study, the demand for MBA professionals remains increasing, and in the times of Unicorn startups, the demand even grows more.

With digital marketing, data, and business analytics added to the online MBA courses, a master’s in business administration has been revamped. Several other specialisation also has massive demand in the corporates. Read them and choose what best fits your skill, interest, and passion.

1. MBA in Finance

MBA in finance is one of the best online MBA programs, and not only it has been a favorite of the majority of youths. The job role is demanding since no organisation can work with unorganised accounts and improper finance. You are required to build professional skills in managing the finance of the organisation so that it can run smoothly and there is no financial crisis.

Once you complete MBA in finance, you will be offered the following roles:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Credit Risk Manager
  • Treasury Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Senior Business Analyst

You can work in financial institutions, investment banking, merchant banking, and international finance.

2. MBA in Digital Marketing

From traditional marketing to new-age, the focus has been shifted, not the demand. And that’s why there is a huge demand for MBAs in digital marketing. Everyone has started using digital platforms, so it is essential to have an educational qualification related to digital marketing. You would be well-versed in content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. Leverage all channels to promote your products/services.

Get any of the job roles post-completing the Online MBA Degree Programme in Digital Marketing:

  • Media Planner
  • Product Management 
  • Sales Management
  • Digital Marketing Head


3. MBA in Human Resources

Hiring new talents is one of the daunting tasks, and that’s where human resource managers excel. They hunt for the best skills suitable for the organisation, hire them, train them, and make them business assets.

Get yourself in a better position post completing the Human Resource Management course:

  • Assistant HR Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Regional HR Manager
  • Director – HR


4. MBA in Entrepreneurship

This MBA specialisation helps organisations scale up faster since the individual is trained in managerial and leadership skills.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, you can also work as an employee in the organisation, where you can be designated as:

  • Business Reporter
  • Business Consultant
  • New Venture Developer


5. MBA in Data Analytics

Data Analytics professionals is hired to analyse the organisation’s current and historical data and predict future outcomes. It also resolves current challenges that organisation faces. The professionals are trained to leverage machine learning algorithms to analyse text, video, and audio to conclude the data. Though data and business analytics sound similar, it still differs. Data analytics involves rigorous data analysis, while the business analytics role involves reporting business needs and solutions to problems. While pursuing MBA in Data Analytics, you will be acquired data infrastructure, testing, ML,  and decision-making knowledge.

What roles would be assigned to your post completing the online MBA programme in Data Analytics:

  • Data Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Development Strategist
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Architect


6. MBA in Risk Management

Risk management is one of the core areas that every organisation keeps an eye on. Market instability, liabilities, cyber threats, and data compromises are a few reasons why organisations want to stay vigilant. Since today’s world is digitised and data-driven, it also adds another reason to become vigilant. Such reasons pile up and increase the demand for Risk Management-skilled professionals to handle such challenges.

What roles and responsibilities are assigned to an MBA in the risk management stream?

  • Strategy Manager
  • Senior Risk Manager
  • Risk Manager Consultant
  • Risk Manager


7. MBA in Operations

Businesses that run efficiently and effectively are the ones that sustain the market heat. It requires a lot of strategies to implement and stay ahead of competitors, especially if you are a pioneer. Plus, the strategic decision also involves maintaining and expanding the production capacity. If you are opting for MBA in Operations, you will be taught and trained to excel in business outcome predictions, operations, supply-chain management, project execution,  and organisational operations.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Operations Consultant
  • Inventory Coordinator
  • Warehouse Operations Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Supply/Logistics Manager
  • Sales/Marketing Operating Manager


8. MBA in Strategy

Since strategic execution is where businesses are highly dependent, it becomes important to hire strategists who plan and execute well. Thus, the demand for MBA in Strategy remains expanded.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Strategy Consultant
  • Managing Business Consultant
  • Innovation Consultant
  • Director of Strategy
  • Chief Operating Officer


9. MBA in Business Analytics

Big data is the next big technical move, and it is one of the best things happening in today’s world. The move has also spiked the demand for Data & Business Analytics. Such professionals are hired to offer data-related suggestions and strategies, which can fill the gap between Business and Information Technology.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Crayon Data
  • Fractal Analyst
  • LatentView
  • Gramener
  • Mu Sigma


10. MBA in International Business

MBA in International Business are the professionals who are well-versed with abroad legislations and cultural differences. Due to this understanding, the demand for MBA in International Business remains popular.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Manager Export
  • Manager International Business
  • Manager International Finance
  • Manager Logistics
  • Manager Imports

Now that you know the demand for MBA professionals, you must be proud of your decision to pursue a Master in Business Administration. To fulfill your dream, we have also sorted out one of the finest colleges in India. Both universities run the best online MBA Programs.

1. Manipal University Jaipur

Manipal University has an excellent level of faculties and superior infrastructure. The University admits professionals. The chances of your vision are high. Manipal University offers various online MBA courses, like finance, marketing, HR, etc.

Admission Eligibility Criteria:

  • Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised university
  • 50% Percentage
  • A valid score on the aptitude test


Career options after post-graduation:

  • Economist
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Financial Analyst Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Operations Manager


Program Highlights:

  • Course Duration: 2-Years
  • Mode of Course: Online


Program Fees:

  • Total Fees: 150,000
  • Fee Per Semester: 37,500


2. Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune

What future leaders, must have to offer the world is what Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth teaches. The online MBA program delivers an excellent education that includes leadership skills, analytical thinking, and world entrepreneurship awareness.

The online MBA is specially designed for working professionals so that they can pursue it while working at their current job.

Admission Eligibility Criteria:

  • Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised university
  • More than 50% percentage
  • A valid score on the aptitude test


Program Highlights:

  • Course Duration: 24 Months
  • Mode of Course: Online



aro education’s online MBA courses let you enroll in the course without any hassle. Go through the website and get in-depth details about the particular course. The course will make you a business leader and build professional skills. With the world-class infrastructure at the colleges and subject matter experts’ guidance, stay assured with placements at your dream company.

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