Top HR Job Roles in 2021

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Top HR Job Roles in 2021


The strategic human resource management program plays a significant role in allowing the candidates to comprehend the right way to implement and align various functional dimensions of human resource management (HRM) to the objectives of an organization. The skills that a candidate gets during the HR management course help them to formulate the best strategies in line with the business goals of the organization. Many HR courses online and certification courses for HR professionals are available to polish technical skills and perform better in job roles. While choosing an strategic human resource management program, it is crucial to opt for reputed institutes such as IIM Trichy for maximum benefits.

Reasons to Strategic Human Resource Management Programme from IIM Trichy

  • Cross-industry Peer Networking

The college attracts students from different industries to pursue HR courses. It helps in the expansion of the network besides getting a chance to learn from experienced faculty members.

  • Program for HR Professionals

The IIM Trichy insitute offers comprehensive HR course for working professionals who intend to imbibe the best skills and learning experience in a shorter duration.

  • Experiential Learning

The PG Certification Programme in Strategic Human Resource Management – IIM Trichy at IIM Trichy implement experiential learning methodologies. Two campus visits spanning three days each are included in the strategic management course. Further, state-of-the-art studio infrastructure is used for bifurcating the programme in an asynchronous learning mode.

  • Industry-driven Curriculum

The HR professional courses at the college combine studies, workshops, lectures, experiential projects, and doubt solving sessions for a better understanding of contemporary issues.

Top HR Job Roles In 2021

Completing the HR certification online or getting a strategic human resource management degree from the premier B-schools opens up opportunities for the following top HR roles.

  • Human Resource Manager

HR certification courses online make a candidate suitable for this role through an in-depth understanding of the best HR practices, labor law, and strong leadership and communication skills. The average salary is six lakhs per annum.

  • Recruitment Manager

The job role needs a strong knowledge of labor legislation and experience with the latest HR tools. The recruitment manager works in close association with the organization’s recruiters to manage the hiring process.

  • Training and Development Manager

The role involves conducting training sessions and orientation programs. HR management courses online help by enhancing the people skills needed for the position.

  • Compensation and Benefits Manager

Compensation and benefits programs are implemented by people in this job role. HR certification makes a candidate knowledgeable enough to comprehend the company policies, insurance, and benefits. These professionals consider the company’s budget and employee demands before the allocation of pays and perks. 

  • Risk Manager

It is a challenging role involving the identification and evaluation of potential risks that can impact the reputation, safety, and growth of a firm. The job role involves taking preventive measures to avoid risks. An HR professional certification enhances the candidate’s analytical skills to proficiently implement the laws and policies that are the responsibility of the organization’s risk manager.

  • Employee Engagement Manager

It involves ensuring that the employees remain motivated and their job roles match their knowledge and skill levels. The job needs professionals to understand employee needs and their contribution to the organization.

  • HR Director

It is a senior-level role that needs budget management, logical reasoning, and leadership skills. The HR Director job role requires dealing with company-wide policies related to various human resource areas, such as recruiting people to different job roles, compensation, promotion, and termination. They play a significant role in ensuring better employee morale and motivation.

  • Chief Human Resources Officer

The person in this role is a member of executive management involved in designing strategic direction for the company and overseeing every aspect of the HR department. It needs mastering the complexities in corporate human resources and excellent decision-making and judgment skills.

  • HR Consultant

The job role involves analyzing the human resources of a firm and devising policies, incentives for employees, and benefits packages. They help the HR managers in certain tasks, analyze the current employments, and recommend changes for better outcomes.


It is crucial to complete an HR training online – Top Ranked B School with the most qualified faculty to guide the candidates to secure the best HR roles mentioned above. Even working professionals can experience a boost in their career by completing the course because it imparts industry-specific skills that are not accessible in theoretical learning. 

Getting admission to the HR certification courses online has been made easy by Jaro Education. Sign up today to learn more details about the Strategic Human Resource Management Programme – IIM Trichy. Get ready to have excellent practical exposure and learn how to efficiently handle the human resource issues in the corporate world upon completion of the course. Jaro Education guides you through the process of getting admission to the college easily with the least effort.




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