Top Data Visualization and BI Tools to Use in 2021

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Top Data Visualization and BI Tools to Use in 2021


Data science has become the most in-demand career. You can pursue an IIM Trichy Business Analytics and Applications Programme and become a Business Analyst or Data Analyst. Obtaining valuable insights from data has proven to be a boon in nearly every sector. 

Data experts are expected to extract the most from the information available to them. As a result, data visualization is a crucial part of data science that may produce the required outcomes when done correctly. Getting a data analytics certification is the first step for building a successful career in data science. 

Using the proper data visualization and business analytic tools is essential for success. These tools make the entire data visualization process smooth and generate meaningful outcomes. Doing a business analytics course will boost your business.

  • Tableau

Tableau is one of the most-used data visualization tools. Its data analytics features have changed the way firms manage data. It is free to use, and the data can be easily imported from an Excel file, spreadsheet, or manually inputted. In addition, you can do a business analyst course online and get more knowledge about Tableau. 

The best part of this data visualization tool is that you can use it in your style flexibly. It ranges from basic charts to interactive visualizations. To pick up this skill, the IIM Trichy Business Analytics and Applications Programme is considered the best in India.

Tableau is a tool for any data analyst who wants to use data to help their business. It aids major companies in the study of Big Data, students in creating data analysis reports, and journalists in the visualization of world events. You can easily learn Tableau with IIM Trichy Business Analytics and Applications Programme.

  • Whatagraph

The ideal data visualization tool for social media, SEOs, PPCs, and email drives, Whatagraph’s visualizations may be customized to fit your brand using white label templates, which is a major advantage. A business analytics certificate will help you a lot in your career. You may use this tool to connect to a variety of services and generate visually appealing analytics dashboards.

Different connectors, ranging from Google Analytics to Twitter, may be used to produce visual analytics. Doing a business analyst course will give you the requisite knowledge about these tools.

  • Visme

Visme is a data visualization application with a graph creator, data widget library, and many chart templates, among other features. All of them allow you to build various data visualizations that may be added to any Visme project. You can pursue business analytics courses in India and learn how to use Visme. 

Visme’s graph creator can produce bar graphs, pie charts, histograms, and various other charts. Besides, it includes data widgets for displaying arrays, tables, percentages, and different types of data. You can also undertake a PG Certificate Programme in Business Analytics and Applications and become a successful data analyst. 

Visme is a tool for a data scientist who needs visual graphics and data representations. It provides a wealth of materials to improve a designer’s creative vision and an editor’s tools. The business analyst certification course will enrich your understanding of Visme.

  • Datapine

Datapine is a business intelligence application. It lets you mix data from several sources. Then, you can evaluate it using advanced analytics features. Both advanced and regular business users can benefit from Datapine’s features. It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and simple predictive analytics. A business analyst certification will train you in Datapine and help you become a successful data scientist.

Datapine has numerous writing choices and interactive dashboard features. Based on artificial intelligence, this BI application also provides smart insights and raises alerts for the user. You can pursue a business analytics online course to get more knowledge about Datapine.

A simple BI tool, Datapine can be easily used by anybody who wishes to explore a variety of data sets, spot trends, and create custom reports. A business analyst professional certification or any leading business analyst programme will help you master it.

  • DataBox

A DIY dashboard builder is included with this data visualization tool. DataBox may be used with a variety of data sources and contains numerous templates. It is a one-of-a-kind solution for developing desktop and mobile dashboards and analytics apps. Doing business analytics courses online will improve your data analytics skills and help you master DataBox.

Its main purpose is to data analysts in forecasting performance. The dashboard is designed in a rich, deep color scheme, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer to use their laptops in dark mode. A PG Certificate Programme in Business Analytics and Applications will help your business tremendously by furnishing you with skills for using data visualization tools such as DataBox.

Marketers will benefit greatly from DataBox’s templates, including Google Analytics, HubSpot, and email models. You can also pursue analytics courses online to ensure you succeed as a data analyst.

  • Easy Insight

Easy Insight is a cloud-based business intelligence application that lets you generate reports, dashboards, charts, and tables to display data. The solution also allows users to combine different services in databases to create a single customer view across numerous apps. Having a business analytics certification is a big achievement in itself.

Easy Insight also boasts the ability to produce and edit data directly from reports, dive into detailed data from charts, and return to the source. Doing business analytics certification courses will help you develop data science concepts.


A data visualization tool is software that turns data from a single source into visual charts, graphs, dashboards, and tables. Data visualization tools may produce everything from a basic pie graph to complex interactive choropleths. Completing business analyst training will help you tremendously in your data analyst career.

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