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In today’s Digitally-driven world, data is the most valuable resource for the human race. The access to endless data ensures the smooth functioning of multiple organizations, businesses, and services. Hence, Data Science is the best asset in the modern world. According to a report of Dataquest, the Data Science industry is expected to experience a financial growth of 62% compared to 2020.

To handle such a large amount of data, professionals with Masters in Data Science degrees are required in almost every sector. Whether it is industry, production, sales, or any service, Data Science experts are essential everywhere. 

By 2021, the Data Science domain would create 150,000 new job openings, says a report by the Economic Times. Due to such high demand, Advanced Data Science seems to offer a promising career for the youth, and Data Science courses provide a solid educational foundation.

Data Science Courses for Graduates

Masters in Data Science courses offer you a brief knowledge about advanced Data Science studies. These courses are a blend of information related to business, analytics, and mathematics tools. Data Science courses are an amalgamation of technology with statistics that provide hidden insights and raw data patterns. However, with so many options available, finding an ideal course that could help pursue post-graduation in Data Science has become quite challenging in current times.

Best Advanced Data Science Courses in India

To help you choose the right advanced Data Science course for yourself, we have brought a well-curated list of the top 3 Data Science courses you can pursue in India. This list has been prepared by analyzing several factors associated with the course, such as depth of curriculum, previous experience of students, and program recognition status.

The top 3 Data science courses are as follows:

1. Advanced-Data Science Certificate Program: Rotman School of Management (UoT)

The Advanced Data Science Certificate Program offered by the Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto) is an innovative, holistic, and experiential program that offers Data science learning via an interdisciplinary curriculum. 

This course is being offered by interdepartmental collaborative efforts from the computer science department and the department of statistical sciences of the University of Toronto. 

The program is designed to provide exposure to the students to modern data analytics tools and techniques. This program aims to produce Data Science professionals capable of addressing the problems of a data-driven world.

Other details regarding the Advanced Data Science Certificate Program offered by the Rotman School of Management are as follows:

  • Duration- 10 months
  • Mode of learning- online
  • Program fees- INR 2,45,000 +GST
  • Eligibility- Work experience of 2+ years minimum
  • Number of sessions- 40


2. Data Science and Analytics for Business: Shiv Nadar University

The Data Science and Analytics for Business program by Shiv Nadar University is a unique certification program that offers in-depth knowledge about Data Science studies, machine learning, and business analytics.

The online Data Science masters program aims to equip the students with fine skills essential to achieve data-driven intelligence. Such skills will help the students to become professionals that can contribute towards the growth of their organization. 

Along with peer-to-peer learning experience and a research-focused multidisciplinary curriculum, the university also offers placement assistance after completing the post-graduation in Data Science degree.

Here are some other essential details about the Shiv Nadar University Data Science course;

  • Duration- 33 weeks
  • Mode of learning- online
  • Program fees- INR 95,000 +GST
  • Eligibility- Graduation with a minimum of 60% in any relevant discipline
  • Total Training period- 170+ hours


3. Master of Science Degree in Data Science: IU International University of Applied Sciences

IU International University of Applied Sciences Master of Science Degree in Data Science program teaches the students to become data scientists that can analyze, evaluate, and optimize the performance of an organization in the competitive world.

The IU International University of Applied Sciences Data Science certification course curriculum is developed to build a strong base for the advanced concepts of complex algorithms that helps collect and process unstructured data and create valuable insights from it.

Professionals who complete this course can get multiple career opportunities in the field of Data Science. One can get the chance to be a senior data scientist, Data Science developer, and Data Science consultant.

Other details regarding the Data Science masters degree offered by IU International University of Applied Sciences are as follows;

  • Duration- 12 to 24 months
  • Mode of learning- online
  • Program fees- 98 euros per month
  • Eligibility- Completed Undergraduate degree with one year of work experience
  • Number of ECTS- 60 or 120



Advanced Data Science courses can open the door for you to lead to numerous career opportunities and a bright future. Choosing the right Data science course for your master’s degree can bring considerable changes in your career and make you scale new heights.


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