Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs in Cyber Security in India

Top 07 highest paying jobs in Cyber Security in India Blog

According to recent news, more than 700,000 Cyber Security jobs globally need to be filled in as soon as possible. Companies are looking for intelligent  Cybersecurity professionals that stand on their toes to build a protective system that any black hat guy cannot compromise.

Now, this was a world report, but what about India? What is the salary of cyber security in India?

The average annual Cyber Security salary in India is 550,000. The data is fetched by a survey conducted and updated on a high authority website.

The average annual Cyber Security salary in India is 550,000. The data is fetched by a survey conducted and updated on a high authority website.

Cybersecurity Analyst

Salary Range:

5 Lacs to 12 Lacs

Organizations keep hiring Cybersecurity Analysts since the job role is crucial for any company. Such professionals are responsible for detecting and preventing malicious threats and cyberattacks. The responsibilities also include keeping such attacks and data compromises at bay.

Cybersecurity analysts work along with IT professionals to strategize, implement, and update the solutions by keeping a tab on the following:

  • Systems with internal and external audits
  • Perform rigorous tests, risk analyses, and security assessments
  • Prevent vulnerable attacks


Besides, Cybersecurity Analysts are also asked to prevent future lapses and intrusions so that the system remains secure.

Information Security Manager

Salary Range:

15 Lacs to 17 Lacs

Information Security Manager’s first key responsibility is to identify and fix all the loopholes in the system that makes way for cyber attackers. Computers, data, and networks are at high risk, which the Information Security Manager has to protect.

Since the data and information are sensitive, any compromise with it could result in businesses paying hefty to retrieve it. That’s the sole why Information Security Managers are in high demand, and organizations are ready to pay for their expertise at always being one step ahead of Cyber attackers.

The key research areas of the Information Security Manager are:

  • Evaluate the organization’s security levels
  • Create reports by monitoring systems and analyzing them
  • Do not forget to supervise data recovery
  • Do not forget to keep security violations in charge
  • Manage security and backup options ready

Information Security Managers also ensure a security system that protects itself from vulnerable cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity Engineer

Salary Range:

10 Lacs to 11 Lacs

Cybersecurity Engineers work dedicatedly on building secure networks. It will defend the system against malware, ransomware, and hacking. Since the role is crucial, there is a massive demand for a particular position. It is one of the highest-paying cybersecurity jobs in India.

To become a Cybersecurity engineer, you need the following qualification:

  • Hold a degree in computer science and information technology
  • Networking skills
  • Knowledge of C, C++, Java, and Python
  • Cyber Security Engineer Certifications
  • Two years of work experience


Ethical Hacker

Salary Range:

3.5 Lacs to 15 Lacs

Ethical Hackers takes an entire responsibility on their shoulder of protecting systems against vulnerabilities. They are the ones who build an unbreakable defense against potential threats that may make millions of losses.

Companies hire Ethical Hackers to stay ahead of the competition because they know the best techniques other hackers may use to compromise the data.

Ethical Hackers’ job roles and responsibilities include:

  • Identify loopholes and fix them
  • Perform penetration tests
  • Research and analyse the company’s systems and network structure to find possible threats
  • Discuss with clients about the possible loopholes


Application Security Engineer

Salary Range:

9 Lacs

Application security engineer guides organisation developers to strictly follow a secure SDLC process to offer a defensive authorisation and authentication to protect against unusual attempts.

The prominent primary role of the Application Security Engineer is to build secured applications for the organisation so that the users don’t need to worry about security and data thefts.

Besides, these are the key focus areas that need to be known to the Application Security Engineer aspirant:

  • Build and deliver secured applications
  • Follow best practices for the business
  • Offer technical knowledge to the team
  • Manage the application’s security, standards, and procedures
  • Collaborate with engineering teams to maintain integrated web and mobile apps
  • Effectively deal with sensitive and confidential information


Malware Analyst

Salary Range:

4.7 Lacs

The demand for Malware analysts is huge than other Cybersecurity jobs due to the knowledge of language skills and complex programming skills. Besides, they are also in demand because of their complex tools’ soundness. Malware analyst professionals are well-versed in malicious bots, trojans, and worms. Their proactiveness saves millions of dollars for the companies, which is one of the reasons for the huge demand for jobs.

The key responsibilities of a Malware Analyst are:

  • Creating defensive solutions
  • Collaborating with an incident response team to better understand the malicious incident
  • Supporting technical analysis
  • Getting involved with the Line of business and technology specialists


Node.js Developer

Salary Range:

4.6 Lacs

Node.js developer jobs are always in high demand because there is no scope for front-end development without Node.js. The professionals must know Javascript language to get hands-on experience with Node.js.

Roles and Responsibilities of Node.js developer:

  • Develop, deploy, and maintain network applications
  • Manage all the data exchanged between servers and users
  • Develop components required in the back end and connect apps with web-app services
  • Help front-end developers with managing applications

Since you have searched for this topic, you might be interested in opting for Cybersecurity jobs. But due to current professional commitment and no educational background, you might not be pursuing your dream.
But relax; we have brought up a university that lets you pursue Cybersecurity while also performing your duties at your current job.

Advanced Professional Certification Programme In Cybersecurity And Ethical Hacking

Learn Cybersecurity and prevent organisations from ample malware and ransom attacks. Build your reputation as a sturdy defender against black hat persons across the globe. Guard confidential and sensitive information against those seeking it for financial advantage

Cyber Security Program Highlights:

  • 1-year course
  • Hands-on training and project work
  • Peer-to-peer learning knowledge sharing by subject matter experts
  • Experienced industry professionals


Eligibility Criteria of Cyber Security Course

  • Graduation from a renowned university with a minimum of 50 percent
  • 2 years of work experience



We hope you have found your dream job and are looking forward to getting educated and applying for the same. Get yourself enrolled in the university and get the best education at your convenience. Spend a year of hardship and then witness how amazing your life becomes after getting employed as a Cyber Security professional.

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