Top 5 Powerful Cyber Security Software Tools used in 2021

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In the new normal, the remote work culture and cloud technologies are rising; increasing cyber threats. Every enterprise, no matter big or small, requires cyber security experts. These experts should have skills in cybersecurity tools. To gain knowledge about such tools and software, aspirants opt for professional courses like the Master’s degree in Cyber Security or MS Cyber Security. Let’s discuss the top 5 powerful cybersecurity software tools used in enterprises. 

Top 5 Powerful Cyber Security Software Tools of 2021 –

Cybersecurity tools are a must for almost every organization. They safeguard the digital security and privacy of networks, data, and devices. With the world getting hyper-modern with technology, cyber threats are hiking along. According to Gartner’s forecasting, by 2022, the global infosec market will touch $170.4 billion. Thus, cybersecurity professionals must adopt and implement tools and applications to counter cyberattacks. Here is the list of some tools cybersecurity aspirants and professionals should know.

  • Nessus Professional:

It is robust network security software that checks for network security, mends security errors, and enhances network integrity. It detects and fixes vulnerabilities by automating the point-in-time assessments. According to Cybint, human error is responsible for causing 95 percent of security breaches. It also reviews issues like missing patches, misconfigurations, system bugs, and malware across various enterprise-level devices & applications. The students and aspirants who opt for Masters of Science in Cyber Security or MSc in Cyber Security will get hands-on exposure to these tools.

  • Wireshark:

Wireshark is an excellent open-source network protocol analyzer. It analyzes network traffic in real-time and can detect weak passwords that can expose the enterprise system to cyberattacks. This packet sniffer and password auditing tool helps secure the network. It monitors the traffic to look for malicious activities. Security professionals and aspirants use this tool to understand the vulnerabilities by capturing and inspecting data packets. It also troubleshoots any network problem. The former name of this cross-platform was Ethereal. Cybersecurity aspirants and professionals opting for online Masters in Cyber Security or MS Cyber Security from IU International University of Applied Sciences can enjoy sniffing and monitoring data packets through the Wireshark tool.

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  • Acunetix:

It is an intuitive security tool that helps small and medium-scale organizations secure their web applications, websites, and APIs from malicious threats. It scans and fixes the vulnerabilities in web applications and can detect a broad spectrum of security issues. It also has advanced scanning for website vulnerabilities like OWASP Top 10. Furthermore, it has an automated web asset discovering and identifying system. It also has advanced crawlers that crawl through web applications for performing grey box and black box testing. Such tests can help find vulnerabilities that can compromise the app and its data. The Master’s Degree in Cyber Security is a course where professionals can get a real-life work scenario and knowledge on detecting and fixing web vulnerabilities.

  • Nmap:

Nmap is a free, open-source network scanning and auditing tool. It helps scan the IT system and the network to look for security vulnerabilities. It discovers services and hosts on the system by transmitting data packets and investigating their responses. It is beneficial when a professional has to scan large networks but works with small networks also. Apart from finding security vulnerabilities, it also maps potential cyber threats, monitors breaches, and detects attack surfaces. It comes in two flavors:

  •     The classic command-line Nmap tool and
  •     Nmap suite, which includes an advanced GUI tool along with results viewer (Zenmap)


The Masters in Cyber Security from IU International University of Applied Sciences helps aspirants and cybersecurity professionals get practical knowledge on such advanced enterprise-grade security tools.

  • Metasploit:

It is another well-known cybersecurity software framework that consists of a wide array of tools for penetration testing services. Through this software, cybersecurity professionals can develop and execute exploits on remote systems. Professionals can leverage this all-in-one tool to strengthen the system architecture. It weaves defense mechanisms, discovers bugs, and provides complete system assessment. It assesses systems like network, web app, server, remote systems, etc. Cybersecurity aspirants looking to opt for MSc Cyber Security will gain exposure to get their hands dirty on the complete Metasploit framework. 

Wrapping up –

Every industry is prone to cyber threats and thus need IT security software solutions to protect their assets. There is a long list of other tools and enterprise-grade security solutions that you can learn if you opt for Masters in Cyber Security from IU International University of Applied Sciences. This program provides courseware covering all the principal cybersecurity tools and concepts for aspirants and professionals. 

If you are a true cybersecurity worshipper and want to hone your skills, get your Master’s Degree in Cyber Security from IU International University of Applied Sciences today!

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