Top 15 Startups in India


The ecosystem of top startups in India has rapidly evolved into one of the largest and most dynamic in the world. With a robust network of over 50,000 startups, the country has become a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship. The ecosystem is characterized by a diverse range of industries including technology, healthcare, finance, education, and e-commerce, driven by a young, tech-savvy population and a growing digital infrastructure. Major cities like Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai have emerged as significant startup hubs, fostering a culture of creativity and disruption.

Startups are pivotal in driving economic growth and job creation in India. They are instrumental in fostering innovation, bringing new products and services to market, and enhancing competitiveness across various sectors. Startups contribute to the economy by providing employment opportunities for a growing workforce, driving technological advancements, attracting domestic and foreign investment, and diversifying the economic landscape by entering and transforming traditional industries.

In this blog, we will explore the top 15 startups in India leading the charge in innovation and growth. Let’s delve into the stories of these remarkable companies and understand what makes them stand out in the bustling landscape of Indian startups.

1. Unacademy

Unacademy started as a YouTube channel in 2010, founded by Gaurav Munjal. It officially became an educational technology company in 2015. The platform offers a wide range of courses and educational content, primarily focused on competitive exam preparation, professional and language courses, and K-12 learning.

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Key Achievements and Milestones: 

    • 2010: Gaurav Munjal starts Unacademy as a YouTube channel.
    • 2015: Officially registered as an ed-tech company.
    • 2017: Launched its app and website, expanding its reach.
    • 2019: Acquired multiple ed-tech companies including WiFiStudy, Kreatryx, and CodeChef to diversify its offerings.
    • 2020: Reached a valuation of over $2 billion, becoming a unicorn.
    • 2021: Expanded its product offerings to include skill-based courses and professional certifications.
    • 2022: Hosted over 1 million active users and 50,000 educators on the platform.

Products/Services Offered: 

    • Live Classes: Interactive live sessions with top educators.
    • Test Series: Comprehensive test series and mock tests for various competitive exams.
    • Courses: A wide array of courses covering various subjects, including UPSC, CAT, JEE, NEET, and more.
    • Subscription Plans: Unacademy Plus and Iconic subscriptions offer personalized learning experiences and mentorship.
    • Language and Professional Courses: Courses aimed at skill development, language learning, and professional certifications.

2. Rivigo

Rivigo is a logistics and supply chain company based in India that aims to transform the sector with technology and innovation. Founded in 2014, Rivigo focuses on improving the efficiency and reliability of logistics services through its unique relay trucking model. This model helps reduce transit times and improves the working conditions for truck drivers.

Key Achievements and Milestones: 

    • 2014: Rivigo is founded and launches its operations.
    • 2015: Introduces the relay trucking model, reducing truck driver turnaround time and enhancing operational efficiency.
    • 2016: Expand operations to cover pan-India, increasing its fleet size significantly.
    • 2018: Launches Rivigo Labs, an initiative to develop cutting-edge technology solutions for the logistics industry.
    • 2019: Rivigo becomes a unicorn with a valuation exceeding $1 billion.
    • 2020: Recognized as one of the fastest-growing logistics companies in India, with a focus on sustainability and innovation.
    • 2021: Expands its technology platform to offer services to other logistics companies and partners.

Products/Services Offered: 

    • Relay Trucking: A unique relay trucking model that improves efficiency, reduces driver fatigue, and shortens delivery times.
    • Full-Truck Load (FTL) Services: Reliable and efficient full-truck load transportation across India.
    • Express Cargo: Fast and secure express cargo services for time-sensitive deliveries.
    • Cold Chain Logistics: Specialized logistics services for temperature-sensitive goods, ensuring they reach their destination in optimal condition.
    • Rivigo Labs: A technology platform offering solutions such as fleet management, route optimization, and real-time tracking for logistics partners.

3. Bounce

Bounce is an Indian startup that provides dockless scooter rental services, making urban commuting easier and more convenient. Founded in 2014, Bounce offers an affordable and eco-friendly transportation solution, allowing users to pick up and drop off scooters at any location within a designated area.

Key Achievements and Milestones:

    • 2014: Bounce was founded and initially operates as a bike rental service.
    • 2018: Rebrands to Bounce and launches its dockless scooter rental service in Bangalore.
    • 2019: Expands to multiple cities across India, including Hyderabad, Pune, and Ahmedabad.
    • 2019: Records over 5 million rides, becoming one of the largest shared mobility platforms in India.
    • 2020: Launches electric scooters as part of its fleet, promoting sustainable transportation.
    • 2021: Introduces Bounce Infinity, a subscription-based electric scooter model.
    • 2022: Partners with various companies and municipal corporations to expand its reach and improve urban mobility.

Products/Services Offered:

    • Dockless Scooter Rentals: Users can rent scooters on-demand and drop them off at any location within the service area.
    • Bounce Infinity: Subscription-based electric scooter service that offers flexible rental plans.
    • Electric Scooters: Eco-friendly electric scooters are available for rental, promoting sustainable urban transportation.
    • Corporate Partnerships: Collaborates with businesses and organizations to provide shared mobility solutions for employees.

4. CureFit

CureFit is a health and fitness startup in India that aims to provide holistic health solutions through a combination of fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being. Founded in 2016, CureFit integrates various aspects of a healthy lifestyle into one platform, offering services such as fitness centers, healthy meals, and mental wellness programs.

Key Achievements and Milestones:

    • 2016: CureFit founded and launched its first fitness center under the brand name
    • 2017: Expand its offerings to include, a healthy meal delivery service, and, focusing on mental wellness.
    • 2018: Raises significant funding and expands its fitness centers across multiple cities in India.
    • 2019: Acquires various fitness-related startups, including Fitness First India and Rejoov, to enhance its service offerings.
    • 2020: Launches digital fitness classes and online therapy sessions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • 2021: Introduces the CureFit app, integrating all services into a single platform for a seamless user experience.
    • 2022: Expands internationally, starting operations in the Middle East and other regions.

Products/Services Offered:

    • Fitness centers offering group workouts, personal training, and a variety of fitness classes including yoga, boxing, and strength training.
    • Healthy meal delivery service offering calorie-counted, nutritious meals tailored to individual health goals.
    • Mental wellness programs including yoga, meditation, and therapy sessions to promote overall mental health.
    • Primary healthcare services providing consultations with doctors, diagnostic tests, and health check-ups.
    • Digital Services: Online fitness classes, therapy sessions, and nutrition plans accessible through the CureFit app.

5. Dunzo

Dunzo is a hyperlocal delivery service startup in India that connects users with local stores and delivery partners to fulfill their daily needs. Founded in 2015, Dunzo offers a wide range of services, including grocery delivery, medicine delivery, food delivery, and courier services. The platform enables users to get anything delivered within their city quickly and efficiently.

Key Achievements and Milestones:

    • 2015: Dunzo is founded and starts operations in Bangalore as a small WhatsApp group for local delivery requests.
    • 2016: Launches its mobile app, expanding its services and reach within Bangalore.
    • 2017: Secures Series A funding from Blume Ventures, Aspada, and other investors, enabling expansion to other cities.
    • 2018: Receives a significant investment from Google, marking Google’s first direct investment in an Indian startup.
    • 2019: Expands to several major Indian cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai.
    • 2020: Adapts to the COVID-19 pandemic by increasing focus on essential deliveries, including groceries and medicines.
    • 2021: Introduces Dunzo Daily, a quick commerce service offering 19-minute grocery delivery.
    • 2022: Crosses 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store, reflecting its growing popularity and user base.

Products/Services Offered:

    • Grocery Delivery: Quick and convenient delivery of groceries and daily essentials from local stores.
    • Food Delivery: Delivery of food from local restaurants and eateries.
    • Medicine Delivery: Delivery of prescription and over-the-counter medicines from pharmacies.
    • Courier Services: On-demand pickup and delivery of packages within the city.
    • Dunzo Daily: A rapid grocery delivery service that promises delivery within 19 minutes.

6. Licious

Licious is an Indian startup that specializes in delivering fresh and high-quality meat and seafood directly to consumers’ doorsteps. Founded in 2015, Licious aims to revolutionize the meat and seafood industry by offering a wide range of products that are hygienically processed and packaged to ensure maximum freshness and safety.

Key Achievements and Milestones:

    • 2015: Licious is founded and begins operations in Bangalore, offering a variety of meat and seafood products.
    • 2016: Expand its operations to other major cities, including Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai.
    • 2018: Introduces a range of ready-to-cook products, enhancing convenience for customers.
    • 2019: Receives FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) certification for its high standards of hygiene and quality.
    • 2020: Launches Licious Breakfast, a new category featuring breakfast meat products.
    • 2021: Achieves unicorn status with a valuation exceeding $1 billion after a successful funding round.
    • 2022: Expand product offerings to include plant-based meat alternatives, catering to a broader audience.

Products/Services Offered:

    • Fresh Meat: A variety of fresh and hygienically processed meats, including chicken, mutton, and pork.
    • Seafood: Fresh and frozen seafood options, including fish, prawns, and crabs.
    • Ready-to-Cook: Marinated meats and ready-to-cook products for easy and quick meal preparation.
    • Cold Cuts: A range of cold cuts, sausages, and deli meats.
    • Breakfast Products: Meat-based breakfast items such as bacon, sausages, and ham.
    • Plant-Based Meat Alternatives: A selection of plant-based meat products for vegetarians and vegans.

7. WhiteHat Jr.

WhiteHat Jr. is an ed-tech startup based in India that focuses on teaching coding and mathematics to young children through live, interactive online classes. Founded in 2018, the company aims to equip children with the skills necessary for the digital future by providing a strong foundation in coding and logical thinking.

Key Achievements and Milestones:

    • 2018: WhiteHat Jr. founded and launched its platform, offering coding classes for children.
    • 2019: Expand its curriculum to include more advanced coding topics and problem-solving skills.
    • 2020: Achieves rapid growth with a significant increase in student enrollments and expands its presence to international markets, including the US, UK, and Australia.
    • 2020: Acquired by BYJU’S, one of India’s largest edtech companies, for $300 million, marking one of the largest edtech acquisitions in India.
    • 2021: Introduces a new curriculum for teaching mathematics alongside coding.
    • 2022: Continues to expand its course offerings and partnerships, including collaborations with schools and educational institutions worldwide.

Products/Services Offered:

    • Coding Classes: Live, one-on-one online coding classes for children aged 6-18, covering topics such as game development, app development, and artificial intelligence.
    • Mathematics Classes: Interactive math classes designed to strengthen mathematical concepts and problem-solving abilities.
    • Advanced Coding Courses: Specialized courses for advanced learners, including data structures, algorithms, and competitive coding.
    • Professional Pathways: Career-focused programs that guide students toward becoming professional coders and software developers.
    • Global Curriculum: A curriculum designed to meet international education standards, ensuring students gain globally relevant skills.

8. Infra.Market

Infra.Market is a B2B online procurement platform that leverages technology to provide better procurement solutions and enhance supply chain efficiency for the construction and real estate industry. Founded in 2016, the company aims to modernize the traditional construction supply chain by offering a wide range of construction materials at competitive prices.

Key Achievements and Milestones:

    • 2016: Infra.Market is founded and begins operations, focusing on streamlining the procurement process for construction materials.
    • 2018: Expand its product portfolio to include a wider range of construction materials and finishes.
    • 2019: Achieves significant growth and expands its operations to multiple cities across India.
    • 2020: Enters the unicorn club with a valuation exceeding $1 billion after securing major funding.
    • 2021: Launches operations in international markets, starting with the Middle East and Southeast Asia.
    • 2022: Acquires multiple companies to enhance its product offerings and strengthen its market position.

Products/Services Offered:

    • Construction Materials: A wide range of construction materials including cement, steel, concrete, and aggregates.
    • Finishes: Various finishes such as tiles, paints, and bathroom fittings.
    • Infra.Market Private Labels: Exclusive products under the Infra.Market brand, offering high quality at competitive prices.
    • Digital Procurement Platform: An online platform that simplifies the procurement process, ensuring timely delivery and competitive pricing.
    • Supply Chain Solutions: Technology-driven solutions to enhance supply chain efficiency, reduce costs, and improve project timelines.
    • Quality Assurance: Stringent quality control measures to ensure the highest standards of products and services.

9. Moglix

Moglix is a B2B e-commerce platform that specializes in the procurement of industrial supplies, including MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) products, fasteners, electricals, hardware, and safety items. Founded in 2015, Moglix aims to revolutionize the supply chain for the manufacturing sector by providing a seamless, technology-driven procurement experience.

Key Achievements and Milestones:

    • 2015: Moglix founded and launched its platform, focusing on industrial supplies procurement.
    • 2016: Secures its first round of funding and expands its product categories to include more industrial supplies.
    • 2017: Opens new warehouses and expands its operations across multiple Indian cities.
    • 2018: Launches its own brand, Moglix Basics, offering high-quality, competitively priced industrial products.
    • 2019: Crosses 500,000 SMEs and large enterprises as customers on its platform.
    • 2020: Introduces integrated supply chain financing solutions to support the liquidity needs of suppliers and buyers.
    • 2021: Achieves unicorn status with a valuation exceeding $1 billion after significant funding rounds.
    • 2022: Expands internationally, starting operations in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Products/Services Offered:

    • Industrial Supplies: A wide range of industrial supplies, including MRO products, fasteners, electricals, hardware, and safety items.
    • Moglix Basics: Own branded products that offer high quality at competitive prices.
    • Digital Procurement Platform: An online platform that simplifies the procurement process, ensuring efficient sourcing and timely delivery.
    • Supply Chain Financing: Integrated financing solutions to support the liquidity needs of suppliers and buyers.
    • Vendor Management: Comprehensive vendor management services to streamline the supply chain and ensure quality control.
    • Warehouse Solutions: Advanced warehousing and logistics solutions to manage inventory and ensure timely distribution.

10. NoBroker

NoBroker is a real estate platform that eliminates the need for brokers in property transactions, aiming to make renting, buying, and selling properties more straightforward and cost-effective. Founded in 2014, NoBroker leverages technology to connect property owners and seekers directly, offering a hassle-free and transparent experience.

Key Achievements and Milestones:

    • 2014: NoBroker is founded and launches its platform, initially focusing on the rental market in Bangalore.
    • 2015: Expand operations to other major cities, including Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, and Hyderabad.
    • 2016: Introduces services for buying and selling properties, extending its offerings beyond rentals.
    • 2018: Launches NoBroker Pay, a rent payment service allowing tenants to pay rent online using credit cards and other digital payment methods.
    • 2019: Reaches 3 million registered users on its platform and launches home services such as packers and movers, cleaning, and painting.
    • 2020: Receives significant funding, reaching a valuation of $350 million, and introduces NoBrokerHood, a visitor, society, and payment management app for residential communities.
    • 2021: Achieves unicorn status with a valuation exceeding $1 billion after a successful funding round.
    • 2022: Continues to expand its user base and service offerings, enhancing its technology platform for a better user experience.

Products/Services Offered:

    • Property Listings: Comprehensive listings for renting, buying, and selling residential and commercial properties.
    • NoBroker Pay: A digital rent payment platform that allows tenants to pay rent online using various payment methods.
    • NoBrokerHood: A society management app that includes features like visitor management, community engagement, payment management, and security management.
    • Home Services: Ancillary services such as packers and movers, home cleaning, painting, and rental agreements.
    • Loan Services: Home loan and personal loan services to facilitate property purchases and rentals.
    • Legal Assistance: Legal support services for property transactions, including document verification and registration assistance.

11. ShareChat

ShareChat is an Indian social media platform that allows users to share content and connect in their local languages. Founded in 2015, ShareChat focuses on providing a space for users across India to share videos, jokes, memes, songs, and other content in regional languages, catering to a diverse and multilingual user base.

Key Achievements and Milestones:

    • 2015: ShareChat is founded and launches its platform, initially focusing on content sharing in regional languages.
    • 2016: Secures seed funding and rapidly grows its user base, reaching over 1 million downloads.
    • 2018: Expand its content offerings to include a wider range of media formats, including videos and audio content.
    • 2019: Launches Moj, a short video platform to capture the market share left by TikTok’s ban in India.
    • 2020: Raises significant funding from international investors and reaches over 100 million monthly active users.
    • 2021: Partners with several major brands for content and advertising, enhancing its revenue streams and user engagement.
    • 2022: Continues to expand its features, including live streaming and in-app gaming, and grows its user base to over 180 million monthly active users.

Products/Services Offered:

    • Social Media Platform: A platform for sharing content in regional languages, including posts, videos, images, and audio.
    • Moj: A short video platform offering a variety of entertaining and engaging short-form videos.
    • Live Streaming: Real-time video streaming services for users to connect and interact with their audience.
    • In-App Gaming: A range of casual games that users can play within the app.
    • Content Creation Tools: Tools for creating and sharing various types of content, including video editing and filters.
    • Advertising and Brand Partnerships: Opportunities for brands to reach a wide and diverse audience through advertising and sponsored content.

12. Groww

Groww is an Indian fintech startup that offers an investment platform for retail investors. It allows users to invest in mutual funds, stocks, ETFs, and other financial products through a simple and user-friendly interface. Founded in 2017, Groww aims to democratize investing by making it accessible to everyone, particularly young and first-time investors.

Key Achievements and Milestones:

    • 2017: Groww founded and launched its platform, initially focusing on mutual fund investments.
    • 2018: Introduces SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) options, allowing users to automate their investments.
    • 2019: Expand its offerings to include direct stock investments and launch the Groww mobile app, significantly increasing its user base.
    • 2020: Raises significant funding and introduces ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and digital gold as part of its investment options.
    • 2021: Achieves unicorn status with a valuation exceeding $1 billion after a successful funding round, and acquires Indiabulls AMC to enter the mutual fund business.
    • 2022: Continues to expand its product offerings, including U.S. stocks and derivatives trading, and reaches over 20 million registered users.

Products/Services Offered:

    • Mutual Fund Investments: A wide range of mutual funds, including equity, debt, and hybrid funds, are available for investment with zero commission.
    • Stock Trading: Direct stock investments on the NSE and BSE, with real-time market data and analysis tools.
    • ETFs: Investment in various Exchange Traded Funds, providing diversified exposure to different asset classes.
    • Digital Gold: A platform to buy and sell digital gold with 24/7 access.
    • US Stocks: Option to invest in major U.S. stocks, offering global diversification.
    • SIP (Systematic Investment Plan): Automated investment plans for mutual funds, allowing users to invest regularly and systematically.
    • Educational Content: Resources and tutorials to help users understand investing and make informed decisions.

13. Dailyhunt

Dailyhunt is an Indian content and news aggregator platform that provides users with news, videos, and other content in multiple regional languages. Founded in 2009, Dailyhunt aims to cater to the diverse linguistic needs of Indian users by offering a wide range of content from various sources in their preferred languages.

Key Achievements and Milestones:

    • 2009: Dailyhunt (formerly known as Newshunt) is founded as a platform to provide access to newspapers in regional languages.
    • 2011: Secures its first round of funding and begins expanding its content offerings to include magazines and e-books.
    • 2015: Rebrands to Dailyhunt and expands its platform to include a broader range of content, including videos and personalized news feeds.
    • 2018: Introduces Dailyhunt Lite, a lighter version of the app designed for users with low-end smartphones and limited internet connectivity.
    • 2019: Launches Hyperlocal Video, a feature that provides localized video content to users.
    • 2020: Reaches over 300 million users and secures significant funding to expand its AI and machine learning capabilities.
    • 2021: Launches Josh, a short video app to capture the market share left by TikTok’s ban in India.
    • 2022: Continues to expand its content partnerships and technology infrastructure, enhancing user engagement and personalization.

Products/Services Offered:

    • News Aggregation: Aggregates news from various sources, providing users with access to news articles in multiple regional languages.
    • Personalized Content: Offers personalized content feeds based on user preferences and reading habits.
    • Videos: A wide range of video content, including news videos, entertainment, and hyperlocal videos.
    • Josh: A short video platform featuring user-generated content, catering to the growing demand for short-form video entertainment.
    • Dailyhunt Lite: A lighter version of the app for users with low-end smartphones and slower internet connections.
    • E-books and Magazines: Access to a wide range of e-books and magazines in multiple languages.

14. Rapido

Rapido is an Indian bike taxi service that provides an affordable and convenient mode of transportation for urban commuters. Founded in 2015, Rapido leverages technology to offer bike ridesharing services, allowing users to book bike taxis through its mobile app.

Key Achievements and Milestones:

    • 2015: Rapido is founded and launches its bike taxi service in Bangalore.
    • 2016: Expands its operations to Hyderabad, showcasing rapid growth and user adoption.
    • 2018: Reaches 10 million rides across multiple cities, establishing a strong presence in the urban mobility sector.
    • 2019: Introduces Rapido Captain, a program to onboard and train bike taxi riders, ensuring safety and quality service.
    • 2020: Adapts to the COVID-19 pandemic by launching Rapido Deliveries, a last-mile delivery service for businesses and individuals.
    • 2021: Expands to over 100 cities across India, offering services in both bike taxis and auto-rickshaws.
    • 2022: Reaches 25 million registered users and introduces electric bikes as part of its fleet, promoting sustainable urban transportation.

Products/Services Offered:

    • Bike Taxi Service: Affordable and convenient bike taxi rides that can be booked through the Rapido app.
    • Auto-Rickshaw Service: Auto-rickshaw rides are available for booking through the app, offering another mode of urban transportation.
    • Rapido Deliveries: Last-mile delivery services for businesses and individuals, providing an efficient solution for package deliveries.
    • Rapido Captain: A program for recruiting, training, and supporting bike taxi riders to ensure quality service and rider welfare.
    • Electric Bikes: Environmentally friendly electric bikes as part of the fleet, promoting sustainable transportation options.

15. CarDekho

CarDekho is an Indian online platform for buying and selling new and used cars. It provides users with comprehensive information, reviews, and tools to make informed decisions about purchasing vehicles. Founded in 2008, CarDekho aims to simplify the car buying and selling process through its extensive digital offerings and services.

Key Achievements and Milestones:

    • 2008: CarDekho founded and launched its platform, initially focusing on new car reviews and information.
    • 2012: Expand its offerings to include used car listings and dealer partnerships.
    • 2015: Raises significant funding and acquires, a competitor in the online automotive space, to strengthen its market position.
    • 2017: Launches InsuranceDekho, an online platform for car insurance, further diversifying its services.
    • 2019: Expand its operations internationally, starting with Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
    • 2020: Achieves profitability in its used car business and launches CarDekho Gaadi stores, physical locations for buying and selling used cars.
    • 2021: Reaches a valuation of over $1 billion, becoming a unicorn after a successful funding round.
    • 2022: Continues to grow its user base and expands its range of services, including financing and warranty solutions.

Products/Services Offered:

    • New Car Listings: Comprehensive information, reviews, and comparison tools for new cars.
    • Used Car Listings: A wide range of used car listings with detailed information and pricing.
    • Car Reviews and Expert Opinions: In-depth reviews and expert opinions to help users make informed decisions.
    • InsuranceDekho: An online platform offering car insurance policies from various insurers.
    • CarDekho Gaadi Stores: Physical locations for users to buy and sell used cars with inspection and valuation services.
    • Car Finance: Financing solutions for car buyers, including loans and EMI options.
    • Warranties and Services: Extended warranty and service packages for both new and used cars.

The ecosystem of top startups in India has grown phenomenally, showcasing innovation, resilience, and rapid scalability across diverse industries. The top 15 startups, from Edtech giants like Vedantu and Unacademy to logistics disruptors like Rivigo and Ninjacart, highlight the country’s entrepreneurial spirit and its significant contributions to economic growth and technological advancement.

The future looks bright for Indian startups, driven by a growing digital infrastructure, supportive government policies, increased funding, technological innovations, and expanding global reach. Aspiring entrepreneurs should embrace innovation, focus on customer needs, build strong teams, stay resilient, and leverage the ecosystem’s resources.

With determination and the right support, budding entrepreneurs can transform their ideas into successful ventures, making a substantial impact on society and the economy. The potential for growth and success in the Indian startup landscape is immense and promising.

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