Top 10 Ways How Design Thinking Changed the World in Business Management

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Top 10 Ways How Design Thinking Changed the World in Business Management


With rapid advancements in technology, the higher education sector faces the challenges of imparting learning that create adaptive managers or leaders to face real-life business problems. They feel the pressure to instill creative, innovative, and solution-oriented thinking in students. The old-fashioned management curriculums are leaving the students with an inability to cope with the challenges of the fast-paced entrepreneurial world. 

A design-thinking-based approach is the new pedagogy of higher management education curriculum, by IIM Kozhikode- General Management for IT Professionals Programme, aiming to build design thinking competencies and skills in a competitive learning environment. 

Concept of Design Thinking

Design thinking is a problem-solving strategy to identify, understand, and meet the unfulfilled needs of the customers. It is a systematic process of developing a need-identification concept, applying it creatively to a product life cycle, prototyping the model, and experimenting or testing it against customer demands. Design thinking takes a forward-looking approach to strengthen the customer base and attain sustainable business growth.

Design Thinking in Higher Education Management Programmes

Design thinking is an integral part of certifications, General Management for IT Professionals Programme offered by Top-ranked B- School, IIM Kozhikode. IT professionals, business students, managers, and executives seeking to pursue business administration general management programs are opting for this course to learn the progressive concepts of product development that fulfill the present and future customer requirements. The course develops their design thinking skills that they can use to refine the product life cycle and promote business growth. 

For example, the IIM Kozhikode – General Management for IT Professionals Programme exposes students to design thinking concepts. The content meticulously covers design-based topics that give them an understanding of innovation, design management, integrated thinking, and a human-centred design approach. 

10 Ways How Design Thinking Has Changed the Business Management World

Design thinking in higher education pedagogy has contributed in the following ways to changing the business management world.

  • Innovative Learning

The design thinking education approach introduces innovative techniques in imparting design-based learning to higher education students. It provides a platform that encourages them to think out-of-the-box and generate novel ideas for accelerated business growth. It builds design thinking skills and prepares them for the entrepreneurial world. 

  • Customer-Centric Approach

The principles of design thinking create value by adopting an organized customer-centric innovation approach in the business. It empathizes with the customer pain areas, identifies their probable needs, and quantitatively translates them into new product specifications for enhanced value creation. The focus is on providing an enriched customer experience and driving business growth.

  • Creates Solutions

Design thinking management theories included in a IIM Kozhikode – General Management for IT Professionals Programme provide problem-solving and design-based learning methodologies to students for product development. They design and propose solutions that are practical, experiential, and serve the demands of the customers.

  • Designs Prototype

The design management courses aid the product development managers in creating a prototype business model. It builds a modular architecture for designing new and innovative products and improving existing ones.

  • Financial Analysis

Design thinking ideologies analyze and assess the financial viability of the product development idea. They align the expected economic returns of the new project to the long-term profitability goals of the business to measure its worth. Financial analysis is a core skill taught by top-tier B School, IIM Kozhikode- General Management for IT Professionals Programme.

  • Integrative Thinking

The General Management for IT Professionals Programme facilitate business practitioners to develop and integrate their innovative and design-thinking capabilities with business principles. The integrated thinking approach helps them find creative solutions to business challenges and transform them into growth opportunities.

  • Creative Organizational Culture

Design thinking hones the imaginative skills of senior managers and team leaders. It takes them to the path of creating and sustaining a productive organizational culture, promoting innovative learning practices at all levels.

  • Action Learning Project

Individuals and teams collaborate in design-thinking-based action learning projects to realize organizational goals. They learn the core concepts of design thinking and explore opportunities for its practical applications in diverse fields through IIM Kozhikode – General Management for IT Professionals Programme. 

  • Optimizes Corporate Structure

Design thinking framework optimizes and aligns the internal corporate structure or culture with the external brand proposition in the market. It fosters the agility, creativity, and efficiency of internal processes. The results are reflected in the external credibility with the customers in the form of brand loyalty.

  •  Gamified Learning Technique

In the pursuit to incorporate design thinking modules in business and management courses, higher education institutes are now providing a gamified learning environment to the students in both classroom and online modes. It provides them with a framework that stimulates new ideation, brainstorming, and peer evaluation. Students collaborate as teams and learn from each other. These techniques are a part of the IIM Kozhikode – General Management for IT Professionals Programme.


The latent value of design thinking in understanding and solving the challenges of the business world is undeniable. Higher education business and management programs are now including design thinking as a core subject to promote creative reasoning and enhance entrepreneurship learning.

Enroll in general management online courses to dive deep into the structure and systems of design thinking and decipher its application in the business world! On successful completion of the General Management for IT Professionals Programme by renowned IIM Kozhikode institute, you will learn elements of design thinking.

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