Top 10 Skills Employers Look for in Data Science Students



Data science as a field has been growing in scope and authority in the business world over the last few years. Statistics show that the market size of the global data science platform has a valuation of around $3.93 billion as of 2019. It is only expected to expand further, with an anticipated CAGR of 26.9% within the forecast period of 2020–2027. This is due to the high demand for data science expertise in multiple companies across different industries. 

For tasks related to data organization, cleaning, and analysis, businesses hire experts in data science with a high level of skill set. You should join a premier-level program such as Data Science and Analytics for Business from Shiv Nadar University to boost your capabilities highly. There are multiple courses for data analytics and data science available at the university that have a high focus on skill-level improvement.

Top 10 Skills for a Career in Data Science 

We shall discuss what skills companies are looking for so that you center your training in data science around it. 

  • Data Munging

Using this method, which is also known as data wrangling, data scientists clean, extract, and then interpret data. This is crucial to make the data ready for extra analytics. You should train in Python and R infrastructures to effectively operate this process in the data life cycle.

  • Data Integration

Here, professionals consolidate data in a sequence from different sources. Through this process, the view of the data variables/set becomes clearer. 

  • Data Exploration

This falls under the initial phase in the data analysis process. Here, data scientists use the information they gather to develop direct dataset views as well as their associated attributes. Whether you take a conventional course or apply for a data science certificate online, you have to learn about the different elements that fall under attributes. These include data components and the relations between different elements, accuracy, culmination, data tables, and data files. 

  • Data Visualization

The Data Exploration is a crucial element in the data life cycle. Data scientists use their knowledge to translate large metrics and data sets into visual representations such as infographics, charts, plots, graphs, animations, among others. With this skill, you can simplify the complex data that professionals with zero data science skills can understand. 

  • Programming/Software/Packages

Programming or coding skills are crucial for data science experts to formulate and alter raw data into usable insights for business solutions. You should join a data science certification course at reliable institutes to broaden your expertise in R and Python-based coding. Other important packages/programming languages/software you must know include:

  • Julia
  • Java 
  • SQL 
  • Scala 
  • TensorFlow

So, apply for a data science and analytics for business program, such as the one offered by Shiv Nadar University to improve your programming skills quickly!

  • ML/DL

Machine Learning is a crucial process in the context of data science and data management. With this technology, professionals can gather data-driven insights and create notable solutions for businesses. 

  • Cloud Computing

Data scientists focus on analyzing cloud-based data for data processing and management often. So, having at least a basic understanding of cloud computing is necessary for aspiring data scientists. With this skill, you can focus on tasks such as:

  • Data analysis, parsing, wrangling, munging, sanitization, and transformation 
  • Data acquisition 
  • Predictive model testing and validation
  • Data mining


  • Statistics and Mathematics

A major portion of data science tasks involves understanding the data patterns that are present in quantitative format to develop usable insights and algorithms. 

When you apply for a training program to acquire a data analysis certificate or data science certificate, you can improve your mathematical skill level. You would learn gradient descent, linear algebra, graph theory, calculus, and probability, which are all crucial in the field of data science. 

  • Microsoft Excel 

Having a good knowledge base in Excel would allow you to utilize VBA (specialized programming language in Excel) for macro development. These include frequent tasks such as payroll updates, routine-oriented pre-set commands, and accounting management. Moreover, you can use the PivotTable tool of Excel to extract conclusions through raw data. 

  • Thought Leadership 

Businesses look for leadership skills in data science professionals before hiring them. This is because they would be responsible for a lot of tasks related to business operations and creating efficient solutions quickly. Additionally, they must communicate new ideas to their team members quickly and accurately. 

Salary Benefits You Can Expect After a Data Science Certification Course

You can expect high profits and growth potential since large-sized corporations emphasizing hiring data science professionals now. The following are average salaries for popular data science skills in industries. 

  • Machine Learning experts can earn approximately Rs. 8,97,396 per year.
  • Experts in data analysis can earn around Rs. 7,91,913 per year.
  • Python programmers can earn approximately Rs. 8,33,553 per year. 
  • Statistical analysis experts can earn around Rs. 9,42,079 per year. 
  • Professionals with R programming knowledge can earn approximately Rs. 8,59,564 per year. 

After completing graduation from top universities such as Shiv Nadar University, you can enter an entry-level position in a company. The average salary scale for new professionals before completing 1 year of experience in the field is Rs. 5,34,765 per year. The count includes overtime pay, bonus, and tips. 


Overall, you can grow in your future and earn high profits if you follow the data science vocation. Businesses highly target skills while hiring inexperienced and pro-level applicants equally. 

To improve your proficiency level in data science, join Data Science and Analytics for Business – Shiv Nadar University.

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