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Top 10 Leadership Qualities That Make a Great Leader


When it comes to leadership, many people think it is the same as management. That is not far from the truth. A leader manages and leads the team, regardless of their position in the organization. People with leadership qualities are capable of commanding the team, managing the organization to produce effective results. 

Leadership can mean different things to different people, but all leaders must possess some common qualities. IIM Kozhikode has recognized these qualities and created a general management program to teach the top 10 leadership skills that make an exceptional leader. 

Top 10 Leadership Qualities

According to the IIM general management programmes, there are several crucial leadership qualities for tech professionals. The General Management for IT Professionals – IIM Kozhikode imparts the following qualities in students.

  • Future vision
  • Motivating other employees to strive for results 
  • Building a team and training them to be more effective 
  • Inspiring colleagues and subordinates
  • Good communication skills
  • Self-awareness 
  • Creative problem solving
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Responsibleness
  • Working for continuous improvement 

About the General Management for IT Professionals – IIM Kozhikode Course

Before we talk about the general management course offered by IIM Kozhikode to learn essential leadership and management skills, let us know more about IIM Kozhikode.

IIM Kozhikode is a prestigious educational institution founded in 1996 by the Government of India (GOI) along with the Kerala state government. It is a central autonomous body for education governed by the IIM Act 2017. IIM Kozhikode ranks 6th out of the top 100 management universities in India, according to the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF). 

IIM Kozhikode facilities include hostels and a library with a collection of around 200,000 e-books, 35,000 books, 6,120 scientific journals, and 277 printed magazines for students. The Institute is also among the few digital library development centers in the world. 

IIM Kozhikode has developed a General Management Programme for IT Professionals to learn essential management and leadership skills. The General Management for IT Professionals – IIM Kozhikode course aims to provide general management education and essential leadership skills for individuals seeking to transition from a functional to a management role in areas including marketing, finance, operations, strategic management, and organizational behavior. The modules of the General Management Programme for IT Professionals cover the following topics.

  • Functional management as business statistics
  • Modern problems in the field of information technology
  • Data visualization 
  • New technologies and data analysis and entrepreneurship
  • Strategic management and creative problem-solving skills 
  • Supply chain management 
  • IT management 
  • Leadership skills

The curriculum of the General Management Programme for IT Professionals aims to accelerate learning through discussion, association, and reflection. Participants will get reading materials throughout the course in the form of case studies and articles, which will be used for further discussion. IIM Kozhikode expects the training to take place in an interactive environment. The following are the features of the IIM GMIT Programme.

  • Interactive classroom for discussion
  • Live online learning
  • Reading materials in the form of articles and case studies 
  • Teaching by experienced faculty members of IIM Kozhikode 
  • Doubt clarification by IIM experts and faculty members
  • Core concepts of the general management course taught by specialized teachers who have experience working in the industry
  • Modules to improve essential management and leadership skills 
  • IIM Kozhikode Alumni Status 
  • Course certificate issued by IIM Kozhikode 

There is a set of guidelines for evaluation of the examinations and eligibility criteria of the General Management Programme for IT Professionals by IIM Kozhikode. 

Assessment Guidelines for the General Management for IT Professionals – IIM Kozhikode Course

  • Instructor-defined assessment 
  • Methodology of evaluation including online exams, case analysis, class participation, and any other instructor-defined components
  • Individual or group assignments to help participants apply the conceptual learning in the program to real-life organizational decision-making situations
  • Minimum decided passing marks to get the General Management Programme for IT Professionals degree from IIM Kozhikode

Eligibility Criteria for the General Management for IT Professionals – IIM Kozhikode Course

To enroll in the course, you must adhere to the following eligibility criteria.

  • Graduation degree from a recognized and accredited college or university 
  • Minimum one year of work experience in any field
  • Students with IT background or IT experience are given preference over other applicants
  • Selection for the course is made based on candidate applications and profiles


If you fulfill all the eligibility requirements for the IIM General Management Programme for IT Professionals, no one can stop you from improving your knowledge and grabbing career opportunities in the IT industry. For any queries related to the General Management for IT Professionals – IIM Kozhikode course, reach out to us and get your doubts cleared by IIM experts and experienced faculty members. If you already made up your mind, then apply for the General Management Programme for IT Professionals by IIM Kozhikode to learn leadership and management qualities that make a great leader.