Top 10 Critical Leadership Interview Questions and Answers

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The company’s success depends on how top-level leaders assign roles and responsibilities. The leaders leave no stone unturned to get things done. Besides, you also have to drive them towards accomplishing goals. 

For the same reason, we have listed a list of leadership interview questions. Go through each of them individually and get the answers for them.

Lastly, we have suggested a university that offers a certified general management course to become an outstanding leader.

So, let’s get started with leadership interview questions and answers.

1. When did you show your leadership qualities?

Start with how you found a problem and took ownership to overcome it. State the solution that impressed the top-level management of your previous company. Mention how you took ownership of the task and made optimum utilisation of your human resources. Do not miss mentioning how smartly you assign tasks based on strengths and weaknesses.

2. What is your leadership approach?

No matter if you ever got a chance to showcase your leadership skills at your previous organisation, what matters is how well you are able to perform it. Therefore, do not confess it to your interviewer if you never got a chance to showcase the skill. Imagine a real-life professional situation, put yourself into the shoes of a team leader, and give a confident answer.

3. Which skills are essential to become a leader?

Think about what encourages others or even yourself to work harder and better. These are called leadership skills. For instance, some leadership qualities include respect, effective communication, a positive approach, a problem-solving mindset, empathy, trustworthiness, and professionalism.

4. How effectively do you manage conflict situations?

Conflict of interest is one of the unavoidable situations in the workplace. When answering this question, you must state how you warry the incident, maintain patience, listen to team members, and offer unbiased suggestions. This way, your interviewer would know how patiently you handled the situation, which might have escalated if not attended properly.

5. Let us know about your tough decisions as a leader. How did you manage the situation?

Explain to the interviewer any past workplace incident that led you to make harsh decisions. Also, explain to the interviewer how tough it was and how effectively you managed the situation.

6. Were you able to get the productivity of your team members?

Firstly, answer yes, if you have ever delivered quality work by meeting a deadline with the help of your team. This is when you must share one of the incidents of your professional career where you were asked to handle a project. Discuss how you outlined the project scope, discussed with the team about the delivery, assigned responsibilities to each team member, set goals, and motivated every team member. Also, discuss how you delivered the project to the client on time and received feedback, which you shared with your team.

7. Were you able to motivate underperforming employees?

An underperforming employee is mentally-stressed and unmotivated. Tell your interviewer how you will discuss the challenges and present them with solutions. Also, if required, give them training about your product or services.

8. Ever led by example? When and how?

Share your experience where you dedicatedly work on a project not only to meet deadlines but also to make unfavorable situations favorable.

9. How do you keep track of employees’ performance?

Tell your interviewer about how you monitored your teams’ performance, what metrics you considered, and what strengths and weaknesses you found for each of them. What action plans did you create to ensure that every team member stays on the same page?

10. How do you boost the morale of your team?

Several reasons contribute to sagging the team’s morale, and as a leader, it becomes your duty to put in all possible efforts to lift the morale. Tell your interviewer about how you communicated with each team member, how you kept all of them on the same page, how you recognized the hidden talents, and what motivational tactics you executed.

These are some critical leadership management questions you may encounter when attending any interview for the team leader position. 

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With great power comes significant responsibilities, a leadership interview is a hard nut to crack since there are tough responsibilities on the way. The role would be challenging, and you will constantly have to improvise yourselves to become a successful leader. 

Prior to attending an interview, prepare yourself and go through the website. Google for the roles and responsibilities and follow some market-ruling professionals’ examples. That’s how you would crack the interview.

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