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According to a recent survey, almost 75% of Indian professionals today believe that their current skills will become outdated in another five years, and 51% of job seekers are interested in an industry they have no skills in. In fact, after working for a certain period, every professional feels the need to enhance their professional skills and improve their chances of growth and promotions. With the dynamic change in the corporate environment, every professional needs to upskill themselves from time to time. 

IIM Trichy, ranking 17 according to NIRF ranks in the category of Management, has designed an Executive General Management Programme to provide a detailed understanding of the business environment and enable professionals to make profitable business decisions for the company.

Executive General Management Programme at IIM Trichy

The Post Graduate Executive General Management Programme has been put together by the industry experts and the experienced faculty at IIM Trichy to provide detailed knowledge on a wide range of business functions, such as marketing, finance, operations, strategy, information systems, analytics, economics, and human resources. 

IIM Trichy aims to reach out to aspiring professionals who wants to reskill or upskill after learning the nuances of EGMP.  This will enhance their professional skills and receive a quality education while keeping in mind their time constraints.

This one-year Certificate Course in General Management delivers education in an interactive manner where the students must participate in discussions that will help them understand the nuances of the corporate world. It includes all the latest trends in the business world to provide the students with an overall development while undergoing the course.

The Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Executive General Management has been prepared to meet certain objectives, which include the following:

  1. The goals and the purpose of a company
  2. The chief functions of a company
  3. Understanding and analyzing the competitive environment
  4. Insights on the company’s business strategies
  5. Understanding certain contemporary topics in the business world


The admission for the Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Executive General Management at IIM Trichy is conducted online using Jaro Education’s platform. Once the candidate is selected, they have to submit the fees as per the provisions provided on the IIM Trichy EGMP page.

The campus visits necessary in the course of this programme will be conducted as per the latest government norms because of the ongoing pandemic, and the candidates will be informed in advance regarding these visits. Campus visits are mandatory for the blended mode of education this course strives for, and the institute will see that the visits are conducted.

A guide to applying for the Executive General Management Programme is as follows:

  • The candidates who have a minimum of 50% in graduation from a recognized global or national university and a minimum work experience of one year can apply for the Executive General Management Programme at IIM Trichy.
  • They must keep all the academic and professional certificates handy for uploading their marks while filling out the application form.
  • All candidates must have an updated photograph and identity proof while filling out the application form.


The Post Graduate Certificate programme in Executive General Management provides interactive campus workshops, interactions with various industry experts, multiple workshops, case study-based learning, and a postgraduate degree certificate from IIM Trichy. The candidates are also inducted into the prestigious Executive Alumni Status of IIM Trichy. 

The course follows a hybrid model of teaching where a certain section of the course is conducted in classrooms where the students are exposed to case studies, simulation games, role plays, group projects, presentations, and lectures from experienced faculties. The second phase of this course is conducted online using multimedia components, such as lectures, interactive discussions on various topics, and case study discussions.


The Executive General Management Programme- IIM Trichy is instrumental in providing quality education by blending the online mode of learning with campus visits. The focus of this Certificate Course in General Management is to expose working professionals to the trending aspects in the business world so that they can learn to profit from business decisions in the future.

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