The Ultimate Guide on Business Analytics


The Ultimate Guide on Business Analytics

In every industry, business or job, finance plays an important role wherever the final decision making is concerned. Finance isn’t just a sector anymore, where only the people interested in making a career in it, dive deep to learn more. It’s a  service that’s slowly yet steadily spreading its roots across industries and even in individual lives. Today, basic knowledge about finance and trading has become a necessity for everyone.

For business owners, finance managers, corporate finance professionals, self-employed finance professionals or graduates looking to make a career in this field, an in-depth understanding of finance and business analytics can prove to be extremely useful in the long run. It can help you create or interpret financial statements in order to take strategic decisions for your firm and to balance your profits and expenditure.

If you’re someone who wants to expand their knowledge in the field of finance and business analytics, the Corporate Finance and Analytics Program by KPMG in India is just for you. This advanced weekend course is specially designed for working professionals who want to upskill and upscale their business/career with hands-on knowledge and understanding on how to derive and analyze financial data for your company. 

Wondering why is business analytics important and why do you need to take this Corporate Finance Certificate Course? We’ll give you five reasons why.

Allows you to make data-driven decisions 

In today’s digital era, obtaining financial data has become easier than ever. With plenty of financial apps and tools at your disposal, creating and maintaining a data sheet for your company is the right way to get data-driven insights. While the human mind can tend to make errors when there’s a large amount of information and digits involved, data derived through tracking tools is usually accurate. Thus it is easier for companies to make correct decisions based on their financial data.

Helps you run your business/firm in an organized and efficient manner

Keeping a track of your company’s data and analyzing it, isn’t just something you need to do only when a situation arises, it’s a process that needs to be followed on a day to day basis in order to know which strategic techniques are helping you gain profits and what is leading you towards loss.  Most companies these days hire a team of financial experts to guide them through this process. An analysis of the company’s financial data and growth is displayed in every meeting so that the next plan of action can be decided upon. Maintaining an accurate financial data sheet and taking the next steps based on it, is the efficient way to run a business.

Helps reduce the risk factor

Firms and businesses that aren’t equipped with financial management and data analysis techniques often tend to act on perceptions and gut feelings. This can many times lead to bad business moves and cause heavy losses. Having financial data by your side can enable you to understand your audience and their spending habits in a better way.

Provides a competitive advantage to companies

The best way to stay a step ahead of the competition is by tracking your own growth as well as your competitor’s. Once you’ve gained insights on which strategies are helping them grow financially, you can upgrade your marketing and selling techniques to boost your numbers. You can also analyze your business data to track the change in consumer behaviour and buying habits in order to build strategies that are relevant to their needs. Data analysis tools and techniques not only keep you updated on your business but also help you predict future changes and plan accordingly.

Allows you to monitor and improve financial performance

To boost your company’s performance and financial gains, accurate maintenance of financial data is extremely useful. With hands-on experience in data analysis, you can track and monitor the day to day activities of your business and understand what’s causing hindrance in your sales or what’s working exceptionally well for your business. It can help you solve problems beforehand and protect your company from facing difficult situations. 

Perfectly worded by Dan Zarella, “Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.” In today’s competitive market, if you want to drive business growth and sales, let your data be the guide. Learn to apply the principle rules of finance to your current business problems and strategies with the Corporate Finance and Analytics Program by KPMG. This Corporate Finance Certificate Course is a short yet intensive six months online course that equips with all the modern financial tools and techniques. To know more about this program, reach out to us today and we’d be happy to help!

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