The Importance of Completing the Right Course in Data Science

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An introduction to data science can be nerve-wracking. Several tools, techniques, codes, and statistics are involved in this learning stream, and choosing the correct training for advanced data science eventually becomes intimidating.

Data science combines mathematics and statistics, specialized programming, artificial intelligence, scientific methods, and advanced analytics. It is a multidisciplinary approach that extracts insights from the volumes of data created or collected by organizations.

Beginners need proper guidance to navigate the world of data science for choosing the right career path. Let us explore why choosing an appropriate course in advanced data science is essential and how we can do it.

Why Do We Need to Choose the Right Course?

A data science student needs to have good knowledge of pure science and computer science. However, this knowledge is not enough, and there are several other crucial elements that a typical data analyst should know.

  • Technical Skills

A data scientist is expected to have several technical and non-technical skills. In terms of technical skills, data scientists need to be well-versed with different types of coding, such as,

  • Python
  • Hadoop platform
  • SQL database
  • Data visualization
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence


However, not every software is required in all fields; hence, it is necessary to understand the field of study, the associated requirements, and the intended course of study.

  • Non-technical Skills

A few qualities are generally explored in individuals interested in studying data science.

  • The field of data science is fast-evolving, and it is essential to keep up with it. Data scientists spend almost 80% of their time preparing and discovering data. As one of them, you will be required to continuously read content and books, and for that, you must have the requisite curiosity and interest.
  • Data scientists need to understand their company or business very well. For solving critical issues, it is crucial to identify new methods to leverage the data. The advanced data science course that you choose should guide you with the appropriate business acumen.
  • Other significant characteristics expected of a data scientist are communication skills and the ability to work in groups. Data scientists should be able to translate all their technical findings clearly and fluently to non-technical people. In most cases, business owners are not interested in the technicalities. They only wish to know the results and understand the value of your data.


Additionally, data scientists are expected to work out strategies with product managers and designers, deal with customers, collaborate with team members, and be very good at teamwork. The best advanced data science courses should encourage panel discussions and interactive sessions to develop communication skills among students.

How to Choose the Right Course

We know by now why it is essential to choose the appropriate data science advanced course. However, considering the educational field is flooded with courses on advanced data science, it is cumbersome to narrow down the appropriate one.

The post-COVID-19 era has opened up countless opportunities for interested students to enroll online in data science specialization courses, advanced courses, data science micro masters, applied data sciences, and Python specialization. Individuals need to understand their interests, curiosity and choose the right course.

The QS globally ranked Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto) has introduced the Advanced Data Science Certificate Program, an online course designed for talented professionals waiting to gain exposure to data analytics tools and techniques. The advanced data science course is a 10-month course specifically structured to enable students to examine the subjects and concepts through various approaches, engage in several case studies, discussions, practices, and assignments. Rotman School of Management – Advanced Data Science Certificate Program helps to improve evaluating qualities for various data analytical tools, machine learning, dashboards, and visualization techniques.


The Advanced Data Science Certificate Program from the Rotman School of Management is appropriate for anyone looking to improve their data science knowledge for a better professional career. The course requires individuals to have a minimum work experience of two years in engineering as an eligibility criterion. Upon proper completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate from the university, which will add substantial value to their careers.

Want to upgrade your career in data science? Visit Rotman School of Management and seamlessly enroll on our platform.

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