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Managing the finances of a company happens to be one of the most crucial jobs within an organization. It helps the business to reap maximum profits with minimum spending. In the realm of finance, corporate finance deals with the capital structure of a company which includes funding and associated actions that the company undertakes to increase the valuation of the company.

Anyone keen on a career in corporate finance must have enough knowledge of the various aspects of it. Such a vast array of knowledge can be gained through corporate finance courses or corporate finance certificate courses.

With the increased demand for financial professionals, one such certificate course in corporate finance in India is the Corporate Finance and Analytics Program – KPMG India. This course prepares the aspirants on corporate financial analytics to make them well-versed in finances and analytics. 

Following are the ways in which the Corporate Finance and Analytics Program can help an aspirant:

  • Business Analysis

Business Analysis is necessary to understand the long-term sustenance of any successful company. Good financial analysis lies at the core of corporate finance practice. With solid analysis, a company can create a sound financial strategy that includes factors, such as investment required going forward, overhead costs like marketing & hiring employees, and the amount of capital that can be saved for critical times. Such actions cannot be executed without a sound knowledge of corporate finance

Moreover, Business Analysis is an integral component of the Corporate Finance & Analytics Program – KPMG India.

  • Prevent Loss

Although a business stands to lose capital at some time or the other, professionals can help mitigate and minimize loss to a large extent when a business plan fails to bring the intended results. Risk management is a critical component of corporate finance, and it helps anticipate risks beforehand and minimize them. Unless a business is prepared to take risks, it cannot seek to grow in the long term and corporate finance is the instrument that makes it a reality.

For an aspirant to be proficient at loss prevention, they must undertake the Corporate Finance and Analytics Program – KPMG India.  

  • Business Growth

Every business consists of a large number of moving parts that need to function together for the smooth operation of the business. A systematic approach to investment with the help of corporate finance knowledge helps the business lead to good financial development.

The business growth of any organization is dependent on an in-depth knowledge of corporate finance, and the course in Corporate Finance and Analytics Program equips the aspirant with it. 

  • Conceiving Business Strategy

The development of every business is founded on the principle of good financial strategy which stems from corporate finance knowledge. This holds equally true for large businesses and upcoming start-ups. A good understanding of corporate finance is fundamental to the allocation of capital to various sections within the business, such as marketing, R&D, sales, and other departments. When an allocation is done based on a solid business strategy, the chances of success are much higher.

For an aspirant to be an expert at conceiving business strategy, it is pivotal that they undertake the Corporate Finance and Analytics Program.  

Corporate Finance And Analytics Program Jaro

  • Raising Capital

The growth of every business is directly dependent on the availability of capital. When capital is not sufficiently available, the business is compelled to raise money from individual investors or the markets. To approach potential investors, the company’s finance books must remain for the investors to decide on funding possibilities. Further, if the company seeks to get publicly listed, then there arises the need for a better understanding of corporate finance considering the number of legal obligations involved. In all cases, corporate finance knowledge is integral to ensuring there is enough capital availability for the long-term sustenance of the company.

Every business goes through a stage of raising capital, and this knowledge can be acquired by enrolling in the Corporate Finance and Analytics Program

  • Enhancing Stock Value

It is the dream of every company to have a good stock valuation in the market. Good knowledge of corporate finance and analytics among finance professionals within the company can easily pave the way for good financial management. Unless the company is run on sound financial principles, it is much harder for the company to thrive in the market with sound valuations that are attractive to the investor.

Acquiring knowledge on the same can be done by joining the Corporate Finance and Analytics Program


The Corporate Finance and Analytics Program – KPMG India offers experienced finance professionals with essential knowledge in corporate finance and business analytics. This advanced course is specially created for working professionals who want to upskill and upscale their business with the most contemporary knowledge and understanding of finance. Upon completion of the programme, the aspirant will become capable enough to derive and analyze the financial data for the company. Any finance professional with at least 3-years of work experience as a financial professional or a graduate can apply for the program. 


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