Unboxing: IIM Kozhikode Dual Certification in Advanced Strategy for Products and Marketing and Advanced Analytics for Products and Marketing (ASAPM)

Unboxing IIM Kozhikode Dual Certification in Advanced Strategy for Products and Marketing and Advanced Analytics for Products and Marketing (ASAPM) Blog

Build a Winning Marketing Strategy

Product management and marketing communications are separated by the strategic marketing function of product marketing. The process of introducing a product to the market, publicising it, and persuading consumers to buy it is known as product marketing. To increase sales and demand for the product, product marketing comprises identifying the target market for the product and applying strategic positioning and messaging.
Product analytics is the process of obtaining information about customer experiences, understanding how they interact with your product, and using that information to enhance customer experiences and boost customer engagement. Customer interaction with the real product is crucial to product analytics.
70% of consumers prefer reading articles about a brand over advertisements, and 60% of individuals are motivated to buy a product after reading content about it. At each stage of the product research process, 77 percent of consumers desire different types of content. (Source)

Why Dual Certification is the next big thing

With the IIM Kozhikode dual certification programme in Advanced Strategy for Products and Marketing and Advanced Analytics for Products and Marketing, you can become a strategic disruptor and amp up the VUCA World. This dual programme lasts for 14 months, which includes 16 weeks for the non-classroom project and 2 capstone projects, as well as 10 months of online live sessions.
You will learn how to produce successful products, expand your consumer base, and increase your organisation’s revenue through the programme. Create cutting-edge and specialised marketing tactics that will appeal to a wide range of business professionals, including academics, business leaders, digital analysts, marketing managers, product managers, and managers of marketing departments.
The professionals will get a crucial conceptual grasp of product and marketing strategy principles and use them in practical case studies for profitable usage to make significant strides in their careers. Through live lectures, real-world case studies, product innovation simulations, marketing strategy simulations, capstone projects, and more, you may learn the principles of product and marketing strategy.

What you will learn from this programme

  • Insight on shaping firms, research the newest products and marketing techniques.
  • Develop the best possible product and marketing capabilities.
  • Recognizing conceptual frameworks for marketing strategies and analytics.
  • Enhance your managerial, managerial-related, and strategic leadership skills.
  • Using time-series analytics models to address strategic challenges.
  • Recognising the various analytics touchpoints.
  • Modern ideas like logistic regression, cluster analysis, and perceptual dimensions.
  • Examine the application, methodology, and formulation of analytics.

Key Highlights of the programme

The programme highlights include:
  • Certification of Completion IIM Kozhikode
  • Executive Alumni Status from IIM Kozhikode
  • Live Online Interactive Lectures by IIM Core Faculty
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning
  • Limited Intake Programme
  • Dedicated Student Support

Job Assistance

Following the completion of the programme, Jaro Education offers a profile-building service where the candidate’s profile, résumé, and LinkedIn profile are examined, and individualised feedback is provided. On an average of 5–6 occupations are suggested, and placement aid is given. One might anticipate an average wage increase of 256 percent with programme competition. The highest proposed wage is 69 LPA, with 27 LPA being the recorded average.

Insight about IIM Kozhikode

The Interactive Learning (I-L) Programme for Working Executives in India was developed by IIM Kozhikode. In the sphere of management education, the Institute is a pioneer in Faculty Development Programmes (FDP), offering the most programmes (18, totaling 20 weeks) and serving as a key QIP (Quality Improvement Programme) Centre for the All Indian Council of Technical Education.

Discover the IIM Kozhikode Advantage before you move forward:

  • 4th Top B-School in India- NIRF 2021
  • 2nd Best B-School India- ARIIA 2021
  • EQUIS and AMBA Accredited


  • What is Advanced marketing analytics?

Advanced marketing analytics involves a thorough examination of diverse marketing data in order to identify new patterns in consumer behaviour, market trends, problems with campaign execution, and other insightful information. Data is analysed to determine how well marketing efforts performed. Businesses may understand what motivates consumer behaviour, improve their marketing strategies, and maximise their return on investment by applying technology and analytical processes to marketing-related data.

  • What are the 4 market product strategies?

The marketing mix is a common name for the four P’s of marketing: product, pricing, place, and promotion. These are the main components of marketing a product or service, and they interact with one another quite a bit. One option for developing a comprehensive marketing strategy is to take all of these factors into account.

  • What is product strategy in marketing?

A product strategy establishes a company’s strategic vision for its product offerings by outlining the direction, route, and justification for the success of the items. Instead of attempting to appeal to everyone, the product strategy lets you concentrate on a certain target market and feature set.

  • What is the difference between data analytics and digital analytics?

Businesses may offer better online experiences to their current and potential customers thanks to digital analytics. This also results in the accomplishment of goals throughout time. Companies collect, compute, and analyse both qualitative and quantitative data using data analytics.

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